The Preschool Podcast
The Preschool Podcast
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Great tools and guidance for all ECE
I love Preschool Podcast! They give such amazing insight that all early childhood educators and caregivers can gain! Love that this is a resource and love sharing it with others in my community! Thanks you.
Great for all ECE Professionals!
What I love about the Preschool Podcast is that it covers topics that anyone within the early childhood education field would be interested in.
Engaging Families
What an excellent podcast!
Best Resource for Educators and Families
HiMama is such a FABULOUS resource for educators and parents. The Preschool Podcast has an AMAZING way of capturing experts in the educational field and showcasing their expertise in such a way that is helpful for everyday life with kids. Cheers to creating this INCREDIBLE resource!
Amazing Podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast! Great content, research-based speakers, and I really enjoy listening to the host. I get excited each week they release a new episode. Thanks for this great podcast!
Love this podcast
Informative and entertaining content! This is so helpful for both parents and educators.
Eberly from Virginia
Love it!
I absolutely love this podcast. It’s presented in a way that makes the info easily absorbed, if that makes sense! Plus, as an elementary school librarian, I enjoy the new tips and information this podcast provides. -Cherishing Childhood: The Low-Tech Parenting Podcast
A must listen!
The Preschool Podcast offers actionable tips and inspiring conversations around early childhood education. I learn something with every episode, no matter the topic! A truly excellent listen for preschool professionals.
Arlie K
Loved this interview!
What a pleasure it was to join y’all for an episode! Chatting emotional intelligence in early ed is such a joy. Thanks for having me 🧡
This is such an awesome podcast! I love learning new elements to early child hood education. I love all hearing about people who are still passionate about early child care. I wish our schools would go with hi mama!
Changing The Status Quo
What a great podcast! Three cheers for ELNC and their leadership in our field. Love that the question “Why not?” replaces the question “Why?” Keep climbing mountains!
Valuable information provided
I’m not an expert with the podcast app yet, but this podcast has amazing episodes with essential information and great resources for educators. Love how straight to the point and professional they are!
Lisa M Rodriguez
Miss. Em
Good information! I’ve taken a lot of the tips/tricks into the classroom!
It’s got potential
I want to love podcast but I just can’t. They have had a lot of guests who are doing very interesting. That’s where it ends. The host sounds like he dozed off while the guest was speaking. He sounds completely uninterested and isn’t the best at interviewing. Worse than that is the sound quality of the guests. I can barely decipher it most of the time. If these two things improved, this would be a great podcast.
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Tons of Valuable #ECE Resources!
Really appreciate the quality of these interviews. The Preschool Podcast has a wealth of valuable information for educators and parents. You can let the interviews run in the background while you work and learn as much as if you were taking a college course. Listening to the Waldorf and Reggio podcast episodes next thank you Hi Mama!
Lynne Kenney
For parents and Teachers alike
Thank you for the work you do to spread the word about the importance of passionate preschool education. I'm a mom of a toddler, ECE, and preschool gymnastics business owner and it is so refreshing to listen to a podcast that gives a voice to teacher passions and current events. Thank you!!!!! :)
Excellent Information, Great Topics!
This is a really fascinating podcast for teachers or anyone else that works with young children! Great insights into child development, fresh, progressive approaches to try. Love this!
Early Childhood Resource!
As an avid podcast user and a prek teacher, I love this podcast! Some of the topics are exactly what I needed to hear that day, others reinforce what I'm doing already. Great experts too!
Unique insights into early childhood education
Informative & thought provoking discussions on progressive early childhood education trends and business practices