The Path to Authenticity
The Path to Authenticity
Tom Gentry
The Path to Authenticity is a podcast for people looking for more from life. It starts from the premise that our true power comes from our individuality. We talk to various types of writers and artists as well as therapists, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, and professionals of all kinds. Our guests possess one common trait. They’re people who know who they are. We talk about what makes them who they are, how they became who they are, and how we might become truer expressions of who we are.
134. Yoga Teacher Trainer Aly Paws
  Remembering Who We Are Episode 134 of The Path to Authenticity  features a conversation with Aly Paws. Aly is a yoga teacher trainer and massage therapist living in Canada. She tells us about the winding road she took to get to this work and all her little stops along the way. The interview from […]
Jul 26
1 hr 17 min
133. Lee McCormick on Heart Reconnection
  Amazing Beings or From a Place of Respect Episode 133 of The Path to Authenticity  features a conversation with Lee McCormick. Lee is the co-founder of Integrative Life Center, in Nashville, Tennessee, and has been a leading voice in behavioral health and addiction treatment for many years. He is also the co-author of The […]
Jul 20
1 hr 6 min
132. FinTech Specialist & Podcaster Priya Vir
  It All Comes Down to Values Episode 132 of The Path to Authenticity features a conversation with fintech specialist, angel investor, and philanthropist Priya Vir. Priya is also the host of the Her Story Her Way podcast. Click here for a transcript of our conversation. We talk about the importance of understanding one’s relationship […]
Jul 13
1 hr 4 min
131. Podcast Strategist Tanner Campbell
  On All 12 Cylinders Episode 131 of The Path to Authenticity features sound engineer and podcast expert Tanner Campbell. Tanner helps podcasters grow loyal communities and make money doing what they love. You’ll hear about his childhood, and how he became familiar with govenment cheese. He talks about his love for mythology, and offers […]
Jul 6
1 hr 16 min
130. Intuitive Coach Sasha Lipskaia
  It’s a Muscle or The Right Tribe Episode 130 of The Path to Authenticity features mindset and intuitive life coach Sasha Lipskaia. Hear Sasha discuss her winding path to North America and to becoming a healer who helps people tap in to the power of their intuition. She also tells us her favorite food […]
Jun 29
1 hr 23 min
129. Author & Podcaster Mark Sephton
  To Change One Life Episode 129 of The Path to Authenticity features author and podcast host Mark Sephton. He is also a popular moderator on the audio drop-in application, Clubhouse. Hear Mark talk about his career on radio and in print, as well as his experience on the Clubhouse, and why he believes it’s […]
Jun 22
55 min
128. Relationship Strategist Dimple Thakrar
  Right in Front of My Nose Episode 128 of The Path to Authenticity features Dimple Thakrar. Dimple is considered by many to be the go-to Elite Relationship Strategist for global brands, executives, corporations, and CEO’s. Hear her talk about how, after planning their divorce, she and her husband of 20 years now have a […]
Jun 14
1 hr 35 min
127. Life Design Coach Jesi Carroll
  A Tangible Mirror Episode 127 of The Path to Authenticity features life design coach Jesi Carroll. She combines her background in interior design with her passion for helping women to mentor them through chaotic times of transition, to help them get clear about what they want and how to make it happen. We talk […]
Jun 8
1 hr 1 min
126. Jennifer Schlueter on Hypnotherapy
  Speak it Into Existence Episode 126 of The Path to Authenticity features journalist turned hypnotherapist and breathwork facilitator Jennifer Schlueter. She tells the story of how she awoke at 5:00am the morning after she underwent hypnosis for the first time and left her job as the managing editor of 22 newspapers to travel the […]
Jun 1
57 min
125. Photographer Safaa Kagan
  My Mountain Child or The Ultimate Attunement with Nature Episode 125 of The Path to Authenticity features part two of a conversation with fine art photographer Safaa Kagan about her new labor of love. Learn about it on Instagram. She calls it her mountain child, and discusses the poem by the same title that […]
May 25
1 hr
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