The Michael Knowles Show
The Michael Knowles Show
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The best show
Top of my daily play list.
Outstanding show host and impeccable charisma
Michael, don’t change
Great Podcast!
I very much enjoy listening to Michael. I don’t agree with all of his views but am willing to listen to his arguments. Would recommend this podcast for sure.
Garrett Gibbons
Sticking it to the man!
I love Michael
Great show.
Thoughtful, educational, current, funny. Great show!
Love the content
Perfect combination of wit and critical commentary. Makes becoming informed fun. Bought his latest book speechless, after the first 5 pages I knew it was going to be a great read. Thank you Michael for everything you do.
Kyler Michael
Joe Biden
If anyone should be ex-communicated it should be Joe Biden. If this is not a reason for ex-communication than what is?
I wish someone would start talking, again, on where this all came from.
I love staying informed from this show. Michael is very practical, honest, open minded, and fired up to fight against the oppressive liberal regime. I love to think of how all my millennial peers would shudder if they knew that I listen to this.
Pro is amazing
Great show
Finally real news
Snarky, Conservative, and Catholic
Knowles can bring even the craziest stories of the left, but rather than yell about it, he presents the news with a smirk. Knowles keeps humor and snarkiness in the show even when the country is on fire, and I appreciate that. It’s also nice to hear a show that incorporates Catholicism and Conservatism into a single message of truth and hope. Now Knowles, write another book so you can plug it nonstop!
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Best podcast ever
He is witty and very informative. Best news podcast alive.
He Defends Biden
Apparently, leaving armor and weapons with our enemies is not enough for Knowles to impeach Biden. That’s called giving aid and comfort to the enemy. How is this not a high crimes and misdemeanors? So treason is no longer considered a crime?
I don’t know what if you guys are doing something
Was essays😜 and I have a national cornfield interview with the guy who is the one who has a better job and he is doing well and he is doing great work and he is doing well and he’s not going to church this weekend so he can go to church with church tomorrow and he will be able to do it all day in church and church tomorrow and he is going to church
Called by God
Truly one of the most articulate and well-read speakers I have come across. Each time I listen I am spurred on to higher thinking and self-reflection. His sentiments cause me to question being a Protestant…. Catholicism is a great option, too!
I didn’t want to like him...
I’m sorry, Ben. I’m so sorry, Drew. I tried to avoid Knowles for a long time, but I liked some of his thoughts on Backstage, every month. Then he wrote that book. Ben even praised it! Finally, I heard Mark Davis interview Knowles, and I made up my mind. It’s time to try the podcast. Well, whattaya know? It’s great! PS ~ Hands down, Knowles has the best bumper music of all the Daily Wire podcasts!
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Great Insight by Michael
Michael always gives great insight on things that are normally blocked by many people who cover the truth from us
Louis Belina
Sexy brain 🧠
I mean, c’mon, it’s Michael Knowles. 🥰 Mmm mm mm, he can get it!! 🙉🙈🙊
SmittenKitten w all the Fixins
Great show
love your stuff keep going you have a bright future ahead of you
good looking 103
Came for the Fauci Stayed for the Brits
Knowles, please do every podcast in Fauci voice. Except for, of course, the times you translate for the Britain police who put rainbow flags on old cop cars. 😆😆 Very fun podcast. Keep going!
Hearing the words ‘SWEET BABY GANG’ from your mouth was priceless! Love Walsh but you are still my favorite❤️
Good perspective of the World
Thank you! Love the show, love the point of view. Great daily listen!
One of my favorite shows!
Great show...always on point
Good podcast
Michael is a very insightful host and leaves leftists speechless.
listen to michael
Great show!
This show is easily in the top five of all of the Daily Wire shows! Keep up the great work.
Every Day
I live listening to Knowles’s comments on the day!
Scout Mom 3
Great stuff!
Truth and Courage!
The Michael Knowles Show is a daily must! Similar to the other Daily Wire shows, it is filled with truth and facts. Also, he is a genius at articulating cultural, political, and Christian concepts, as well as segueing between content and ads, truly masterful! Thanks Michael!! Update: Michael has the best segues between content and ads 😂!
Upbeat and Reasonable
Fun but rational actual news with logic.
Fantastic content
Michael owns the libs each and every weekday.
Don't forget, you do have some conservative Hispanic listeners.
I understand that there is absolutely no need for Spanish to be spoken at the Democratic debates, and yes it was used for pandering and it was nothing but a political stunt, but man ease up on how you refer to the language and how you make fun of it. I'm not easily offended and I even joked about it myself, but you just took it too far for way too long. Everyone else in the daily wire made fun of it too, but you did it tastelessly. That being said, still pretty good overall. Worth listening to.
