The Pitch
The Pitch
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Love it!
One of the best business/entrepreneur-oriented shows out there. So entertaining and educational :)
Lola Luffnaigle
Really good
I would love to hear more food startups to.
wheel house the robo man
Stop the Morgan investor parts
Honestly, I would give five stars but the Morgan and Morgan parts between episodes are absolutely annoying.... I skip through every time. On a side note! I would love the opportunity to pitch my start-up for n the show!
Solid podcast
Love the podcast, but there’s been so much emphasis lately on entrepreneurial “diversity”. Please get back to business and away from victim hood and identity politics. Everyone that isn’t a “white male” gets coddled, as a person of color I must say it’s a little patronizing at this point.
Great podcast!
Always both entertaining and informative, highly recommend!
Another great podcast from Gimlet
Really enjoy the structure of this. It’s exceeded expectations. Very helpful being a fly on the wall and hearing the pitches and entrepreneurs that get cash, and comparing them to the ones who don’t.
Love the pitch but the latest story is off
If the founder Kevin can afford his two kids go to private high school this year, then why he can’t afford a developer to turn on the pay wall following apples requirements.
Where’s the $?
Great show, concise episodes with varied companies and founders. But it seems like the investors never actually go for it! It’s frustrating
miss cgh
The podcast that got me hooked on podcasts
Absolutely love The Pitch. If you enjoy Shark Tank, you will definitely like this show. I love the check ins, both at the end of the episode and in later episodes. I never miss an episode.
Great for the Biz mind
If your remotely interested in learning more about or starting a business, this is the podcast for you! This team casts a wide net around the start-up experience, from before the pitch room (concept stage) to after revenue generation, they truly uncover all of the various nuances companies face along their journey.
Every episode is fantastic
The Pitch is one of my favorite podcasts. I love the authentic view of the entrepreneur, VCs, and the pitch. It’s everything you hope for watching tv shows like Shark Tank, but without the taint of network tv.
Fellow entrepreneurial and creative people....
This show was made for you. I work in education, but have always been interested in the the path of entrepreneurship. I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I do wish it offered more episodes with female guests.
Great Podcast
This is one of the few podcasts I enjoy listening to. It’s fun to hear new ideas and how investors react. The host is great and it’s an all around great podcast. After hearing an ad on Spotify, I had to listen and it was a great decision!
No One Ever Invests
Aside from every once and a while an investor putting in $25k, they always “pass” on the entrepreneurs. Otherwise a solid show, but what’s the point if they don’t put their money where their mouth is?!
~ K B ~
Love it!
So entertaining and informative
Good, except for the host
The interaction between the entrepreneurs delivering their pitch and the investors is extremely interesting to listen to but the snarky comments made by the host really detract from any otherwise solid show.
Great for any entrepreneur
The behind the scenes recap separates this from the rest as we get to hear what happens after the initial commitments and the diligence process. Not every deal goes through from that first pitch or sometimes investors get even more excited and put in larger amounts. I like the approach of the Pitch!
Peering Into Another World
I’m not someone who hopes to have a startup someday. This podcast is full of great advice for people in that category. But it’s also a great listen for people like me. I love podcasts that transport me to another world that is completely different from my own. They’re the most stress relieving and entertaining for me. I just found the Pitch and am working my way through the archives. Thanks for a great show!
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This show is so manipulative and boring. Like Shark Tank only more overly melodramatic if that is possible
Like shark tank but in podcast form
Great podcast! I love the follow up after the pitch to find out if the investors followed through. It’s a great format.
