The Real Life Podcast
The Real Life Podcast
Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke
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Love this Podcast and Satisfied Series
Absolutely so fulfilling!!!! Thank you for this series! I love each and every one! I have learned so much!
Just wow
I am a popular podcaster myself and all I can say is wow this podcast is phenomenal. Jeff and Alissa are such a great combo. Alissa your last episode speaking of comparison was fire. Both of you shine for Jesus and help shine light on this world. Thank you both
Jeff is a hypocrite
Jeff I’d a straight up hypocritical Christian. He gives advice on his platforms, but yet will live a different life. He shared once how living with someone before marriage is automatically gonna end in failure. Yes some statistics show that but there are testimonies that disprove that and display God’s Grace is greater than statistics. I shared my testimony and got blocked Jeff. He uses his faith to sell you stuff but can’t even obey “love others as you love yourself “
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that girl from Tx
Great Family with so much wisdom and fun
Bless this family. Their love of Jesus and building families is an inspiration and convicting. Jeff talks fast (ha!) but he’s full of wise words and food for thought. Alyssa is so sweet and I love hearing her motherhood stories and tips, as I am a mother of two. They will make you laugh, cry, think, and pray. Thank you, Bethke family!
Love it
I cry every time, so touching Alyssa’s words of wisdom inspired by the Lord. Thank you!
All around just wholesome podcast
Listened to Jefferson Bethke when he launched his first spoken word on YT. And now here, to also have just launched a tv show. Super inspired to hear your story, your wife’s and just making it a point to have a wholesome God glorifying family- family time. It’s encouraging.
Millennial Shout
Miss the older episodes
I’ve followed yall’s podcast since day 1 and I’ve loved it as y’all have been so encouraging and insightful in so many areas of my life. However, I haven’t been loving the recent episodes about the books y’all have been reading. It seems like most of the episodes from the past few months have been over a chapter of a book. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading and hearing about what other people are reading, but I really miss the q&a’s, round table discussions, what God is teaching you, etc. I’m sensitive to bodily sounds anyway, but I’m glad it’s not just me who finds the clearing of the throat and snotty sniffling right in the mic disturbing. I love how Jeff is so passionate but I feel like he unintentionally doesn’t provide enough time and space to slow down and let Alyssa speak without interrupting her. She has so much wisdom and insight to offer and I wish I could hear more of her in the episodes.
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John’s voice is so soothing and fantastic. It’s crazy how much I love hearing him rate random things. It is also fascinating to hear some history of these topics as well. Each episode is a great length, exciting, intellectual, and fascinating! Please give it a listen!
Katie Beth Fowler
Something for Everyone
I have greatly enjoyed listening to Jeff and Alyssa’s podcast for some time now. Their approach to educating others on worldly topics from a biblical perspective is refreshing and much needed. I enjoy the variety of topics even though I may not always relate. Their candor on mic is natural and genuine. I appreciate that they take the time to gather questions from social media to address on the show. This simple acts exhibits that they truly care about their ministry and purpose.
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Fun, insightful, but want more
I’ve been following the Bethkes ever since Jeff’s YouTube vids went viral. Absolutely love this young couple and the random conversations they bring to the podcast. I always learn something and feel inspired to draw closer to God. Their culture of family being a team has changed my life. One feedback that I think will make this podcast even better: I wish there was more space for Alyssa to share. Alyssa has a way of sharing real truths so vulnerable and honestly. She challenges us to continually look to the Lord. I get frustrated and sad whenever she gets cut off by Jeff or Jeff gets going on a topic he’s passionate about and we don’t get to hear from Alyssa. I also understand from previous podcasts that it just may be their personalities.. but I find myself always missing Alyssas perspective. Please please slow down so Alyssa can talk.
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Sound matters
LOVE the substance covered in this channel. However, the constant throat clearing, snot inhaling, and “uuuuummmms” is too much for me. I was practicing to ignore the uuuummms but the snot and throat clearing right into the mic is cringey. I don’t know if you realize how many times per episode it occurs, it’s distracting for a person like me who already has a hard time focusing.
