The Kirk Minihane Show
The Kirk Minihane Show
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The Kirk Minihane Show is a daily podcast from America's most talented on-air personality, featuring Minihane's raw, uncensored commentary on sports, politics, culture, and things that matter. There is no show like this show.
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Fascists Steve
Good podcast except for the closeted producer.
Too short
2 hour minimum
Kirk really shows his lack of talent and it makes you realize Gerry Callahan is better at this. This pod is a dumbed down version of Sean Hannity.
Episodes too long
Much of the content is deleted since the episodes pile up. Kirk your doing yourself a disservice with the long episode. Half your content is deleted. There is no way to keep up so episodes get deleted.
Kirk was right
Authentic & Real
A surprise everyday you’ll never get anywhere else. Unpredictable, funny & authentic content about social issues and current events by utilizing their own ‘world’, which Kirk organically created by interacting with his audience (some far better than others to be fair). Podcast Jesus is legendary. #kirkwasright
Or no
Or no. Or no. Or no. Or no. Or no.
The greatest
Kirk is the greatest personality in America. He’ll entertain you for hours on end. I highly recommend.
Kirk was right
Kirk was right
cam akers
Kirk was right
Best podcast in the world, undoubtably. A fair and honest view into hypocrisy in the media while also being extremely giving to the fans with hilarious and great content. #KirkWasRight
Yellow jello
KMS Is the best podcast
Best daily podcast in America! Maybe in the world.
Steve has officially destroyed the show
All Steve knows is conservative talking points and it’s ruined the show.
Kirk scks
Kirk svks
13 rick 13
How will you feel?
Enjoy the show and an avid listener. But wondering how you will feel if Mike “ends it” after all you have said and how you have handled his departure on your show. How will you feel? Are you ok with it?
Cards on the table
Found this through Quantum Week.
Greatest Show of ALL TIME
Carrano is awful but mike is finally gone so it evens out to a solid 3
I miss blind mike
I know he probably won’t see this, but I miss blind Mike.
Look forward to this podcast every day.
Kirk and his crew provide daily comedic relief (Monday-Friday). Kirk’s rants make me laugh and entertain me for a while. Well worth a listen.
Lawson X
Not going anywhere
Love the show. Been listening since your first day on WEEI. Sorry to disappoint
Waste of time
Best show ever
Following instructions
Stoolie Turned Minifan
Not sure I would’ve survived corona without Kirk. Little taste of Stern and the old stool. Minifans make the show. Absolute psychos. Love it.
AJ Frascone
The king of Poop
I thought I was the only one to front wipe, wow, Kirk is a true fecal hero!!! Great show, bigly!
Podcast Jesus
Best podcast around. It’s a deep dive into a crazy mans mind, enjoy!
kirk in the car
Podcast connoisseur
Awesome podcast, started listening to Kirk when he came to Barstool. Don’t understand why Twitter is shadow banning the show though
The best
Kirk called me many names and I still love him. The best, funniest podcast ever.
Masterclass in ball busting
Great to hear K&C again it was great to start my day listening at 6am
Listen every day can’t get enough
Podcast Jesus!!
I’ve been following Kirk for years. The best talent that comes out of barstool. Thinks outside the box with his wit and humor. Never a dull moment it’s genius.
I would give this 6177797937 stars but they will only allow me to give it 5 :/
Kirk told me to do this
He said we’re being lazy
Joe Wallace
The best
The best
A lot better without Mike
Bye Blind Mike
bald head from york
Greatness is often under appreciated
5 days a week, 2 hours a day of unscripted perfection. We are witnessing greatness. Don’t be the guy (or gal) who misses what’s right in front of their face. Podcast Joseph.
Show imploding
This show won’t be around for long. Find something else. Same old same old ranting and raving for 3hrs about nonsense.
Podcast Jesus
Best to ever do it !
plain bread stick
No Question
The greatest pod ever created. Kirk Minihane has ruined all other podcasts for me. Vote Geary 2020. Mike is a great part of the show, has the thickest skin I’ve ever seen.
Still a big Kirk fan but i wish he wouldnt let far right steve program the show. Im no liberal but this podcast is essentially a trump apologist podcast. Mike is a hugeeeeee moron and he drags down the show. He has no point of view and just says whatever he thinks Kirk wants to hear. Steve is also just a slimy person. Kirk has A talent but he has surrounded himself with D talent.
German Super Fan of KMS
Super Show. Kirk does not sugar coat anything. He tells it as it is. If you are someone who does not like to hear the truth or is not able to handle criticism then I suggest you listen to someone else. If you are someone who wants to be entertained, not offended easily and is interested in living the good life then listen to Kirk
Not Happy in Mass
Blind mike has to go ASAP
Literally everything point he makes is just words. Not interesting. Then Kirk says True. No matter what he says. Takes 30 seconds to say something. Plus he is dumb. Then trails off at end of sentence like he is asking a question or looking for approval. The wheezing or giggling after everything he says or Kirk says is even more annoying. Amazing Kirk with his radio instincts can not see this. Ruining show. Also when Kirk asks steve a question, he has to jump in. Mike stay away. Does not shut up with his nonsense. He will bring down show.
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want to make show better
As real as it gets!
A amazing show with a hint of satire! Kirk and the gang cover everything from everyday life problems, things happening around the country, they discuss bad journalism and even show drama. Nothing is off the table. Best of all they tell you how they see it and they don’t fluff stuff to protect your feelings. This is a hard show to describe but I promise you they will keep you engaged and make you laugh so hard you might wet your pants.... so make sure you have a water bottle handy.
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Abortion thursdays
Looking forward to it
awful tattoo
A podcast that ruins all other podcasts. No wonder his fans are so loyal.
Brandon Walker would be better than “blind mike”
Mike is a pathetic ignorant ass-hole
Thank You Kirk
This podcast is the best part of my day... every day 2-3 hours a day. The best
Incredible podcast
Best pod out there
A friendless man...
Kirk only makes friends so that he can turn on them, then complain about them on air. Robinson and Mike, don’t be surprised when he comes for you.
Carry on
For truth…
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