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The Michael Knowles Show
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Truth we need!
Thoughtful, insightful and the truth we need to hear!
Big lie
Michael, Think. You and others keep stating that big corporations want illegal aliens. Wrong. Big corporations do not hire illegal aliens. They can’t. If caught, they’d be crucified. Think about it.
Come on
He literally has a cigar on the show image. 👍
Great podcast
Love your take on today’s issues. Wish more young men held your point of view and morals.
Never too conservative
The left is moving to destroy the very core our country was built on. It’s scary sad and disappointing if they are so unhappy with the true grit our country was built on they should leave!! I love the idea of preserving our country. Thank goodness you have a show we can listen to that makes so much sense. Strong work!!
Five stars for the way Michael can connect form and function. Aristotle-y!
Came for Shapiro stayed for knowles
I love hearing his take on current events!
Five stars for for the way Michael enunciates the word because. The end.
Great “politically correct” show!!
Hey Michael awesome show, I listen to it everyday 5 days a week great political insight on what’s going on in our crazy “woke” culture war today. It’s hard to find honest news now days, I’m glad I found The Daily Wire. The new show Candace was even better than I thought it would be. Keep up the good work God bless.
abby loves SHEIN❤️
Michael Knowles Show
Simply great and articulate commentary. Worth the listen!
Good, thoughtful, but a little preachy
Love him and Shapiro, love Shapiro more because he doesn’t give 2 f@$/s about what people think about him but recently Knowles went on a rant about how marijuana affects the lungs the same way as nicotine and that big marijuana is evil. Ok buddy... for one you have a fricken cigar in your picture and I’m pretty sure you’re a drinker. Also, that claim about marijuana is just straight up false. Please do your homework. I love you dude but stick to subjects you know about, some conservatives like smoking pot and it’s pretty obvious when you are talking out your butt. Stick to what you know my friend, other than that he’s great but can also get preachy with the Catholicism.
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Great Podcast!
I always enjoy this podcast and look forward to hearing what Michael has to say.
Great show!
In a world with leftist garbage as the main stream media Michael and the other guys at Daily Wire keep me sane!
Sneaky but amazing
Somehow he makes me enjoy listening to ads. It’s incorporated so well into his show that you forget you are being sold something. The actual content however is incredible and insightful. Every word seems well though out and logically sound. I am very impressed and highly recommend his book club on YouTube!
Was into it and then..
He said alcohol is better than marijuana 😂💀
Love this podcast!
Probably my fav Daily Wire show 😎🙌🏼
Can’t recommend this podcast
Knowles keeps saying a good bullet is good for werewolves. The rest of his information in interesting, but I can’t recommend this podcast. Get it together Knowles!
We ❤️you!
That’s all! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
James Wesley Blues
Why do people listen
Go, go, flea to the Ben Shapiro show it’s safer there
Truth be told!
I’m 14 and love listening to hear the truth about what is happening in the world
Knowles Knows Best
I love this guy. Super bright, witty, diplomatic, and dedicated to winning hearts and minds. Michael and his distinguished cohorts at The Daily Wire are my go to source for news and analysis without an agenda. I also dig the way he always says nice things about his wife!
Jed Fearon
Proper Conservatism for the modern age
Michael does 21st Century conservatism right! No more of this “just let people do what they want” talking points, Michael emphasizes the need for actual conservatism in culture and politics. Highly recommend!
Favorite podcast!!! Just common sense. Kept my non-political brain sane during the 2020 election. Keep it up, Michael!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Wu Flu, Kung Fluey 🤣
I love Knowles and I don’t find his names for COVID offensive. (FYI — I am Chinese American.) People should learn how to take a joke.
A fantastic podcast
This podcast was recommended by a friend who hadn't even tried it out herself yet, but I am so glad she did! In this day and age it is such a pleasure to listen to an educated person speak coherently and courageously, with grace and humor, about anything! - including the wild and woolly world of American politics. I love Michael's willingness to call it like he sees it and I appreciate the actual clips of politicians' speeches and interviews which I would never otherwise hear. And, as a classically educated person, I also love his sporadic allusions to ancient mythology, Greek philosophy, or clasic works like Dante's Inferno - I feel a real comaraderie:). Keep up the good work!