Gricelda Chacon
I enjoy it!
I love this couple. I have followed Alyssa for years and still remember writing her an email of thanks as a teenager one night for her blog that she once had. She walks in Godly wisdom and vulnerability. I do wish she would have more opportunity to speak on the podcast. Jeff gets going and sometimes I just want to hear more of what Alyssa has to say. I also am grateful for Jeff. I do think far too often in marriage podcasts the wives are talked over or need permission to speak. But, I acknowledge that could just be their personalities and comfort levels. Both have great “nuggets”!
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Golden Nugget
I have been listening to the Bethke’s podcast for years now. There wisdom is always appreciated, their humor keeps it light and refreshing, and their life tips are very useful. I love that they keep the time between 30-40 minutes to honor our time. They bring out the golden nuggets without taking too much time and they always offer thoughts that relate directly to their title. I can trust that my listen will be fruitful. Thanks, Jeff and Alyssa!
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So encouraging
I absolutely love The Real Life. I’m a “retired” pastry chef, now stay-at-home mom, but running a small business from my home and currently homeschooling my kids at the same time (while under government lockdown during COVID-19). I can’t count the times I’ve been up working in the late night hours, trying to catch up on what I missed during the day while I’ve been helping the kids with school work and such, and these podcasts just being so much light to my soul! Thank you so much for being an encouragement to me while I work and while we move through this season of quarantine! I always feel inspired to start the next day fresh, to allow the Lord to guide me as a mom and wife, and to be intentional in my mothering. Love you guys 💕
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Good stuff here... but some loving feedback
Jeff and Alyssa, I’ve been watching your story since Jeff’s viral video of Jesus and religion. I’ve always enjoyed Jeff’s passion and perspective on Christianity and the depth he brings. For someone so young, has really mastered a lot in life and had cut there the distractions our world tells us to buy into. I can’t wait to read his newest book. As a newlywed and a young wife though, the spirit keeps pricking me when I listen to the podcast, that while I know a 1 hour weekly podcast does not qualify me to know all the details of your relationship, I’m a little concerned that Jeff seems to have a “haughty” attitude with his wife. I notice when she gives feedback, he will respond like he is responding to a child, even in certain tones that differ. I notice when a man is in the show or on his other podcast, he seems to have more of a respect for him than his wife. Although I’m not saying that’s the case, I just know out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. So idk? Maybe I’m wrong. But I can so resonate and hear Alyssa feeling like she’s wanting more to life or almost “permission” to do more, and while I know Jeff is supportive, sometimes there’s an attitude that may be in the home that makes Alyssa feel like she can’t flourish in other giftings and callings for her life. Jeff can seem selfish when he says “it I just want to go do something, or learn something, I just do it... I feel the freedom to just do it..” while Alyssa is struggling to have that perspective or freedom. It can almost be like that Romans’ scripture of taunting your freedom? Idk if that makes sense. I also noticed there where times where Jeff would reallllyyyy make sure he proved his point or that his point was heard or right over Alyssa’s. I know no marriage is perfect and you all have set a great example, but this is something that’s been on my heart for a while. I pray over your marriage and have love for your family. Jeff please slow down when you talk and be patient with Alyssa as she communicates differently. Alyssa, I pray you feel empowered and know your truth and insight is so valuable and needed. Love you guys.
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Great podcast!
Love this podcast. Great topics and insight, and it feels very relaxed and conversational.
Love them!
Jeff and Alyssa have been huge influences in my walk with the Lord through every stage of my adult life from singleness to parenting! Thank you guys for the past 6 years of wisdom!
Genuine and transparent!
I appreciate the teaching that comes from transparency. Jeff and Alyssa throw the windows to their lives wide open, which is in stark contrast to the “only let them see what you want them to see” mentality of our culture. If your heart needs to hear that it’s okay to not be okay, you’ve come to the right podcast.
