The Hurricane Tapes
The Hurricane Tapes
BBC World Service
A triple murder. 40 hours of tape recordings. Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter. Bob Dylan wrote a song about him. Hollywood made a movie. This is the full story.
Ep 13. Black Angel
"I know who doesn’t belong in prison. I am an angel. The Black Angel" Plus a final account of Carter from someone who has never told her truth about her father #HurricaneTapes
Mar 31, 2019
53 min
Ep 12. Stinkin’ New Jersey
John Artis on who he blames and Jonny Carter reveals who he thinks did it #hurricanetapes
Mar 24, 2019
39 min
Ep 11. Joining the dots
Names are named, alibis crumble, as we reveal the details of a never before seen investigation into the case #HurricaneTapes
Mar 17, 2019
36 min
Ep 10. Nineteen pages
"Nobody wanted my findings to come out". An investigator’s alternative theory, ignored… until now. #HurricaneTapes
Mar 10, 2019
43 min
Ep 9. Take it to the judge
"Racism rather than reason." Judge Sarokin, the man who had the final say in the State of New Jersey v Rubin Carter and John Artis. #HurricaneTapes
Mar 3, 2019
43 min
Ep 8. Boy wonder
How Lazarus and a Canadian 'army' took Carter from deep despair to the brink of freedom. #HurricaneTapes
Feb 24, 2019
32 min
Ep 7. Racial revenge
'You’re turning the trial into a racial nightmare.' The defence team are heading for big trouble at the second trial. #HurricaneTapes
Feb 17, 2019
42 min
Ep6. Muhammad Ali and Bob Dylan
Rubin Carter becomes a cause célèbre. Star power to the rescue? #HurricaneTapes
Feb 10, 2019
29 min
Ep5. Chipmunk
Secret recordings, recantations and Kojak. How a Chipmunk paved the path to freedom. #HurricaneTapes
Feb 3, 2019
27 min
Ep4. Bullets, Bello and Bradley
Conspiracies, contradictions and convictions. The first trial of Rubin Carter and John Artis. #HurricaneTapes
Jan 27, 2019
36 min
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