The Manic Episodes
The Manic Episodes
The Manic Episodes
A super-gay podcast by super-gay singer-songwriter Mary Lambert and her partner Wyatt about bipolar disorder, queer relationships, and body love. And poems. And farts.
S2 E5: Love Yourself... or Else with K Richardson
Mary and Wyatt are joined by their friend K Richardson (he/they), an out and proud Black Queer currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He is an organizer, facilitator, and racial equity educator. Before beginning his current role as Communications Manager at the Transgender Law Center, K served as the Manager of Hotline and Prevention Programs at the NYC Anti Violence Project, where his focus was supporting queer and trans survivors of sexual violence and has over 15 years of rape crisis work. They firmly believe in equity of all with a priority on trans + gender nonconforming, non-binary people and believes that there should be a place for Black Trans women of all experiences to live freely and thrive. For more than a decade, K. has been dedicated to creating spaces that foster community while centering Black Queer theory in his work. K drinks iced coffee all year, is frequently seen solving a Rubik’s cube, reading a book and has a Simpsons reference for *almost* everything.  Mary, Wyatt, and K spend a few glorious hours talking about capitalism, collective bargaining, and how to engage in activism and advocacy while maintaining your mental health – or, as Mary calls it, your “brain paradise.” Y’all are going to adore K; we’re so lucky to have him on the pod. Also on the agenda: Mary tells a story about falling asleep during a concert as a performer, and K tells a story about falling asleep during a concert as an attendee; we’re all obsessed with snacks; and poems by Nikki Giovanni, Lucille Clifton, Adrienne Maree Brown, and Natasha Rao. 
Jan 8
2 hr 40 min
S2 E4: Style, Art, and Fat Queer Femme Bonding with Kim Selling
Mary and Wyatt are in Seattle with some bomb-ass new recording equipment, and they’re thrilled to welcome Kim Selling to the pod. Kim sent us two bios, and they’re too good not to include here:Kim’s pre-Covid professional bio: Kim Selling is a fat queer femme based in Seattle. They can be found generating content for The Stranger, yelling about poetry for various small presses, and selling piles of glittering vintage for bunny ranch madams, crop top goths, and lizard queens alike on the World Wide Web.Kim’s Actual Present-Day Bio:My depression is at an all-time high, my personality is the new person I'm dating, and I have nothing to look forward to because I'm still functionally unemployed!!!!Kim, Wyatt, and Mary talk about fashion, representation, and mental health for queer people in fat bodies. They also play a spirited game of “What sign is this thing?”, which was a delight because of Kim’s dazzling array of astrological knowledge. Also on the agenda: the cruel, hidden world inside snow globes; climbing the ladder at Abercrombie; and poems by Tracy K. Smith, Frank O’Hara, Patricia No, and Ellen Bryant Voigt. Kim’s Social Media:
Dec 24, 2021
2 hr 40 min
S2 E3: Public Health & Harm Reduction with Nadia Schuessler
Mary and Wyatt are freaking out because they're so excited to welcome the inimitable Nadia Schuessler to the pod. Nadia is a social worker, public health advocate and community organizer. She cares deeply about harm reduction, integrated healthcare, trauma centered healing practices and community arts.  She has worked in a variety of fields, including mental health/addiction services, food manufacturing, a variety of seasonal tourist attractions, and most notably, the music industry with her all time favorite boss Mary. Mary and Wyatt chat with Nadia about her wide variety of experiences: community theater, driving ice cream trucks, managing logistics, doing social work, and driving a Winnebago with Mary while on tour. She talks about how a family tragedy motivated her to pursue a career in social work and public health. Also on the agenda: The Whisper Game, the ingenious design of the human butthole, and poems by Warsan Shire, Laura Kolbe, and Rumi. 