Love it
This podcast is full of fun, authenticity and Godly content! I enjoy the laughs and realness of this couple and i always want to hear more from them 🙏🏾☺️
Denzel's Twin
Really Good Listening Every Time
The message is always so on point. I love that these two stay true to the Word but are talking about things that are relevant to young families. Their observations about the modern world and technology feel very true to my experience and the way they bring Biblical wisdom into their lives feels so genuine and relatable. I sometimes bristle at Christian media that gets political, or feels judgmental. These guys do not feel that way at all - genuine loving message relevant for modern life.
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Pod Lover91
Great podcast
I love the Bethkes! They are always so informative and provide great conversations for my husband and I. We have been listening from the beginning. Get their books too!
My absolute FAVORITE podcast!
I love this podcast so much! Jeff and Alyssa are so so real and genuine and I always enjoy listening to their podcast because I always feel like I’m getting something or learning something new from every episode. Also, both of their hearts for the Lord and how they do family inspire me SO much! Always leave their podcast feeling inspired, encouraged, and contemplative on spiritual things.
So fun
Jeff and Alyssa are so real. They are so full of wisdom and passion. I love how they are relaxed and are able to laugh at themselves but still speak truth and love. Love, love, love them!
Representing what it truly means to be loving human-beings
Thank you for setting the standard and showing the rest of us what it truly means to be a loving human being! You two continue to show what a disciple of Christ is all about…they are by no means perfect but should constantly strive to show his love to every single person because we are all worthy of it. Not to mention y’all don’t hold back on the hard real stuff but you also don’t hold back on the stuff worth celebrating. And on a sidenote thank you for not going crazy with the latest Enneagram rage ;-) In seems a lot of Christian based platforms are attempting to make it almost like a biblical teaching and while I do believe it can be a good resource I hate seeing people get confused or sidetracked from Gods actual word.
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Tiffy Su
Weekly encouragement
I love this podcast, it’s my absolute favorite by far! I love listening to Alyssa and Jeff, they are authentic and real. I look forward to their podcast each week.
Relatable and Real
I enjoy listening to the Bethkes. Their content is Biblical, practical, and relatable. Keep serving Him!
Tiffany | Divinely Interrupted
Lots of adsssssss
Fun hostesses and good content, but SO MANY ADS. feels like half the podcast is ads.
Love the Bethkes
This podcast is fun and encouraging to me.
Once you find an amazinggg podcast, how you wish they can make a new one every 10 minutes to listen to it non stop. Great job guys...!
Seasoned Listener but Still Feelin’ Fresh!
Okay, so I've been listening to Jeff and Alyssa for a while, which I think speaks for itself because they do such a great job bringing fresh ideas to the podcast and keeping their listeners engaged. More than what it said on the podcast I can tell that they genuinely live wholehearted, fully consecrated to Christ lives. Over the years I could hear in their voices and insight the impact of their faith journeys and their submission to Jesus, which makes me as a listener want to press into all He has, too. The wisdom, self-awareness talks, and genuine conversations have been there from the beginning, and it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to listening to a podcast! Two thumbs up!
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Joshalyn McHargue
Interview with Emilie brought tears
I’ve listened to your guys’ podcast for awhile now and am due for writing a review. You interview with Emilie McCormack made me stop my work that I was doing so I could write a review. I am a wife to a youth pastor with two girls 4 and 1. It can be so isolating even amongst other pastor’s wives that are on the same staff. I shed tears and laughed at the same time when she talked about what it’s like being a pastor’s wife. She spoke a truth that I’ve only been able to think about in mind. The burden of feeling alone in this space has been lifted a bit. I love listening to what you all have to say and you always bring on great people to interview. I only wish we could be real life friends! Love to you and your family!
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Kylea T.
Very encouraging!
So Life Giving!