Really thought provoking
I learn a lot from this show about entrepreneurship
Alex Pedersen
Mixed messages about female founders
UPDATE: "Got Goals? Grab a Cru" is a great episode; the (minority female) founder nails it. Here's a review I wrote about an earlier episode that sent a chilling message to female founders: This show was great until the last installment "I Want Bro Money Too" (#75). The founder was unusually abrasive and evasive, saying things like "You either believe in it, or don't" and "We expect that this is going to be growing exponentially". Unsurprisingly, the investors did not fund the startup. The host Josh Muccio did a follow-up talk months later where the founder admitted to not having received funding and... blaming sexual discrimination for her failure. That, in spite of the fact that she said "I go to a lot of events that only have [...] investors that are specifically looking for female founded companies" and "I was able to kind of cut through a lot of clutter because I was a woman". She admits to there being structural advantages to being a woman, yet blames her failure to raise funds on misogyny (she doesn't think investors are applying the same metrics when evaluating companies founded by men and women, without citing evidence). She says "Screw this VC fake world that's not doing what they're supposed to do". Mr Muccio who relies on the VCs to run this show piles on: "about half the population is getting 2.2% of all investment dollars. That just doesn't add up." Half of the population is building startups? That's a strawman argument -- the only valid metric is the percentage of men vs women receiving funding. The episode is encouraging young women to give up being entrepreneurs, telling them that they will never succeed because the cards are stacked against them. The show has previously shown many successful women; there was no need to promote someone who can't answer questions related to what they're building, sticks to their pitch, fails to get funding, and then blames sexual discrimination.
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Great for pitchers and non pitchers
I’ve listened to every episode of this podcast. Sad to see it go. Even if you aren’t looking to get money for your business, it’s informative and exciting to listen to these business owners pitch their ideas and see just what they go through.
Don’t go...
While downloading this week’s episode, I saw that this is the first episode for the final season. No! Don’t go! I really enjoy The Pitch! What can we do to get you to change your mind? #sigh. This makes me so sad.
Aye Are Kay
Please add some video or images
I love this show! Great feedback and a fun listen. Wish there were some images or video to go along with it, so one can see the presentation. I love making my own predictions and whether I would’ve invested if I were a billionaire too😂
Wannabe Investor
I enjoy this every time a new one comes out!
Great show
AbbyLane design
A favorite of mine.
I cannot recall if I’ve provided a 5 star review previously. But here it is. I work and speak with startup founders weekly. The investors provide excellent analysis of these businesses. On top of that, they are kind and supportive towards the founders. It is a very positive and informative show. Love listening every week. Just wish there were twice as many episodes.
Nick Rishwain
One of My Favorite Podcasts!
Ugh, I accidentally put this review on the wrong "The Pitch" podcast page. Sorry! Wanted to say I'm not an entrpreneur (too scared for that) and I'm not an investor (too broke for that) but I LOVE listening to this podcast about young businesses and what they do. It's very interesting to hear about the products and services people think about putting out into the world. It's equally interesting to hear the investor-experts give their opinions on the future of these businesses and whether they think they have a chance to "make it".
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I think these investors are almost too old school for their own good. I’m not suggesting that defensibility like patents in some arenas isn’t possible, but in today’s environment, defensibility is perhaps your least likely advantage. Just because something can be replicated doesn’t mean it should not be pursued. Branding, execution, customer engagement, leveraging data etc. seem inherently more instrumental for businesses success today.
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I loved the pitch
Like all of the Gimlet media show it has dropped in quality it’s very sad I’m giving it 3 stars because of affection
Great Show, One Word of Caution
I love the show. As an individual with no business background but an entrepreneurial mindset and a drive to take my innovations to the next level, the show presents lots of food for thought for future entrepreneurs, like me. Over the last season, the show has done a commendable job of better explaining what certain acronyms or jargon term mean that might not immediately register to those like me. Now, while you still get a five star rating from me, I would like to offer a modicum of feedback. That is, I suggest avoiding prefacing phrases that could inadvertently marginalize a part of your listening base. I took issue when Josh said in episode 31 @ 00:25:00 that unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably already know what an ICO is. I’ll be quite frank, I have some very successful people in my family who are entrepreneurs and I’ve lived around business language quite a bit in my life, but I’ve never heard of an ICO and I felt like there are probably others like me who haven’t either that really don’t want to want to be put down for this. All this to say, going forward it would behoove you to avoid these sayings by exercising a little more sensitivity to the fact that you have listeners that are still learning. Try not to absentmindedly exclude them or marginalize them. Otherwise keep up the good work. Please bring back the values of the investments!!! Michael Hyatt needs to go. Hate him. No compassion. Frankly, I think business classes at all levels should require listening to this podcast. Thanks for all you are doing. Keep up the great work!!! Ari in Grand Rapids, MI.