Dec 6, 2021
2 hr 14 min
S2 E2: Housing, Activism, & Imagination with Trenda Loftin
Mary and Wyatt are elated to welcome Trenda Loftin to the pod. Black, queer, and polyamorous,  Trenda (she/her) has a variety of callings that she strives to weave together to work towards liberation.  She is a social justice consultant, theatre artist, worker-owner of The Compost Cooperative, and a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker Community Realtors. She works with theatre companies, organizations, and individuals to address inequity within programs, practices, and policies, utilizing interactive and creative approaches. Trenda recognizes the importance of cultivating home spaces- not just as spaces for living, but for dreaming and co-creating. Her real estate and consulting work is anchored in seeking ways to increase access for those who face barriers to securing safe and enriching home and work spaces. Mary, Wyatt, and Trenda talk about the power of theater and imagination, how to weave together activism and community while also creating sustainable income for ourselves and our families, and the power of seeing yourself represented in stories.Also on the agenda: MARY AND WYATT GOT ENGAGED!; Wyatt, Mary, and Trenda collaborate on unsolicited jingles; and poems by Maya Angelou, Kevin Young, and Diane Seuss. IG:; @compostcooperative; @willowprecFB:; @tlo.happenings; @reallivetheatreWebsite:;
Nov 21, 2021
2 hr 14 min
S2 E1: Radical Welcome with Andrew Sackett-Taylor
Mary and Wyatt kick off Season 2 with the usual spate of unhinged silliness and their very first guest, Andrew Sackett-Taylor. Andrew (he/him) works as a psychiatric nurse practitioner at Transhealth Northampton, a healthcare start-up serving trans, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals across the lifespan. Trans- and queer-identified himself, it’s been his longstanding dream to serve the community through compassionate, affirming, patient-centered care. Mary, Wyatt, and Andrew chat about everything from the pure pleasure of dancing in one’s driveway to the importance of connection and authenticity in trans-affirming psychiatric care. Andrew talks about his own experiences with neurodivergency and psychiatric care and how he offers radical kindness, vulnerability, and compassion in his own practice. Also on the agenda: A spirited round of Gay or Straight, an important conversation about Halloween candy, and poems by Wendell Berry, Mary Oliver, and Charlie Petch. Learn more about Transhealth Northampton on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Nov 6, 2021
1 hr 56 min
Episode 67: Failure... & the End of Season 1!
Mary & Wyatt peel off their sweaty running clothes and settle in for a very real & vulnerable conversation about failure and some big changes coming to the pod. Mary talks about the trajectory of success in her career and her uncertainty about the future. Wyatt talks about the relationship between their bipolar disorder and their fear of failure. Also on the agenda: Mary is risking it all to be a TikTok star and is related to Marie Antoinette (probably), Wyatt wants to start the College School Bus, and poems by Forrest Gander and Rosemary Tonks. Donate or volunteer for Houston Haitians United to help Haitian migrants transitioning to life in Texas:
Sep 23, 2021
1 hr 53 min
Episode 66: Abortion
Mary and Wyatt settle in for a discussion about the recent Supreme Court ruling about the ultra-restrictive Texas abortion ban. What’s the path forward for reproductive justice? How do we help advocate for people left in the wake of this decision? Also on the agenda: The Whisper Game, the calming properties of lofi beats, and poems by Joshua Bennett and Nicole Sealey. 
Sep 10, 2021
1 hr 21 min
Episode 65: Greed
Mary and Wyatt perch on the couch for a chat about greed. From Adam Smith to Ayn Rand to Gordon Gecko, they talk about the evolution of attitudes toward wealth, accumulation, and capital. Also on the agenda: Mary’s Netflix show comes out today, herons eating gigantic fish, more Harvest Town lore, and poems by Roger Reeves and Nicole Sealey. 
Aug 26, 2021
1 hr 36 min
Episode 64: Consent and Bodily Autonomy
[Content warning: Sexual assault and childhood sexual assault] Mary and Wyatt snuggle up on the big yellow couch for a discussion of consent, bodily autonomy, and how banishing the gender binary could save us all. Also on the agenda: Georgie has formed an independent nation in our bedroom, Wyatt thinks bagels are overrated, Mary throws serious shade, and poems by Diane Seuss and Rhiannon McGavin. 
Aug 12, 2021
1 hr 33 min
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