The Max Maxwell Podcast
The Max Maxwell Podcast
Max Maxwell
Max Maxwell is a Serial Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor. In this podcast we talk industry, from real estate, to general investing practices and methods. Weekly guests ranging in backgrounds will show you there are endless ways to be successful in today's society. Starting on the term of Wholesaling is common, but after you get your money from these deals, what do you do with it?
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Great stuff
Just now tuning in started from the first episodes from 2017, been learning a lot from you and I'm looking forward into trying it out for myself. Keep up the good work
Helped Me So Much
This podcast has helped my beginning in wholesaling tremendously! Thanks for the tons of information and I am especially appreciative of the latest episode 36. Keep up the good work!
Good job-questions
Awesome where is episode 37-48???
gcook cookg
Beast Pod
Awesome conversations
Max is a beast!!!!
Finding Max and his information has motivated me to immerse my life into wholesaling real estate. I can’t wait to start my empire.
I’ve been looking for the push that I needed to get into wholesaling and any type of real estate investing and Max Defintley got ready to run through a wall and get these deals going ! Love your videos. Love the people you bring onto the show. Been listening to your podcast all day and I’m ready to make some moves. Thank you again for being so motivational. Salute to you my brother !
Awesome Podcast to Subscribe to!
Kudos! Looking forward to your next episodes!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
New to the game
I’m learning a lot since watching Max’s YouTube videos and very excited about this process. Soooooo-looking forward to listening to this Podcast on my way to work. Sincerely Appreciate!!!
Thanks for the content
Thank you for the interviews. Please keep the content coming!! I’m looking forward to assigning my 1st contract. Thanks
Great Real Estate podcast!
Look no further for inspiration, knowledge, and business-oriented content relating to real estate. Max is very generous with his time and sharing of knowledge.
B Kitchens
One stop shop on Wholesaling
Read no further! Max is your guy for all things Wholesaling in the Real Estate game!
JROD 410
Permanent Money Mindset
Max, I can’t thank you enough for the information you’ve provided to me and your listeners. I no longer feel lost and appreciate the raw insight of your guest speakers to begin my journey part time. I shared your podcast to those close to me who understand the importance of real estate. Much appreciated!!
Chantel J
Thank you.
Thank you for keeping it real and helping all of us reach financial freedom. You will be the first to know when I get my first deal. -Rich
What a blessing
So thankful I found this podcast. The content contains valuable and credible information from motivating and inspiring investors from all ends of the spectrum. I am learning so much. Thanks Max!
Awesome information
This is a true blessing to give back to other yo help achieve greater accomplishments in life. Your podcasts are awesome and I can’t wait to land my first deal
Maria Rangel
Just starting
How you doing Max! Man I just found out about Wholesale real estate from a clip about ways of making extra money and that was one of them. I just looking up on YouTube and I came across your videos and I found your podcast on iTunes and I have been hooked the last couple weeks. I feel that this something I’ve looking for a long time. Thank you for all your content that you have uploaded. I know I’m behind the bar, but I plan on doing your challenge on instagram. I’m hoping to do well with this and I will let you my success story in the near future.
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Thank God for You
I’m literally obsessed with listening to you Each one, teach one.. thank you!
Podcast University
Easy to understand for even the most novice of investors.
Jahye Dee
Thank you champion. Learning so much about the industry and mindset it takes to succeed in it! I’m on my way!
I heard about wholesaling a while back but was presented in a confusing manor and had given up. Max has really simplified everything and provides other resources outside of himself to help beginners. My favorite podcast thus far.
Think multi family
What a sweet podcast... binged about 4 hours so far
Great podcast and you learn about different types of real estate deals!! Wow!! Great Job!!!
Honorable Charles
Very Informative
There’s always something to learn from the content of your podcast. You breakdown the process in an understandable manner. I’m motivated.
Your podcast are very knowledgeable for someone who knows absolutely nothing about wholesale. Thanks for Inspiring
I absolutely love this podcast. Thank you.
Love this Podcast!!!
i have been listening to this podcast every day for the past week and it has totally changed the way i've been looking at real estate investing and wholesaling as a whole. I have a complete mindset shift because Max is very good at explaining the processes clearly and breaking thinhs down to the minute details. Thanks Max for your deducation to helping other people like us get into real estate investing!!!
