The Michael Knowles Show
The Michael Knowles Show
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Facts before feelings.
Very chill, the haters are leftist no doubt.Spread the love through the whole United States.
DW needs to shift gears
Zero interest in shows complaining about the left and running clips from Schumer and the rest. Solves nothing and not cathartic.
It’s about time!
Finally, white Catholics get some representation. Yawn
Jon, stable genius
683: Mister
Hey Michael, Mr. Emhoff (2nd gentleman) is a 'Doctor', too; JD from USC Law.
rabid idiot
Great insight 1A 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Criminal 89
Boring Shapiro
Didn’t think there could be a lesser version of Shapiro but here he his.
Great Minds
I look forward to your show everyday while I’m working. You speak everything I’m thinking and see the truth around politics. Thank you for speaking for so many of us who get bullied into silence. I have so much respect for you.
Best segways in the business
And the show is better than Klavens, by far!!!
Tracy H2
The best
Michael knowles has the best podcast on apple podcasts. Not to mention an incredibly soothing voice.
Great insights, Catholics represented well
I LOVE this show. The incredible insights offered by Michael are engaging and enable me to think about politics in a new way. As a practicing Catholic, I am deeply grateful that a show of this magnitude is presented by “one of us!”
Can I give zero stars?
I can listen to Ben Shapiro and I disagree with him often but I learn some things because he’s mostly honest. Michael Knowles is not acting in good faith. This show seeks to divide.
ZL Bear
Bigly Misinformed
A total waste of Ivy League education to end up another one of the already too many punditard podcasters who keep on repeating lies which further feed into the mindset of deeply held false beliefs of a large population of people. Because Michael only offers biased personal opinion devoid of truth or useful information, the podcast needs a rename: Soulless Knowlessness
Second Variety
Wonderful podcast!
Thank you Michael from the start I loved your insightful & truthful show.
YL Goleta
Always able to slip in humor.
I like Michael for his humor and light hearted ness even in the tough subjects.
Republicans could really use a first round pick after ending with losing record
Love the show!
Would definitely recommend this to anyone. He gives a great view on current events and politics. (Love your transitions into advertisements. They are hilarious!)
Cuomo is reopening when trump is leaving what does that show you?????
face news
I was wrong
I listened to a few episodes and I didn’t think he was too offensive-until he kept saying trump wasn’t responsible for what happened at the capital. Fine, you can *argue to didn’t start it, but he sure did not stop it, even after the officers were being attacked. The VP did more to stop it than the actual president. So yes, that’s why he qualifies to be impeached.
Great Show Just Drop Amazons Ring Doorbell
I love your show, but today I heard Amazon’s Ring is one of your sponsors. I prefer not to support companies fighting our first amendment and Amazon is no longer hosting free speech app Parler. There are alternatives such as Arlos video doorbell. Vote with your dollar!
Joe Unknown 2020
Hard hitting and straight to the point
Michael Knowles gets the issues right and explains them in an entertaining way. Love this podcast!
Knowles is fantastic!
Love his perspective!!
baker on wolfe st
FINALLY!! Someone who has finally said all this is because of the lockdown!!! I’ve been saying this for MONTHS - I think I need my own show.
FN pinkos
Not you too, Michael. 🤦‍♀️
Thank you for this
But Kamala Harris needs to be served a writ of mandamus. She’s not eligible for 2nd highest office and no covered it. She’s not eligible constitutionally. What did Ted Cruz say?
My favorite podcast!
I don’t agree with all of your views, Michael. Only 98% of it. Young people like you give me hope that the Republicans of the future will be more courageous. Hearing you speak makes it possible for me, a non-confrontational conservative, express my views in a more eloquent manner. Please continue to speak the truth! Stay true to God and the constitution. If we do that, the republicans will continue to fight the good fight and will prevail.
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Favorite podcast
It’s a good show
This show is worse than watergate
It’s dangerous and could be the end of our democracy
Barl Cernstein
Awesome Show!
I love you and Ben both thank you guys for fighting for conservatives nationwide. I would love to see an episode with the dailywire hosts and barstool owner Dave Portoy! He started a fund for small businesses and has raised millions for small businesses nationwide a platform like the dailywire could help the fund raise even more! Keep up the awesome work❤️
So sensible
I love your show and all the guys shows from the daily wire every single day. Keep doing what you guys do.
Multi jobs worker
Smart but awkward
I listen to Michael Knowles nearly every day. He offers something that Shapiro et al. do not, which is a pure philosophical/liberal arts approach to modern issues. I sometimes think he is too corny, and that he does not criticize right wing figures enough. However, anyone who supports conservative values as openly as he does is a winner for me!
