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The Powers Project
Kurt Powers
Join Kurt Powers as he introduces a thought provoking and entertaining take on this thing we call life. The topics and guests range from the incredulous to the incredible. Guests have included best-selling authors, world renown speakers, athletes, comedians, and more. And whether it's religion, politics, sex, current events, or even Bigfoot no topic is too big or too taboo to discuss. The show is unedited, unscripted, and unfiltered in order to deliver raw and real content. The mission of the show is to provide different perspectives in order to provide greater insight and a better understanding of whatever subject that is being discussed. Promoting a "Thinking Outside of the Box" mentality. So, come along on this journey with us, and be prepared to be entertained and enlightened.
#97 - How to go from $700 a month to $1 Million in 18 months For Real! - With Iva Paleckova
Iva Paleckova is a best-selling author, an award-winning International Speaker, an Expert Business and Mindset Coach, Ceo Of Leaders Break Free, and Host of the Leaders Break Free podcast. This woman is as amazing as her story! She went from barely making $700 a month to making a million dollars in a quarter within 18 months! Believe it or not that's not the most amazing part of her story, how she did is! She was such a pleasure to talk to, and I know you're going to be blown away when you hear exactly how she did what she did. Enjoy my friends. #businesscoach #leadersbreakfree #podcast #ivapaleckova #mindset Iva's Website: Podcast:
Nov 15
49 min
#96 - Secret Santa: A Christmas Adventure - With Nigel Butler
Meet Nigel Butler, director, producer, screenwriter, and actor. He does it all in his new Christmas movie "Secret Santa: A Christmas Adventure". I sat down with Nigel and discussed his new movie which is scheduled for release in just a couple of days in time for the holiday season, as well as his tv series "Problems Higher Up" on Amazon Prime. He is a delightful young man who was a pleasure to talk with. If you like Christmas movies like I do, then his new movie may become one of those classics that you just have to watch year after year.     Links: 
Nov 8
1 hr 1 min
#95 - Will China Dethrone the U.S. as the World‘s Next Super Power? Part 2 -  Jason Szeftel
Here is the much anticipated part 2 of "Will China Dethrone the U.S. as the World's Next SuperPower?" - with Jason Szeftel. We continue to dive deep into the issues both China and the U.S. will face in the future and what the likely outcome may be. We even discuss the effects of digital money and how it could give the U.S. an upperhand. Enjoy.
Nov 5
1 hr 29 min
#94 - Will China Dethrone the U.S. as the World‘s Next Super Power? - Jason Szeftel
I had a fascinating conversation with Jason Szeftel about whether China was a real threat to the U.S. in the near future for taking over as the new world leader. We talked about everything from our economies to our military and how the future between these two super powers is likely to be played out. There was so much to cover that we broke down into two parts.  Should you start learning Mandarin? Listen to this episode to find out. Website:   Podcast: China Unraveled   Social Media:                            
Oct 17
1 hr 35 min
#93 - This Message is for All the John Grudens of the World, and Everyone Else!
Warning: This episode contains graphic language, not for minors.
Oct 13
23 min
#92 - Skincare for the Ages - With Chris Gibson
Chris Gibson is a skincare expert who looks like a man half his age. He is as knowledgeable about how much time certain people are willing to spend on their skincare routine as he is about the products he recommends, which means the advice he gives is usually followed. We talked about aging skin and how to reverse the effects of years of sun damage, how to take care of age spots, dry skin, loose arms, loose neck, acne, as well as what you can do if you're balding. If you're looking a little older than you care to then you're definitely going to want to catch this episode. Website: Social Media:
Oct 11
1 hr 44 min
#91 - The Voice of Everyday People - With Kyle Williams
My decision to invite a guest on the show who would be considered an everyday kind of person was to give voice to those of us who aren't celebrities or experts in any particular field but have life experiences that are sometimes undervalued. While Kyle Williams doesn't pretend to represent the masses, he is one of many voices I think should be heard. Kyle is a financial advisor who is married to a beautiful wife and has two girls and a boy who he adores. In many ways, he represents the average American. Like most Americans, he wants to make this a better country, and make the world a better place for his children to grow up in. We talk about everything from what kind of pressure free thinkers are under to join a tribe, to how to narrow the divide that has been created in this country. It was a pleasure to have him on the show and have him speak candidly, honestly, and from the heart. Enjoy!
Oct 4
2 hr 6 min
#90 - The Truth Behind the Relationship with Israel, Palestine, and the U.S. -   With Dr. Ari Lamm
This was such an amazing episode to me. Dr Ari Lamm is a Rabbi and Historian and extremely knowledgable when it comes to the conflict in the Middle East. We had an honest discussion about what is really going on over there compared to what we've been told. We also talked about the 7 billion dollars in aid that we give Israel every year, and what that aid really goes to. I think you'll find that both Dr. Ari and myself were as fair as possible when discussing this topic and all it entails. It was extremely informative and enlightening in many respects, and probably as civil a conversation that has ever been had when discussing the Middle East.    Social Media:                                             Websites:                
Sep 27
2 hr 1 min
#89 - Creating the Life You‘ve Always Wanted - Part 2 With Alex P Plasky
Here is part 2 of my interview with motivational speaker Alex P Plasky. We delve down the rabbit hole even deeper on the topics of lucid dreams, astral projection as well as many other topics such as how to create the life you've always wanted.   Website:   Social Media:
Sep 24
2 hr
#88 - How I Broke My Neck To Find My Backbone - With Alex P Plasky
To say Alex's life hasn't been an easy one is quite the understatement. Born homeless, his biological father died when he was young, his mother left, he was put into the foster care system, and if that wasn't enough he broke his neck in a horsing accident at the age of 16 and became a qudrapalegic. Yet through all this adversity he has shown a strength and resilience that most of us could only hope for. This young man is truly amazing. Not only does he live life to the fullest he teaches others how they can live the life they've always wanted as well.You can't help but to be inspired by his story and by Alex himself. So, enjoy!   Website:   Social Media:
Sep 20
1 hr 50 min
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