The Path to Authenticity
The Path to Authenticity
Tom Gentry
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Authentic Conversations & Wisdom
Truly incredible! These are the type of conversations that vibrate on a soul level. Tom truly cultivates the space and context for these incredible podcast episodes and conversations to unfold. It feels so comfortable and cozy to tune. I’ll keep coming back.
I totally enjoy this work that TG does. His guest having me checking in with myself. So much that they share I can identify with. Conversations that matter are such a refreshing idea. Being real. Thank you Tom. This episode with the man from the Ranch was outstanding. Looking forward to his next visit.
Hudson Brother
The Path to Authenticity
No matter where you are on the path, Tom’s topics and guests are interesting and inspiring.
Non-linear approach
Speaking with Tom on the Podcast was such a positive experience. To discover how mindful he is, how he allows the conversation to organically evolve into key talking points, and how he intuitively directs - all such a highlight! Bravo!
Elena Øhlander
Well done!
Tommy is great and so are all his guests. Bravo!
I love this podcast.
Quality Material
Thank you Tom your honesty, openness and personal stories apply directly to my life. Thank you
G B Davis
Path to authenticity: Mike Milligan
Very interesting advice on how to not lose the passion for one’s creativity. Hard work always pays off at some point.
You will be activated
These conversations give you a gentle invitation to release false perceptions of separation and peer into your own innate truth by witnessing others in living their own. Brilliant and much needed content here.
Real and just like the title says...authentic
These conversations are the ones that are rarely being had. It’s important to listen to all of it. We can all learn from what others go through
Relevant and Poignant
Such important and thoughtful conversations. The topic of authenticity is particularly near to my heart. Just finished the podcast with Ed and it beautifully translates the genuine, heartfelt message that he carries personally and professionally. The topic of men and the connection to their vulnerability and the importance of the safety to express and explore their emotional world is absolutely critical for widespread dissemination. Thank you for your very important contribution Tom!
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Chantelle Thomas
Incredible conversations!!
Thank you for what you do Tom! These are some truly deep conversation that many of us cherished when they happen. I hope that they reach so many people. I already feel like i know some of your guests who i have never met more than some people in my life:) Keep up the amazing work you do. You have a gift and i m glad you are using it to help humanity.
Awesome Podcast
Love the guests. Thank you.
depth and meaning
Thank you Tom for doing this podcast. We so desperately need real talks like these in this shallow and filtered world. You have a selection of interesting guests from all sort of professions. You bring depth and meaning to the conversations. Though, sometimes they are painful. I cried through many. So many beautiful thoughts. I get something out of each episode. I think you are the definition of authenticity. You bare you heart into this podcast, raw and genuine. I definitely envy your courage. This podcast helped me tremendously to overcome my own issues. I’m forever thankful for that. And last but not least your voice is very soothing to me. Please keep doing what you do. This podcast suits you.
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Hello deep conversation, goodbye small talk
Tom Gentry and his guests delve deep on things that matter, the conversations are thoughtful, following threads here and there, the way my favorite confessions go. Jump in, find insights to other to take on your own path to authenticity.
Elevating the discourse
Thoughtful and entertaining...thanks for elevating the discourse of our times.
A breath of fresh air
Thank you Tom for being true to yourself. The honestly and authentic conversations are so needed in this now moment. Being a spiritual teacher, I attempt to instill this Authenticity I all I do. I’ve know Tom professionally and his calm steady voice and the guests he brings is wonderful! Thank you Tom for stepping up to use your gifts full out!
Meaningful and true
There is just a peaceful power about you Tom and the topics and guests are just like your conversations, always meaningful and authentic and you just connect! Can’t wait to hear more!
fellow hoosier
The Path to Authenticity
Tom is an incredible guy; experienced, insightful, and knowledgeable. Great podcast, keep it coming!
As Authentic As They Come!
Tom is one of the most genuine, authentic people I’ve had the privilege to know in our industry. And you don’t have to know him long or even listen very long to catch onto that! It clearly pours out of him. I love the diversity of guests and the real conversations in this format. Wonderful job - I highly recommend checking it out!
Path of Authenticity
Awesome podcast Tom!
Knowing Tom personally
In working with Tom in the past year his integrity in Addiction and Mental Health treatment is unparalelled. We need more Tom Gentry!!
Scott Delray
Great topics
Love the diversity of the guests and topics!
The Flip Side to The Facts
Tom has a show that is a great counterbalance to programs aimed at education and information. Here you get to hear the “why’s” people do what they do. Everyone has a reason or a story to tell about the moment they discovered their purpose and The Path to Authenticity is here to share them with you.
Path to Authenticity
If you haven’t listened yet, you really owe it to yourself to check out PTA. Tom’s genuine interest into what inspires his guests is a refreshing change of pace to the provocative ranting plaguing the public forum of today’s internet. Treat yourself to a civilized dialogue between thoughtful adults.
Tom does a fantastic job with his podcast. He brings a variety of speakers to the podcast that have a wealth of knowledge to share. Thank you!
Tom is doing a great thing talking about real things.
I love Toms way of talking real talk and taking it deeper when needed and also making the listening feel comfortable.
Jessica Baum LMHc
A fascinating podcas with great value for your soul and path of life
Some of the most important advices and lessons of life, from some of the most fascinating and ‘experts’ brilliant minds in this reflexive and trascendental podcast, I love it!
Paito Garcia
A Still Small Voice
Listening to this podcast is akin to sitting down under a tree with its branches spreads shadow above to cool and give respite. You are there on this bench listening to the birds, to children playing, to the wind, when you begin to hear the story. The story of someone who is at the same time ordinary, but extraordinary. Tom Gentry has created a setting that is both generous and affable for his guests. His awe for them and their stories is genuine and vunerable. I can't help but imagine these people hanging up and going about their lives a little bit lighter and brighter for the experience.
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Tom Gentry
Tom has such an easy way about him. Truly an example of authenticity. Love the intro and the song and his calming style. Eager to hear more.
Episode 1
Just wonderful! Thank you for interviewing Lucia and sharing her with all of us, Tom. I hung on every word and can’t wait for episode 2. I highly recommend this to everyone - but especially to fellow creative arts therapists and all those involved in healing professions.
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