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Ep. 684 - Fauci Unchained
Technocrats rejoice and run amok, Biden forces little girls to undress in the same room as men, and a Republican congressman prepares articles of impeachment against President Biden on his first full day in office.
Jan 22
52 min
Ep. 683 - Democracy Without The People
Democrats celebrate the “triumph of democracy” at an inauguration that they prohibited the people from attending, Biden rolls back lots of Trump accomplishments, and the press couldn’t be happier.
Jan 21
52 min
Ep. 682 - Status Quo Joe
President Trump leaves office, Biden looks to give amnesty to 11 million illegal aliens, and Biden’s nominations to key posts are nuttier than a fruitcake.
Jan 20
51 min
Ep. 681 - With Trump Gone, They’re Coming For You
Jack Dorsey promises more censorship, Mexico’s left-wing president comes out against Big Tech, and “gender-creative parents” are accused of child abuse.
Jan 15
52 min
Backstage Premiere: RUN HIDE FIGHT
Join Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing, and the rest of the Backstage crew and special guests as Daily Wire makes its entrance into entertainment content with its first feature film, RUN HIDE FIGHT. Starring Isabel May, Thomas Jane, Radha Mitchell, RUN HIDE FIGHT follows a high school sieged by a quartet of school shooters. Zoe Hull (Isabel May) is a high school student coping with the recent loss of her mother. All she wants is to get through the last few weeks of her senior year and leave — off to college and a fresh start. Instead, her high school is attacked by four nihilistic, gun-toting students, who plan to make their siege the worst school shooting in history. Using her wits and survival skills, Zoe fights back to save herself and her fellow students.  AUDIENCE WARNING: This video is rated TV-MA for violence, language, and nudity and is intended only for mature audiences. RUN HIDE FIGHT will be available for streaming on after our live stream premiere — exclusively for Daily Wire members.
Jan 14
1 hr 28 min
Ep. 680 - Impotent Impeachment
The House impeaches President Trump again, AOC unwittingly offers insight, and conservatives score a win at the Supreme Court.
Jan 14
49 min
Ep. 679 - Revenge Of The Squishes
Impeachment separates the Republican wheat from the chaff, banks cease to do business with the President, and a PBS lawyer wants to send conservatives’ children to reeducation camps.
Jan 13
49 min
Ep. 678 - Expel Kamala
House Democrats try to impeach Trump, Cuomo finally promises to open up New York, and Kamala graces the cover of Vogue.
Jan 12
49 min
Ep. 677 - The “Free Speech” Myth
Social media boots Trump, the Internet bans conservative apps, and Biden/Harris promise to remake America.
Jan 11
50 min
Ep. 676 - They Don’t Want Unity
Biden stokes racial tensions, Big Tech bans Trump, and another white lady pretends to be Hispanic.
Jan 8
47 min
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