I love listening to you guys! All your content is lifts me up and gives me new perspective on life and in my walk with God! Love you guys!
The period is out there
So good!!
Emilie and Alyssa’s episode!! So thankful for and encouraged by the truth that was spoken!
so so good
Filled with such truth!
Started this podcast a few months ago and it’s one of my go-to podcasts now! Love the relatable content but it’s also saturated with the truth of the gospel. My family is learning and trying to figure out how to take this team mindset to heart and we admire so many qualities about the Bethke family and their mission for the Lord. Funny, relatable, insightful and a joy to listen to!
Love the Bethkes!
I love you Bethke family! I am so grateful for you and for all the amazing things you talk about in this podcast. I admire you as individuals, as a couple and as a family. Today’s episode about relationships that Alyssa gave in a conference to high school students was beautiful, deep, truthful and convicting. Thank you! Hope I get to meet you guys some day. Much love from California!
Good content
Good content but I feel like Alyssa is constantly interrupted and it really bugs me. Haha. I’m sure that’s not what’s happening and otherwise it is great!
Jeff and Alyssa have been more than generous with providing content for years. These guys are fantastic.
Kidd Family53015
A podcast to facilitate a life of thriving!!
This podcast is a powerful tool and helps others to live life in abundance and fully alive, just as Christ came to give us. They are humble, real, authentic and passionate Christians. Their marriage, their family and their lives are a reflection of the life of Jesus Christ and their podcast is for everyone and anyone. I LOVE listening to it!
Jeff & Alyssa are role models!
I genuinely look up to these two for how they live their lives & even though I’m not yet a parent, I take their wisdom and really benefit from their example! Jeff has an incredibly vast wealth of knowledge about Christianity, history, and just the world in general. Alyssa is his perfect counterpart & simplifies ideas with her sweetness & kindness. Can’t recommend this podcast enough!
juliana lyons
Fun & Real & Purposeful!
They have such timely wisdom and are just really good at sharing God’s heart on a range of topics!
Too good not to listen
I don’t remember how or when I heard about this couple but once I did I was hooked. I’m the same age as Jeff and I die laughing at his middle school/high school throwback songs/memories because they reflect the same for me. He is so fun, so engaging, and very wise. Both of their perspectives just lift this podcast. I can imagine they reach a lot of people. I also love how Jeff sort of leads the topics but gives Alyssa as much room as possible to talk about anything she wants. Alyssa is very relatable, gives such insightful takes on all things life, relationships and faith, and humors Jeff and his goofiness. Their dynamic is money. And saving the best for last, if you’re looking to grow your faith in God or want to try to understand what that looks like, I could not recommend this podcast more. Jump in and listen to any one of their episodes and you’ll already be off to a good start.
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Love it! A must listen
Love Jeff and Alyssa! So much wisdom and their hearts are so good! Only wish Alyssa would share more on the podcast (Jeff tends to be very chatty).You two are a great model of what it looks like to serve the Lord specifically through marriage and parenting. Thank you Jeff and Alyssa. You’re truly fighting the good fight!
Big fan
I love listening to this podcast and laughing and growing alongside this family. Thank you for your honesty.
Amazing Wisdom
I love how the Bethke’s are so open and vulnerable with who they are and what they talk about it. It is very encouraging, and they have so much wisdom to share especially for relationships and families! I would highly recommend it!
Micah RE
Love the Bethkes
Jeff and Alyssa are wonderful role models. I love hearing their thoughts about every little thing. They have so much wisdom and they each offer a unique perspective. Alyssa adds a sweetness and humility that is so precious. Jeff has so much deep, rich thoughts to share. Love their family focus and their hearts for the Lord. Love this podcast!
Meaningful thoughts
I love that you guys do everything with meaning! So many good ideas and thoughts to ponder from every episode. It’s perfect for me as a wife and mother. Thank you!
My favorite podcast!
Jeff & Alyssa are such a great team! Love learning from them & hearing their brains run!
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