The Powers Project
The Powers Project
Kurt Powers
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Very Well Thought Out
I’m very impressed with this podcast! It’s not afraid to tackle any and every topic. Five stars for sure! I would definitely recommend it to others.
podcast listener 98
Best Podcast Ever
Kurt’s style of interviewing is so powerful. He asked all the right questions and he learned so much about all of his speakers. I just really love learning from all the different speakers he has on and it’s just interesting to hear how different people have achieve success in their line of work. Amazing podcast and Kurt is so genuine and authentic!
Huff tuff
Intentional and insightful
I absolutely LOVE Kurt’s style and appreciate how much intention and insight he’s clearly seeking to share with his audience. Give it a listen, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Great job by the host.
Andrew K 111
Great interesting guests
Engaging and insightful listen on many topics.
Grand variety
I find the Powers Project podcast to be my choice for my walks because of the superb variety of guests. Great topic content, too. I've reached out to the host Kurt before and he is fast to respond. Besides being a great and kind host, he is also a cool guy!
Lisa David Olson
Good variety podcast
If you’re looking for a good podcast with a variety of topics, bookmark this one. Kurt is open minded, intelligent and willing to listen and challenge his guests. I’m always looking forward to the next episode.
Great podcast
I was browsing and saw this podcast. All I can say is this is very entertaining and relevant.
Burn the Vote
I found this to be an interesting perspective for Sanders and as I am not a Sanders fan in any fashion passion for the man is evident.
The Burnie
I've been listening to Kurt Powers and my first take is intrigue. He comments on controversial subjects that a lot of people don't have the balls to be candid about. Whether you agree with his opinions or not, you can't help but respect his transparency. I read some of these negative reviews and immediately recognize that they're personal and not creditable. One comment says he's a homophobe haha. If they’d listened to the podcasts they'd know he is gay. Mean spirited? Come on, the boldness of these subjects don't cater to weak and narrow minds. No one respects a voice that seeks a spotlight by playing a victim. If Jonathan Van Ness doesn't have the fortitude to come on the show, that's his prerogative, but you have to respect Kurt Powers' honest approach in his invitation. Clearly he wasn't inviting him on the show to attack him, but to create controversial dialogue with equal skin in the game. I answer back with 5 stars. Bold. Enlightening. Entertaining.
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Hurtful podcast
Mean spirited.
Such a homophobe
Mean spirited podcast
Kurt Powers sent Jonathan Van ness a mean spirited message in essence saying “I liked your show queer eye but I did not care for you. Why don’t you come on my show?” Who would want to come on someone’s show after a message like that? Also, Jonathan van ness is the embodiment of love and generosity so how dare someone cramp his style. I tried to give this podcast 0 stars but unfortunately, the app forced me to give it 1 star.
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Powerful Good Fun
A entertaining, conversational podcast that deals with a variety of relevant topics. Kurt Powers is like able and funny. Come with an open mind! Everyone gets triggered so easily these days, but I think it is important to have these types of open dialogs so we can learn to tolerate each other instead of instantly hating because they don’t think like you.We may not always agree, but I think we get a more educated and well rounded opinion when we hear different points of view and The Powers Project is a cool, new voice in this ever changing world.
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