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Outstanding Show
Always enjoy hearing Mr. Knowles positive take on the days insanity.
Would have given five stars but…
Like the show and Michael’s perspective, but honestly not feeling the new interview style format. Also, as a Jewish believer I am deeply offended that you called the Jewish Messiah a Catholic.
Outstanding podcast
Incredibly intelligent and insightful, this guy is spot on. Love his commentary and perspective on politics and culture, really digs down and discusses the nitty gritty. True conservative intellectual.
A true intellect.
What a great show! Michael really has a way to keep his show funny, informative and keep you interested. I find myself laughing a whole bunch when I meaning to listen and get information on what’s going on in the conservative world. He challenges people to think outside of the box. Love the show and listen every episode!
Democrats are evil
Democrats deserve exactly what they vote for. Unfortunately they saddle us with their asinine ideologies.
Good humored even in the face of bad news
Knowles is hilarious and upbeat. He makes the terrible news fun and listening to him is like getting a pep talk from a friend. I always enjoy listening!
E1 Witch
Great show that makes one think and laugh at the same time!
The thing I love most about the Michael Knowles podcast is that he has opened my mind to some topics that I could never sort out! I’m a pro-Constitution Conservative and always saw the dilemma of Republicans being in charge and the idea of limited government meant we didn’t try to put forth our values as opposed to democrats who are always shoving their “values” down our throats! Once you get beyond the absolutes of Free Speech and limited government, once you see that values are always being imposed and if not by your side then it will be by the other! Now it makes sense as to why our government has slidden so far down the left slope! When democrats were in charge they pushed through their agenda but when the Republicans were in charge, they fell back on limited government and not imposing values! The democrats have taken full advantage of our ideological blindness! They have taken advantage of our unwillingness to “force” our values because we believe in limited government! Wherever there is a void, it will be filled! If not by your values then it will be filled by opposing views! Really love this show an I look forward to listening to it every day!! Thank you Michael!!
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Bob Harbert
I was lied to.
It thought this whole masking thing was just a threat since I lived in a small town until I walked into work today and every employee was wearing one. Now I know for a fact that the heads of the medical Marxist league ran by Fouchi are really running this country while sleepy Joe takes is naps. I hope that bustard Fouchi enjoys his fat government check that my taxes are paying for!😡
Great Show
Love Michael and his daily show.
Very informative show
I love your show and your insight. Your guest Jason Whitlock was grossly inaccurate though he said Nike is a $40 billion per year company and the NBA is a $8 billion per year business. Brief research will show the NBA is $70 billion in 2021 and Nike is at $35 billion in 2021. Just wanted to correct him and btw I hate both entities. Have a great day
It’s time to show elitist CCP fear
Disney finally learned that they were just tools for CCP. CCP can make their on movies now. Soon, they won’t need anything from the tech kids; and the kids will be disposable in CCP’s frame of thinking. Politicians, sports gods, music heroes and other tools for CCP will see the contempt the CCP busyness model has for them. We thought we could teach capitalism to China, but they learned we are greedy and weak and easy to manipulate.
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My opinion
Love the podcast totally recommend
Ewan Petty
Least Favorite
Probably my least favorite form The Daily Wire. Knowledgeable but, that does not mean wise. His ability to speak on the history of Christianity is amazing. His ability to misinterpret or skew Christian history is even more amazing. I assume it is to keep hold of the theology of the Catholic Church. Despite that, this podcast is still worth a listen.
I wish I could meet Michael Knowles and have a conversation with him. Very level headed thinking here, providing backup for his opinions and context.
Connor _Thompson _Official
Today’s show
My heart burst with joy; tears of joy! Thank you!
Jesse Lee Peterson
Jesse Lee saying it ❤️❤️❤️ 1A 2A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Criminal 89
Common sense, intelligence and logic with entertainment all in one.
Refreshing commentary on current events and idiotic diatribes and frivolous useless opinions from no-nothings, who try and shove their faulty ridiculous thoughts and ideas down our throats to to placate their own inner hatred of reality. Thank you Michael for your excellent common sense and truth.
Michale is just amazing
I just love his podcast and YouTube Channel. This podcast and all the other Daily Wire content keep me up to date and I always learn something to be prepare to fight against all the nonsense out there.
andrea alger
For a guy who took years to write a book with words, he makes up for it with his great perspectives on our culture and time!
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