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The Real Life Podcast
Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke
Jeff and Alyssa are a married couple with two toddlers running around their home talking about faith, culture, and take listener's questions with a little dash of random sprinkled in.
Satisfied Series Episode #4: Jodie Berndt
In today's episode, I had the honor of interviewing my dear friend Jodie Berndt all about prayer, and how it brings us into the presence of God and how we can find satisfaction through it.  Jodie is fun, real, authentic and breaks down all the barriers we may have in praying and makes it doable and desirable.  Guys, trust me, you don't want to miss this episode! Find Jodie @jodieberndt And buy her new book "Praying the Scriptures for Your Life: 31 Days of Abiding in the Presence, Provision, and Power of God." 
Jun 10
49 min
Satisfied Series Episode 3
In this episode, I get the chance to read ch. 1 of my new book Satisfied called "Longings Met". This is one of my favorite chapters of the book, and one that hits home for anyone- no matter what season of life you find yourself in.  I think anyone listening today has a something that they're longing for- a new job, a friend, a home, a spouse, a child, etc. And the reality is, is that even when our longings are met- when we get the job or say "I Do" or read "PREGNANT" on the stick, we will discover that as wonderful as the gift is, it still has challenges and difficulties with it. And we will find ourselves waiting for something else, again. So what do we do with our longings? When they're met, but it's still hard, or when they weren't what we envisioned? When we find ourselves still waiting, still longing.  This chapter, and this episode, dives deep into that very thing...hope it encourages you!
Jun 7
22 min
Satisfied Series: Interview with Emilie McCormack
Today on the podcast I had the honor of interviewing my good friend Emilie McCormack, mom of 5. She and her husband pastor Reach Church in Kirkland, WA and we often are talking about our passions and callings and what the Spirit is calling us into. I wanted to sit down with her and have her share her wisdom with how we can say yes to what God has for us, stay content in whatever season we find ourselves in, and continue to passionately pursue Jesus within our specific personalities and callings. We talk about comparison and things that sometimes trip us up from doing the very things we're created to do.  Satisfied comes out June 15th! Get your copy today wherever books are sold! You can find Emilie @emiliemccormack and check out her podcast "This Changed My Life, with Emilie McCormack" 
Jun 3
48 min
Kickoff of new Satisfied Podcast Series!
this week we kick off a new series, with just Alyssa as your host for the next few months! We are celebrating her new book Satisfied (make sure to go pick up a copy anywhere books are sold!) that comes out June 15th!
Jun 1
16 min
Alyssa's weekly thought: for when you feel burdened
We start a new series this week where Alyssa with pop in a few times the next month for just a 1 on 1 chat with you all. Don't miss out on the preorder goodies for Alyssa's new book at  
Apr 23
20 min
how has our marriage changed in 9 years? Plus more Q&A
we have missed y'all so we decided to come back by answering your guys questions!   Don't miss out on the preorder goodies for Alyssa's new book at
Apr 16
35 min
it's been a few months, but we are back! We figured we'd start with a short 20 minute episode catching back up with you all.  Also don't forget to preorder a copy of Alyssa's new book Satisfied coming out next month by clicking here!
Apr 8
20 min
advent (part 2)
Alyssa and I finish up our two part series on Advent! Today's sponsor is Jenni Kayne. Use code 'real' at checkout for 20% off at
Nov 30, 2020
19 min
advent episode (part 1)
Today’s show is also sponsored by KiwiCo. Get 50% off your first month plus free shipping on any crate line at Today’s show is sponsored by Policy Genius. So if you’re one of the many people looking to buy life insurance right now, head to
Nov 19, 2020
19 min
praying the scriptures over your children (w/ Jodie Berndt)
this week Alyssa chats with Jodie Berndt!   STAMPS: Go to, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and enter our code LASTS to get a 4 week trial plus free postage and a digital scale!   ZIP RECRUITER: Try Zip Recruiter for free at 
Nov 12, 2020
34 min
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