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Ep. 740 - A Nation Of Neurotics
Brian Stelter wants to watch conservatives get the vaccine, Pete Buttigieg says the roads are racist, and a public university demands that students adopt the woke religion.
Apr 12
52 min
Michael Knowles Guest Appearance for The Washington Journal on CSPAN
Michael Knowles joined the show to talk about his podcast, news of the day, and take questions live from callers.
Apr 10
43 min
Ep. 739 - A History of Violence
The cops are white supremacists hell-bent on slaughtering innocent black people. And that’s why only cops should be able to own and carry guns.
Apr 9
54 min
Ep. 738 - Boycotts Aren’t Enough
United Airlines promises affirmative action for pilots, rich libs turn Alex Jones rants into reality, and AOC babbles even less coherently than usual.
Apr 8
52 min
Ep. 737 - “Conservatives” For Castrating Kids
The Governor of Arkansas defends the chemical castration of kids, the MLB moves its All-Star Game out of Georgia to a whiter state with stricter voting laws, and the experts warn of a “double mutant” “fourth wave” of coronavirus!
Apr 7
51 min
Ep. 736 - The Mark Of The Fleeced
Fauci predicts no federal vaccine mandate, BLM threatens to burn down more stuff, and the confused Assistant Secretary of Health endorses pumping little kids full of cross-sex hormones.
Apr 6
51 min
Ep. 735 - The Fear Of Death Cult
A Canadian pastor teaches Americans a thing or two about religion and freedom, MLB gets woke(r), and Charles Barkley sees what’s really going on in race relations.
Apr 5
52 min
Steven Crowder | Suspension and The FIGHT for Freedom of Speech
Steven Crowder, the host of Louder With Crowder, joins the show to set the record straight on the YouTube and Twitter suspension and the ongoing fight against big-tech.
Apr 3
18 min
Ep. 734 - Si, Se Pwodway
Woke corporations try to subvert our republic, coyotes hurl kids over our southern border, and the Left’s narrative falls apart at the George Floyd trial.
Apr 2
50 min
Ep. 733 - Know-Nothin’ Country
CNN doesn’t believe doctors can know a baby’s sex at birth, Hollywood boycotts Georgia over election integrity measures, and a prominent newsman says fairness is overrated.
Apr 1
51 min
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