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The Max Maxwell Podcast
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Max Maxwell is a Serial Entrepreneur, and Real Estate Investor. In this podcast we talk industry, from real estate, to general investing practices and methods. Weekly guests ranging in backgrounds will show you there are endless ways to be successful in today's society. Starting on the term of Wholesaling is common, but after you get your money from these deals, what do you do with it?
The Max Maxwell Podcast | Mastering the Phones w/ Steve Trang
Steve Trang is the founder of the Real Estate Disruptors movement. He started his podcast in the middle of 2018 to inspire wholesalers and real estate agents to double their incomes by adding a 2nd leg to their business. Since starting the Brokerage in 2013, Stunning Homes Realty has over 130 agents. In the greater Phoenix area, his company has almost 1% market share. Today we talk about the Art of the Close and mastering the phones
Jul 30
32 min
The Conversation: I can't breathe. Hosted by Max Maxwell, Feat. Derek Gray & Bobby Kimbrough
Max will be joined by the Forsyth County Sheriff, Bobby F. Kimbrough and former assistant district attorney Derek Gray to get their thoughts on real solutions to fix America's justice system, police violence and the growing divide between law enforcement and the public.
Jun 4
1 hr 11 min
The Max Maxwell Podcast | Hiring, Firing, and Training Staff | Mindset Monday
It's the return of Mindset Monday and I'm bringing on my good friend and sales shark Ish to give some perspective on his hiring and firing process as well as the winning mindset it takes to succeed in business. Sit back and listen to this conversation between a couple just might learn a thing or two.
May 28
28 min
TODAYS POD IS GOING TO BE SOMETHING YOU WANT TO BOOKMARK. This is the roadmap to the Real Estate Investing Cycle, going over the 4 phases Starting at Recovery, moving to Expansion, Hyper Supply, and Finally, the dreaded Recession. In this video I not only explain exactly what happens during and when these phases occur, but also WHICH TYPE OF INVESTORS each may apply to. After we go over that, I explain each individually and how to get the most for your money in various scenarios that may end up happening. This is a MUST LISTEN!
Apr 29
17 min
The Max Maxwell Podcast | Real Estate Data is Important
This week's podcast is focused on how we can filter our data. None better to show us all the TIPS and TRICKS about what our data can do for us, than Burton the Senior Product Manager for Propstream. THIS IS ONE YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!
Feb 20
53 min
The Max Maxwell Podcast | Life in Loans with MG The Mortgage Guy
This week MG the Mortgage Guy stops by to talk about his first-hand experience during the 2008 recession and how losing it all helped him build for the long term. Stick around for this one because Matt has everything you need, including a homebuyer's checklist to make sure you find the loan that fits your situation. Once again I learned a lot from this interview and I'm sure you will too!
Feb 20
54 min
Real Estate Q&A | How Much is Too Much?
In this week's podcast I give a keynote speech in West Palm Beach, FL for the National Real Estate Investors Club annual meetup. This was one of my favorite Q&A sessions to date and I was able to answers even more questions after my talk, specifically about leverage when talking to sellers and not being able to buy every deal. I'm changing up the format on this episode so please let me know what you think and give me a 5 star rating if this podcast helped you in any way!
Feb 12
56 min
The Drake of Wholesaling | Donovan Ruffin
This week's podcast is Focused around Donovan Ruffin, AKA the Drake of wholesaling. At only 25 he's one of the youngest and most successful people in our business. Let's dive into some conversation and see exactly what's working for him and what isn't.
Jan 16
38 min
1000 Wholesale Deals In A Year!
On this week's podcast, I had Jamil Damji, one of the co-founders of Keyglee. He flew all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to check out the studio and talk about real estate. During the podcast, we talked about how Jamil got into real estate, what he's learned during his real estate journey, and what Keyglee is about.
Dec 12, 2019
46 min
Real Estate RoundUp LIVE Keynote 2019
I spoke at Real Estate RoundUp earlier this year and this is the entire talk, including the question and answer portion. I talked about my real estate journey, how everyone should challenge their everyday thoughts, and mindset. The crowd asked some great questions that I think will provide some amazing value to you all. Feel free to drop a comment if you have any further questions about anything I talked about.
Nov 28, 2019
1 hr 19 min
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