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Michael Hyatt
Please get rid of this guy. He brings down the industry.
Jack Park 2014
Fire Michael Hyatt
A pretty good podcast but OMG MICHAEL HYATT. He is the worst. He is unreliable, self-aggrandizing and pretentious and also gives the worst advice. One time he told a former addict working on an app to track addicts that he should check into rehab undercover and get addicts to use the app for user research, describing them as "animals on the savannah" - telling an ADDICT to check into rehab, under false pretences, to spy on other addicts without their permission. Disgusting and outrageously unethical. Please Gimlet, get rid of this guy, he brings nothing to the table and is horrifically damaging.
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Love it! More convos like with Sarah!
Love this entire podcast! So much knowledge dropped in each episode and for someone who is a previous teacher, joining the startup world, this has been extremely helpful. Just finished “80% Off!”. Would it be possible to do more conversations like the one at the end of this one with Sarah? More in-depth info about valuations, etc. would be awesome!
Stop Recycling Old Episodes
Many weeks that should have new content are substituted with old episodes. Not sure what’s going on but it caused me to fade out pretty quickly.
What shark tanks does, but without the reality tv treatment.
I love the real-time feel of the show. The pitch lets you hear and learn from the pitch makers mistakes; while staying nicely out of the way of the story.
They are in...until they are out
I’m starting to get really bugged about the offers that happen during the show that then disappear after the show. It has a disingenuous feel.
One of the best!!
So interesting!! Fabulous VC panel that give huge insights into what drives their decisions and how they evaluate founders and their products. Love follow up episodes and when Josh offers his opinions too!!
My Apple Nickname
Great concept, awful investors.
A perfect encapsulation of how broken venture capital has become.
Good Podcast
I like this a lot, and I feel like it is a little underrated. Check it out.
LOVE the pitch
Says it all in the title. Basically a better Shark Tank
Listen to the show consistently. Solid insight into what I hope to one day be a pitch of my own. Expert panel weighing in on their typical day of risk vs reward. Empowering to listen to others sharing their dreams, their solutions, and putting these idea people to the test. I listen while I run and it dawned on me, the questions, typical cadence, usual formula (much appreciated), always leave out two crucial questions to what I would consider prior to investing in anything (cup of coffee to vacation) will this help the planet, how will this help humanity. I know vc’s have a lot to consider when putting their money into a project, BUT why not add a couple of variables to their equation, add some depth to the ‘I’ in ROI? My two cents. Thanks for the show, keeps me dreamin! PS- a live show outside of the big city would be nice.
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Rand Jenkins
Love this show.
Imagine Shark Tank only with no BS and SERIOUS advice for these young entrepreneurs. Spectacular listen and super compelling. If you’re thinking about doing a startup and going for VC money it’s a must listen.
Don’t listen to complaints re...
Inveators not inveating. Many startups only hit maybe one in 10 investors they pitch (and that’s high), so it would not be unusual for there to be maybe two to four investments per season. I like the show but sometimes feel aome episodes are cut for time and there’s probably more discussion that is edited out. I’d be good with slightly longer but more detailed episodes. Live Gimlet but on this one I think too much is left on the virtual editing room floor.
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80s Hard Rockin'
Shark tank
I love it😻😻😻
True Crime Nerd
Love it!
Listen and learn. Founders pitching to investors. Think Shark Tank without annoying TV personalities/sharks.
Cool to hear the pitch AND follow-up later
I love getting to hear the live pitch and then all the interesting twists and turns after the "happily ever after" funding committment moment. Or as it often turns out, "complicated and interesting ever after."
Volta Charging
Really enjoyed the content but they started taking advertising from Loch Industries and I can’t support that at all.
Great Listening
Even though I don't have a startup and probably never will, I love the drama of this podcast. I enjoy learning about the fascinating businesses, hearing the investors feedback, and how Josh breaks down the pitch tactics—and builds drama as we find out if the founders earn investments. I have been enjoying the follow-up episodes and look forward to more of those in the future.
Incredible Podcast
I can't get enough of this podcast. Sad to say that I am late to the pitch podcast, but so excited that I can binge listen. I love the interplay between the entrepreneur and the venture capitalists. It is really great and one of my favorite podcasts.
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