The Hurricane Tapes
The Hurricane Tapes
BBC World Service
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Outstanding journalism and documentary
I was in college when the Bob Dylan song Hurricane came out and it was one of wmy favorites. I never new what happened after that. Now i have a good idea. Thank you. The story is unfortunately very relevant to the social injustice that is still prevalent. Sadly nothing has changed in 50 years.
The story was new to me; maybe it’s my lack of culture or my age (36). Regardless the podcast was captivating and the message is not nebulous. It speaks of endurance and resilience. Glad I came across this podcast.
Hurricane Tapes is a Must Listen
Without question the most interesting and well organized podcast I have heard. Simply outstanding.
Fascinating series, but i do not understand in the wrap up interview you did not ask john “ the witnesses saw 2 cars, a white one and a dark one. Were you and hurricane in the white car? If so , you knew who did it. Did you take a fall for them ?”
jim cubiw
This is probably the best podcast series I’ve had the pleasure to listen to...I didn’t know a lot about the story, but became completely engaged. A binge worthy, road trip kind of story. Well done!
Unbelievably engaging!
Excellent audio, great voice, sufficient drama to stay engaged; thank you for pursuing the story! Better than the movie (certainly!) and better than Dylan (but adds to the energy)!
The best
This is the best podcast series that I’ve listened to. The case was well researched and laid out and the music and background stories are incredibly crafted. Well done!
righteous ruffneck
Excellent investigative journalism..very thorough, detailed, chronologically laid out. Fascinating, listening to the podcast was like reading a good book; couldn't stop listening. Thanks.
The Hurricane Tapes
Really put the flesh on a case on the fringes of my life, coming in and out of sight as a Jersey resident since 1972. Good investigative job. However, this was not the most notorious and important murder mystery in New Jersey history. That distinction belongs to the Lindbergh baby kidnapping and murder.
Pico Iyer
Big fan of this podcast. Deserves to be higher on the list. Hope word gets out!
One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened too. To say it was well produced would be an understatement. A must listened too.
Cara Linde
Great story-telling and investigation into a truly complicated story. I appreciate so much that foul language has been kept out. Thank you for your deep and thoughtful investigation into this true crime.
Nuanced re-telling of a fantastic story!
Some years ago I read “The Miraculous Journey of Rubin Carter” by James Hirsch, a more balanced & nuanced perspective on Carter’s life than shown in Denzel Washington’s “The Hurricane”. This fine podcast artfully adds further shades of color, especially with regards to John Artis, who, like Carter, was also sent to prison for the triple murder at the Lafayette Bar and Grill, but whose life arc after conviction followed a vastly different trajectory. I was initially interested in this story because of the racial/police element (as a young man I experienced a nearly fatal encounter with the local cops), but I am also curious as to whether Carter and Artis were factually innocent. I doubt that this podcast will provide a definitive answer to the latter, but it helps me to understand that, to a large extent, Carter brought this tragedy upon himself, by virtue of his values and behavior in the years prior to the triple murder. I continue to grapple with why John Artis was also caught up in this event (I believe that everything happens for a reason), perhaps he mainly served as counterpoint to a life aggressively focused on hatred and anger. This podcast hopefully will stimulate further introspection for us in America, for those of us who feel that we’ve come a long way with regards to race and to how cops interact with blacks. We have come a long way, and we have a long way to go … P.S. A further curious element to this story, one common to other instances of ‘wrongful convictions’, is that most of those folks who originally lined up to convict continue to be fully invested in that perspective. For example, review the web material developed by Cal Deal, a New Jersey journalist who has covered this story since it first occurred. It’s almost as if there are two Universes, one in which Carter/Artis did it, and another in which they did not …?
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Bernir Guzman
what a great story!
I had no interest in this story, but I was draw in. They got great interviews and recordings. I liked the score too. Nicely produced, but not over-produced.
friendly woods
Hurricane Tapes
Perhaps the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. So throughly researched, produced and presented. It’s a must listen!
The Mavs Fan
Simply Excellent
Everything about this podcast is perfection. Compelling story, the host is engaging and entertaining and the music is too cool for school.
Rubin Carter
This is why the BBC is great .
Hurricane Tapes
Excellent reporting.
Hurricane Tapes
Fantastic podcast with an unbiased approach to such a controversial figure in American history.
Great story telling
If your like me and enjoy podcasts like Serial and S-town. This cast from BBC won't disappoint. Well told story with great clips from the past. America how little some things have changed when it comes to justice....
Wireless guy 55
Great update!!
This story has long fascinated me, and for much of that time I’ve wondered about Rubin -- did he do this terrible deed or was he truly innocent. I’m now leaning strongly towards innocence, thanks to this podcast and other sources. But I’m also well aware that many others, like, for example, Cal Deal, remain absolutely convinced that Carter murdered those folks. That’s a pattern which cases like this one illustrate, which is that even after a verdict is overturned, the prosecution and DA, etc., they remain committed to their version of the facts and the truth. Perhaps this is just human nature …
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Domingo Nieves
Great Investgative Story
If you liked Making of a Murder, you will love this one. Great detail and the story keeps moving fast.