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Great Content!!!
Learning so much from all your great content.
Best podcast
Most informational podcast! I love the cold calling ones where you or your team is on a call with an actual seller. I’ve learned so much from watching this podcast
The piece of the puzzle
I’ve been passionate about real estate for a while now. I’ve consumed hours and hours of content, and to be honest, I’ve never given wholesaling any real consideration because it just seemed like one of those too good to be true situations. Until I came across an interview you did on YouTube. I kid you not, after that it just clicked. The information you give and the depth of content you create is like the puzzle piece that was missing. To see someone who looks like me, who didn’t receive a large lump sum from their parent, who even lives in the same state, who’s dyslexic, start from the bottom, and climb to the top, turned an idea that I didn’t even believe in, into the only idea I have. You’re an inspiration, and I’m sure you’re goi to touch many more lives! Keep being great family!
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eighty baby
Thank you
Great content and thank you for everything you share with us!
The Best of the Best
I have learned so much and forever grateful for you!
Great content, learning a ton!
I’m new to real estate and I’m learning a ton about everything from wholesaling to making money re-renting Airbnbs. Max is a natural teacher and you can tell he really loves what he does. Look forward to using these techniques to become a successful re investor and replace my day job.
Great content!!
Straight and to the point; no fluff!! I discovered Max on YouTube, when his was the guest on other guys podcast. I'm also a veteran like Max, so it was instant rapport for me!! 🤷🏽‍♂️
Amazing podcast
Max Maxwell is the goat! He’s so authentic and gives out so much information helping others to become successful so grateful for his podcast
I just find this podcast and I already love it. I have being looking for something like this without the fluff that is fill with lots information. Please do more real time like this.
Obsessed w Max & The Content
I’m overly excited to tell you, this Guy is the REAL DEAL!!! A must add on to any of your Wholesaling research 😍
Great Show
Great information for someone that would like to learn to play invest he gives a lot of info.
So much knowledge sharing!!!
I didn’t know who Max Maxwell was until a week ago. I was fortunate enough to hear him speak at Real Estate Roundup: Live and was both drawn in and blown away by his story. I listen to nothing but podcasts, and let me tell you, this one is awesome. I quality audio and amazing content!!! Thanks, Max!!!
Learning sooooo much!!!
Thank you! 🙏🏾
Andrew Santos
Very informative and motivating keep up the good work thank you.
Drew buys houses
High quality content for sure. If you’re interested or already wholesaling you definitely want to subscribe to this podcast.
Great content!!
This podcast is amazing if your looking to get started or just learn more about real estate investing! Thanks Max for your efforts and bringing this information to the people who are looking for it.
Amazing content!
I don't say this often but this podcast is one of the most informative I've experienced. Max goes in depth, is authentic to his beliefs and inspires from within your mind about wholesaling. It's not cookie cutter based . It's not hustle people out of money based. The content is powerful and empowering. You have to do the work and get the understanding of true wholesaling business but Maxwell walks you through the difficult mental blocks and laziness that most come into this business with. The interviews are a whole other gen!
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sweetga brown
Info elite
Max provides you with the instructions to make your first deal! Don’t miss this
Coaching Call
The podcast where you dissect the call between the potential seller and your team member was really unique and informative. Thanks for all you do! IG @smellsfantastic Huntington Beach investing
Emanuel James
Love it
Max is giving away FREE real “go home and use it in your business today” type game. I tune I every chance I get.
Mindset Changer
So many gems! so much priceless information! Beyond blessed to have come across this podcast
Since watching Max’s videos on YouTube, I have learned so much and, at a critical growth point in my life, have been more inspired and hungry than I’ve ever been! I am amped to close my first 10 deals before 2020, and head to the next We Live! He, among other wholesalers and investors, has been extremely generous and has changed my life and perspective on HARD WORK! From one cowboy-boot lover to the next, THANK YOU!!! Much Blessings!! ✌🏼
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Max Maxwell
Love the Podcast keep up the good work!
LA. Hunter
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