The Preschool Podcast
The Preschool Podcast
The Preschool Podcast, brought to you by HiMama, is a platform for learning from leading professionals in early childhood education. If you work in a daycare, childcare or preschool setting, The Preschool Podcast will provide you with both practical advice for managing your organization, center or classroom, as well as thought provoking content and insights about the field of early childhood education. Each week, we chat with leaders in early childhood education, from teachers and educators in the classroom with innovative curriculum approaches, to directors who are excelling at empowering their team, and leaders outside of the child care environment that are passionate about making a positive impact on outcomes for young children. Our goal with The Preschool Podcast is to provide knowledge and inspiration to the future leaders of early childhood education by speaking with experienced and insightful leaders in the world of preschool and early learning today. At HiMama, it is our belief that leadership within early childhood education is crucial to the future of the child care sector and, of course, the future of our most important asset in this world, our youngest children.
How This Child Care Center Transforms Children’s Learning With a Reggio Emilia Approach
On this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we have Bernadette Testani, Owner & Head of School at Atelier Kids. Bernadette discusses how her child care center uses the Reggio Philosophy to educate and provide the best learning experiences for children.
Jul 13
24 min
How a Canada-Wide Child Care System Will Help Support Canadian Families
In this special episode of The Preschool Podcast, we interviewed The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development for Canada to discuss how the newly announced Canada-wide Childcare Plan, with the promise of $30 Billion over 5 years to provide affordable childcare for families.
Jul 8
34 min
Addressing Pandemic-Related Learning Gaps in Young Children
In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we host Scott Moore, CEO of Kidango, an early learning non-profit organization that is committed to setting every child on a path to thrive in Kindergarten and in life. Scott discusses the impact on children's development and learning from COVID-19 and groundbreaking findings from their research study.
Jun 29
25 min
5 Strategies to Embed When Supporting Communication For Children with Autism or Language Delays
In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we connect with Rose Griffin, Speech-Language Pathologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Founder of ABA Speech. Rose provides our listeners with tactile strategies to use in the classroom or at home with children who have autism or who have a language delay.
Jun 22
19 min
Using The Curiosity Approach Philosophy in Your Classroom
In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we chat with Stephanie Bennett, inspirer of all things curious and Co-Founder of The Curiosity Approach. Stephanie discusses the philosophy behind The Curiosity Approach and how educators can include elements of Montessori, Reggio, loose parts, and natural elements in their classroom to encourage a naturally curious child.
Jun 15
36 min
The 4 Benefits of Incorporating an Enrichment Program in Your Child Care
In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we connect with Megan Bowling, the Vice President of Stretch-n-Grow International and Owner/Director of Stretch-n-Grow St. Petersburg, Florida on the benefits of partnering with enrichment programs for preschools.
Jun 8
16 min
The Undeniable Power of Play and Wonder in Learning
In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we connect with Sally Haughey Founder & CEO of Fairy Dust Teaching. Sally dives into the topic of how wonder plays a role in children’s play and how educators can continue to spark wonder in children’s play to help foster children’s natural curiosity.
Jun 1
27 min
The 2 Most Common Marketing Mistakes Child Care Center Owners Make
In this episode of The Preschool Podcast we connect with Michael Tasner CEO of Local Child Care Marketing on why child care centers should consider marketing their child care center, even if their numbers are good right now. Michael provides us with tips and easy wins to get started on marketing your child care center TODAY!
May 25
29 min
The Benefits of Outdoor Play with Children
In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we chat with Jenny Leibham, Nature Preschool Coach and Founder of Nature Play Lifestyle. Jenny shares with us the benefits of incorporating more outdoor play into your classroom and how educators and families can address their concerns about outdoor play with young children.
May 17
20 min
Understanding and Navigating the Parent-Teacher Relationship
In this episode of The Preschool Podcast, we connect with Erin O'Connor, developmental psychologist, Director of NYU's Early Childhood Education program, and co-founder of Scientific Mommy, a research-based website for families and educators to learn more about parenting and child development.
May 11
33 min
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