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Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.
Roy Wood Jr. on 'dunks vs. stiff arms', Bill Burr, & Ice Cube
Bomani and comedian Roy Wood Jr. discuss what is better between getting “dunked on” and getting “stiff armed” (6:24), the relative strength of landlords and land ladies in this age of quarantine (21:17), Bill Burr’s monologue on SNL about racial accountability (30:35) as well as Ice Cube’s recent comments and allegiances (43:13). Plus, which football season calls it quits first (56:51)?
Oct 15
1 hr 10 min
Commander Cody
Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the injury to Cowboys QB Dak Prescott (0:57), including why it reminds us of the guilt we feel around the brutality of the game as well as why he believes that Prescott will still remain in Dallas long-term. The Lakers won the ‘chip (25:24), and why a piece about dementia and COVID-19 spells bad news for the NFL (40:20). Plus, an IYHH including “monkey gang wars” in India (49:45), and your voicemails from when you “quit football” (1:04:16). IYHH Stories @Shazamgram on why monkey ‘gang wars’ keep killing people in India: @reeseoxner on Yelp starting to label businesses accused of racist behavior:
Oct 13
1 hr 14 min
Vinnie Goodwill on the success of the bubble, NBA Finals, Lions narcotic
Bomani and Vinnie Goodwill look back on the year for the NBA in advance of (potentially) the final game of the season with Heat-Lakers Game 5. The league deserves props for making this thing happen in the bubble (0:55). Would Anthony Davis be your MVP and are these Lakers historically great compared to others from their team’s history (27:10)? Plus, does Doc Rivers fix the Sixers (48:55) and Vinnie makes his plea for Lions fans to give up on “that narcotic” (1:01:58).
Oct 8
1 hr 19 min
Zone Is For Cowards
Bomani Jones discusses why despite the “want to” from Jimmy Butler that won the Heat Game 3 of the NBA Finals, he stills hates the zone (0:58). If the Lakers come out on top would LeBron be deserving of the MVP and why did LSU gives up on COVID stadium protocols (21:27)? Plus, Bo tells stories about how much of a “bad man” Bob Gibson was following his passing (34:15), an IYHH including a 67 year-old woman known as “ninja lady” (41:42) and your voicemails from the “game within the game” (55:19). IYHH Stories @heatherkelly on what the future holds for tech’s billion-dollar headquarters: @Brian_Rokos on the 67-year-old “Ninja lady” who made good on her threat to an intruder: @shanmcmahon_ on the “cruises to nowhere” that may be setting sail soon:
Oct 6
1 hr 7 min
Nick Wright on Game 1 of NBA Finals, Mahomes, Hall of Fame tweeners
Bomani and Nick Wright dive into the deeper issues with the Clippers and discuss how it reflects on a Lakers team that dominated Game 1 of the NBA Finals (6:05). This leads to a debate around borderline Hall of Fame cases across sports such as a few current members of the Warriors and Chiefs as Nick gets the obligatory amount of time to gush about his hometown squad (27:00). Plus, QB play across the NFL (38:51) and whether or not the Lakers are in for a run of championships if they close the deal against Miami (55:31).
Oct 1
1 hr 16 min
International Players Anthem
Bomani shares why he believes that the Lamar Jackson-Pat Mahomes matchup from Monday Night Football is a “sign of the revolution” and previews the NBA Finals (20:42). This includes Bam Adebayo name pronunciation attempts, why Tyler Herro vs. Kyle Kuzma could be the “game within a game” that he’s been telling you about for months as well as a reminder of just how committed NBA owners are to "Black Lives Matter". Plus, Doc Rivers’ firing by the Clippers (37:03), an IYHH including a rat awarded for bravery (44:56) and your voicemails from when “the game was cheating” (56:39). IYHH Stories @geoffreyfowler on Amazon’s new security drone that pushes the boundaries of surveillance @laurelwamsley on the hero rat that won a top animal award for sniffing out land mines: @mikejbabcock on Joe Montana confronting an alleged kidnapper at his home:
Sep 29
1 hr 10 min
Spencer Hall's musings on the 2020 College Football Season
Bomani and Spencer Hall discuss the difficulties in getting the 2020 CFB season off the mark (0:17), the Big Ten getting “bullied” into playing (9:21), the commitment of coach Deion Sanders at Jackson State (25:42), Southern University’s band and Spencer’s time playing in the Florida band (34:44) as well as revisiting the Jake Garcia high school transfer situation in Valdosta Georgia (38:14).
Sep 24
48 min
Help Me, Help You
Bomani calls another meeting for the support group of fans of “sorry teams” (0:55), shares why he doesn’t need to apologize for Anthony Davis’ success in the WCF (21:40) and wonders whether or not Michael Jordan is going to try and play cards with Bubba Wallace for his paycheck now that they are joining forces (35:40). Plus, an IYHH with feral pigs runnin’ wild around North America (41:48) and voicemails of the worst hot mic incidents that you have witnessed (53:51). IYHH Stories @DianeEPeters in @TheAtlantic on the billions of dollars in damage being caused by wild pigs: @MaryMeisenzahl on the acrylic helmet with HEPA filters from MicroClimate called Air: @ReedAlbergotti on the impact that wealth is having on health in a changing global climate:
Sep 22
1 hr 5 min
Desus and Mero talk fame, friendship and new book 'GOD-LEVEL KNOWLEDGE DARTS: LIFE LESSONS FROM THE BRONX'
Bomani chats with friends Desus and Mero about the vacation they went on together to Amsterdam (1:42), cultural overlap with rap music knowledge (10:41), their new book “GOD-LEVEL KNOWLEDGE DARTS: LIFE LESSONS FROM THE BRONX” (16:40) as well as the perks of being with Showtime and how it differs from their previous work (38:07). Plus, their thoughts on the NBA bubble and the Clippers crashing out of it to the Nuggets (42:34). Be sure to check the guys out on the the rest of their virtual book tour, you can get tickets here:
Sep 17
59 min
Chain Snatchin'
Bomani Jones weighs in on Cam Newton’s debut with the Patriots, including him almost getting his “chain snatched” in a postgame scuffle (1:05). Bo turns up the heat on old quarterbacks across the NFL (15:17) and has a PSA for fans of "sorry" teams (29:15). Plus, an IYHH with orange skies up-and-down the west coast (42:07) and your voicemails from the time you got kicked out the paint like Daniel House in the NBA bubble (53:07). IYHH Stories @tanyachen on YouTube demonetizing influencers for encouraging people to ignore COVID safety: @sarakileywatson on how raging wildfires are creating a hellish red sky on the west coast: @erindonnelly on the Texas teacher who racked up miles virtually taking her students around the country:
Sep 15
1 hr 5 min
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