The Path to Authenticity
The Path to Authenticity
Tom Gentry
The Path to Authenticity is a podcast for people looking for more from life. It starts from the premise that our true power comes from our individuality. We talk to various types of writers and artists as well as therapists, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, and professionals of all kinds. Our guests possess one common trait. They’re people who know who they are. We talk about what makes them who they are, how they became who they are, and how we might become truer expressions of who we are.
119. Musician & Model Luisa Ladeveze
That’s What He Said – Episode 119 of The Path to Authenticity features Luisa Ladeveze, also known as Flutesy. Luisa is a musician and a model living in New York City. She was featured in the March 2021 issue of Psychology Today. Hear Luisa talk about her career as a flautist and how she came […]
Apr 20
1 hr 7 min
118. Playwright & Journalist Cayla Clark
Woke Up in Florida or Honest Self-Reflection – Episode 118 of The Path to Authenticity features Cayla Clark. Cayla is a playwright and a journalist living in Asheville, North Carolina. You’ll hear her story and how she stumbled upon a happier and healthier lifestyle after struggling in her relationship with alcohol. We talk about the […]
Apr 13
54 min
117. Author Simone Knego
The Way We See Ourselves – Episode 117 of The Path to Authenticity features a conversation with Simone Knego. Simone is the best-selling author of The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You. She is also a speaker, an entrepreneur, and a mother to six multicultural children. With her bold witticism, larger than life personality, and fearless attitude, she is a […]
Apr 6
1 hr 10 min
116. College Professor Dr. Melissa Mireles
Off Mute with Mel – Episode 116 of The Path to Authenticity features a conversation with Dr. Melissa Mireles. Melissa is a college professor and hospital administrator in Dallas, Texas. You’ll hear about her creative project, Off Mute with Mel, in which she casts light on and tells stories of people from various backgrounds. She also […]
Mar 30
1 hr 16 min
115. Grief and Trauma Specialist Gina Moffa
An Incredibly Vulnerable Endeavor –  Episode 115 of The Path to Authenticity features author and psychotherapist Gina Moffa. After sharing a listener email, we pick up from where we left off in the last episode. Gina talks about her work as a writer and how her daily pep talks came to be. Click here to […]
Mar 23
1 hr
Just a Thought: Men & Women are Equally Emotional
Just a Thought: Women Are Not More Emotional than Men Somebody just made that up. Women might be more emotionally literate. They might process emotions more effectively than men. But, why? We have to stop telling men that being emotional means being more like a woman. It’s a total crock of shit. Join The Path […]
Mar 21
4 min
114. Psychotherapist Gina Moffa
It’s Not Linear – Episode 114 of The Path to Authenticity features psychotherapist, author, and lifelong New Yorker Gina Moffa. After writing her senior thesis on the traumatic aftermath of international terrorism, she altered her career path from international relations to social work. Now, she specializes in treating grief and trauma.  This is the first half […]
Mar 16
1 hr 16 min
113. Brand Strategist Mike Iamele
The Brand of Being – Episode 113 of The Path to Authenticity features a conversation with life purpose expert and branding strategist Mike Iamele. Mike is author of Enough Already: Create Success on Your Own Terms. A key part of his work involves helping people determine what he call their “sensitivities.” Mike goes into detail about […]
Mar 9
1 hr 34 min
112. Psychotherapist Tara Lemasters
I Need to Think About That – Episode 112 of The Path to Authenticity. features the Tara Lemasters. Tara is a psychotherapist living and working in private practice in northern Ohio. She specializes in relationship issues and couples counseling, sexual addiction and sexual compulsivity, love addiction and love avoidance, and relational trauma. She has trained […]
Mar 2
1 hr 7 min
111. Singer-Songwriter Alessandro Montelli
It’s Called Life – Episode 111 of The Path to Authenticity. Features the Toronto-based musician Alessandro Montelli. In the beginning of 2021, Alessandro released his new single, Life. The Italian alt-pop artist began his career performing at local open-mics and festivals in Bari, the town in the south of Italy, where he was born. He […]
Feb 23
1 hr 5 min
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