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Ep. 788 - The Courts Won’t Save Us
Conservatives celebrate a religious liberty win at the Supreme Court, our scientific experts discover death, and a new report shows how thoroughly the lockdowns gutted the middle class.
Jun 18
54 min
Ep. 787 - The Real Threat
Biden gets tougher with a reporter than he does with Vladimir Putin, Victoria’s Secret ditches hot chicks, and AG Merrick Garland identifies the single greatest threat to the United States
Jun 17
51 min
Ep. 786 - The Sacred Feast of “Juneteenth”
The Senate makes “Juneteenth” a federal holiday, Schumer calls a kid retarded, and firebrand GOP congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene apologizes for something she said.
Jun 16
53 min
Ep. 785 - Just Say No!
The comedian Jon Lovitz incorrectly compares “cancel culture” to McCarthyism, CNN tries to mainstream another pervert, squishes defend CRT, and the Fed cancels the Founding Fathers.
Jun 15
50 min
Ep. 784 - No Consequences For The Elites
Joe Biden becomes a laughingstock at the G7 summit, BLM race-hustlers turn on each other, and YouTube censors a sitting U.S. senator.
Jun 14
51 min
YES or NO | Real Answers and Real Drinks with Dave Rubin
Dave Rubin sits down with Michael Knowles to see how well they think they know each other. They must choose "Yes" or "No" when it comes to cryptocurrency, Ben Shapiro smoking weed, and if being gay helps your career. Check it out!
Jun 12
45 min
Ep. 783 - The Whiteness Epidemic
A major medical journal calls whiteness a disease in search of “a permanent cure,” another major anti-Trump narrative falls apart, and Kamala flops down South.
Jun 11
52 min
Ep. 782 - Don’t Be “True To You”
Nickelodeon tries to trans the kids, Fauci fights back against his critics, and Biden undermines “our democracy.”
Jun 10
52 min
Ep. 781 - Disturbed By The American Flag
NYT editorial board member and imaginative mathematician Mara Gay feels “disturbed” by the American flag, a new study suggests that Trump was right about hydroxychloroquine, and Kamala Harris gets caught in another lie.
Jun 9
52 min
Ep. 780 - High On Our Own Supply
Washington State bribes potheads to get the WuFlu vax, Biden promises never to fire Fauci, and the Libertarian Party proves why we can’t have nice things.
Jun 8
51 min
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