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Incomparable and hilarious
I’ve been listening to the MK show for about 4 months on Spotify but subscribed here on ITunes just so I could leave a review after listening to episode 725 about Harry’s cancelling their advertising partnership. Such a strong reminder that we need to speak up and share the impactful things that we’ve found, for me that-thing is this show. Michael is extremely articulate and adds so much humor to what would normally be very depressing news. As a 27 year old, I don’t want to fall into the trap of being an average millennial. I want to sound intelligent, have well-thought-out arguments for my views, and be able to respect other’s opinions that differ from my own. Michael has helped me make #gainz on these goals. If he’s helped me, he can help anyone.
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Michael, Love the show. Just to let you know I am a regional truck driver. Before your podcast ended I stopped and cancelled my Harry’s subscription. I told them I won’t be part of the wokeism and bigotry they are supporting and are cancelling them. Now back on the road and finishing up the podcast !
B in KY
I love Knowels‘s show, not to mention the music is fire 🔥
The best show at Daily Wire
Came for Ben stayed for Michael
Swag man 222
Language Matters
Knowles understands the insidious nature of the war on language and articulates it easily. I look forward to reading his book. (The 2nd one!)
Grazie Mille from Italia! Punto e basta
Michael, or should I say, Michele, a fellow Italian American here - ironically, writing to you from Italy! Grazie mille per il tuo fantastico show - I listen religiously every day while working from home and though you’d never know it, I react to your shows with my own commentary - while you are still speaking - typical of a classic Italian conversation around the table with friends and family, as you know well I’m sure! And yet, I never miss a word you say - a gift us Italians are given at birth. I started with Ben’s show and stayed for both shows - punto e basta. Grazie!
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Came for Ben...
Stayed for knowles.
Thank you!
Michael, you deliver content so professionally, well, and rationally. I never fail to feel inspired and infused with hope after listening to you! Most times, hearing the news is depressing, but you bring reason back to the discussion and everything seems to “make sense”. I’ve been able to have very productive and respectful conversations with my far-left friends after listening - thank you!
Take a stand without a poll
I am looking for people who call out Rinos. Fauci is is to easy when libs agree. Trump had the house, Senate, and presidency. It was our own party that blocked policies they campaigned on.
Freddie bag of donuts
A favorite
Knowles’ is one of my top favorite podcasts—along with Walsh’s and Klavan’s. Knowledgeable, smart, and funny.
Superb podcast Michael really knows it all! I noticed nika Geneva seems only now to doing hair for this show for daily wire and not the others. Is Michael’s hair really getting that out of control?
Fauci impression
His Fauci impression is spot on
Political satire as its best!
Michael is a witty wordsmith with professorial style, and large doses of common sense all with a vast mastery of: politics, contemporary/ancient history, our founding/culture, even religion. Like an American Mark Steyn, though a New Yorker and stuck in LaLa Land
Smart, great style, balance and witty! Sharp and excellent repartee.
Enjoyed thoughtful exchanges
Thank you 1A 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Criminal 89
This is how I get my news
I really enjoy this show daily. I like getting the real story in a quick concise manner. Michael Knowles is a great spokesman for the Catholic Church as well. He truly lives his faith.
Love this podcast
Tells it like it is, makes great, factual points. I listen to it every day!!!
Segway Ninja
Michael Knowles is the master of segways! The way he seamlessly weaves his convo right into his sponsor messages amazes me each day. It’s a rare talent among podcasters 😉
Michaels favorite word......swarthy
blaze suckit
funny guy
Love his dr fauci impression, good comedy
Logical & Common Sense
I appreciate Knowles’ approach in addressing today’s news and politics. He demonstrates a knowledgeable and logical approach when discussing current events. I really enjoy his view on politics, religion, and general cultural events.
A must subscribe
A daily must listen for me
Catholic Ben Shapiro
Honestly the best podcast. Conservative, Catholic, and entertaining. Thanks for all you do!
Common sense
Love your common sense!
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