Michael Knowles
I wrote a favorable review of Michael a few months ago, but he’s turned me off lately because he’s proven himself to be a Trump fan boy. Trump’s behavior post election behavior has been terribly destructive in my opinion and Michael seems to be in favor of it. Ben Shapiro’s podcast is much better.
4.5 Stars Bc He’s not Ben
Michael Knowles gets it, or at least he thinks he does. No but for real he’s a strong conservative voice with Biblical values in a time we need that. Recommend listening to him everyday. Especially now that he’s copied Ben and gone to 5 days a week.
Patriots .. BIDEN
Is this really happening..we’re are the REPUBLICANS...this is horrific
Madison is awesome
Michael Knowles is fantastic!
A great show! Wrote my favorite book! Feels like I am listening to a friend.
All’s fair in love and war
Keep pointing out the lefts hypocrisy
Toes the party line too much
Skip this one, he just goes with whatever the republicans spew, whether it is true or not. Ben Shapiro’s show is way better, he actually speaks the truth and facts, even when it’s true. I’m a conservative, but I want to know the truth, not just what we are “supposed” to believe as conservatives. Also, his voice/ tone is annoying and patronizing.
Move on...
Encouraging some of our worst instincts on the right post election. Don’t have to be a swamp monster to say it is time to move on.
epg- bookish
I used to love Knowles until he and his crew at Daily Wire turned their backs on Trump and rolled over for Biden. You stand for nothing and you talk like a nerd who got bullied badly in high school. The Republican Party needs fighters, it needs strong willed men with a backbone... That is not you, that is not the Daily Wire... UNSUBSCRIBED
Michael from BK
Actually as good (or better) than Shapiro
Knowles isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy him every day. I don’t always agree but somehow that doesn’t reduce my opinion of him. Knowles has a way of making even bad news sound good. Pick up the Knowles habit.
Go away
12/21/20 Just look at the title of today’s episode, Michael Knowles. I honestly thought you were a patriot, but patriots are brave and sometimes they are wrong about their allies. I was wrong about you. Go away and don’t expect anyone to ever trust you again Michael Knowles. I thought you were strong, but you are just as weak as Andrew Klaven now. UNSUBSCRIBED because I am a TRUE patriot and unlike you, I would never in a million years put my money or career before my country. Good luck living your life as a fake. I’m losing nothing by unsubscribing because you have nothing to give. Good luck kissing up to YouTube. Pathetic.
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Awesome podcast! Knowles is intelligent, insightful, and funny! 10/10 would recommend!
Ben Shapiro is better
Great podcast. Wish I could give more than 5 stars.
Thanks for being logical, articulate, and reasonable.
You’re crushing it, bro! Keep it up, player!
California Titans Fan
This. Is. Life-Changing.
Mr Knowles. There are so few actually good news sources anymore. And your show is so great to listen to. You are so smart, and to the point that it draws the listener in. Also very funny. Thank you so much.
Carson 47
Skeptic and decent commenter that becomes the definition of the yuppie Portland antivax mom from that Netflix documentary
em doc 2022
Micheal Knowles Show
Come on Micheal, man up and take the shop. Doesn’t be a girly man.
Another must watch
Knowles delivers straight news with a fun show and while I don’t agree with him on everything (Catholicism, although the priest robes look comfy, got to make bathroom time awkward) he gives a great point of view and will make you laugh.
knowles is the worst
Hope springs Eternal
Michael's commentary is both thoughtful and hopeful, and in addition is utterly beautiful and not without stark warnings as to what will occur if we lose sight of our collective dedication to the good and the true and the Godly in our American discourse and society. He provides an immensely necessary rebuke of the mainstreams's deceptions and without fault manages to remain courageous and strong in the face of ever-hardening hearts and minds on both sides of our current enumeration of the political aisles. He is an inspiration; even more than his allies on the conservative wing of the movement to end the monopoly of fact that the Legacy media has so stalwartly tried to solidify, Michael Knowles is the voice of a dispossessed, utterly suppressed and without doubt silenced majority that longs for the honesty and openness of a society that to many seems a long distant and unattainable past. Better than Rush, more focused than Shapiro. With a stronger will and a more keen sense of the logical than perhaps even Beck, Knowles is the pundit we need to fill our senses with a common understanding of the good and that, God willing, will cut unerringly through the machinations of oppressive tyrants that so stolidly attempt to rob this beautiful nation of its integrity, its truthfulness and its humanity.
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Joey Petrified
Why give up?
Genuinely can’t listen to you... do you just report what you listen to on MSM? Dig deeper in what’s actually being done to save the Presidency. Maybe listen to Bongino Report or Steve Bannon War Room.
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