The GaryVee Audio Experience
The GaryVee Audio Experience
Gary Vaynerchuk
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Gary is a happy human
Karen Curry Parker says that gratitude is simply focus with Heart. Gary emulates this in everything does. He inspires me to help others be happy, healthy, and abundant. Thank you Gary for showing the world how happy and abundant we can be!
Gary the goat
Gary you are the man! Both of my parents at immigrants and I love the fresh perspective you bring to young and young at heart Americans! Keep it up and can’t wait to see you own the Jets one day! God bless
Doctor Thoma$
Whenever I need a perspective shift, I come listen to Gary’s podcast. I challenge anyone to listen and not feel energized.
I needed to hear this podcast today.
I’m 22 years now, and I didn’t realize how much time I have until you told me. I work three jobs and you say to take it easy, well I want to only work harder, so how do I go about making it easier but challenging simultaneously?
Pleasantly surprised
I’ve followed Gary for many years and decided to give the podcast a try. I then saw that he puts out daily episodes and it deflated me because I don’t have that kind of time. But in true Gary V fashion, these are short and sweet episodes. Worth the couple minutes to listen each day.
Brandon M21
I’d like to start with a small bit of criticism, Gary is always very good at handling criticism, and also good at doling it out. As such, I wonder why I keep only hearing shoutouts to five star reviews. That being said, I couldn’t give Gary anything less than a five star review. Gary is amazing and even when he’s critical he makes you walk away knowing it’s ok to follow your heart, make mistakes, and be yourself. Love you Gary, keep helping people find REAL happiness. PS Dustin is awesome and it’s not just because of his name :-) -Dustin Gustoff
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Got me on track to follow my wrestling dreams
Yo. Gary’s really out here helping me do it. Talking about investing in yourself when you can afford to go to zero pushed me. Now I have a chance to wrestle in front of big tv wrestling scouts. All thanks goes to God and Gary 💪🏼
Build a better world - cussing and all
The show builds up my businesswoman self by demanding the kindness and empathy I desire out of business, values that are absolutely in my day-to-day work with preschoolers. The way Gary and the hosts work in circular thought and thus resolve the cognitive dissonance for us lucky listeners is a refreshing source of hope
Best Content in the Game
Gary is the undisputed king of valuable content in this day and age. There is literally nobody who brings more vital life and businesses lessons to the masses consistently than Gary V. Humility, EQ, patience, gratitude, hard work, focusing on the process - not the end result, empathy, etc etc. These are tangible values that can ACTUALLY benefit society dramatically. This is a must-listen podcast.
Absolutely Love This podcast!
I absolutely love this podcast! It’s how i start my day. This podcast has also helped me gain more confidence and I’m going to start selling products on my own as a side hustle. This podcast has made me think deeper than i normally would. Thank you so much for your help!
Sexy Beast 25 69 25
My morning go to
The GaryVee Audio experience is my morning inspiration go to, along with my coffee. These quick 15 mins or so talks, gets me going for the day, keeps me motivated, and inspires my new ideas and inventions. Thank you for having these talks.
No nonsense
This is a no nonsense podcast. Every word and every sentence is articulated in a way to touch the heart and brain cells. Gary keep pumping out content
Just Grind
I have been listening to this podcast every night while working the graveyard shift at Wal-Mart. Between the first episode of Props and Drops and this podcast, I have found unparalleled insight on many great topics. Thanks for keeping me going Gary and guests!
Inspiring and insightful
Gary V has brought value to yet another platform. This conversational podcast is straight-forward, blunt yet inspiring, and all-encompassing. There’s not a topic (or word) Gary won’t touch. I am eager to hear his knowledge and insight. This podcast always starts, or ends, my day on a great note. Much love Gary!
Jen Schaef
I listen to this every morning on my way to work and it is phenomenal!! So much info to take in and process. Also motivation to the max! Excited waking up everyday to listen to this! Thank you Gary. Also, props and drops is awesome!
My Daily Motivation
My habits are changing thanks to Gary! I sleep when needed. I give my 100% into my business daily. I exercise while listening to you and plan my day. I am way more proactive and understand that not everyone will approve of me and that’s ok😊 thanks Gary!
Royal Opinions
The best show ever
Ready to get pumped up. Great personal development for a daily dose of motivation! Thank you!
Jessica Trizuto
Thank you gary
Ive been so hard on myself lately and hearing you tell 25 year olds that they have time and that they are young really makes me realize how much time i have but i need to still grind but be less hard on myself about content creation. thanks so much again ❤️
Boy Was I Wrong
I remember a few years ago, I watched 3 seconds of a video on Facebook and quickly kept scrolling after thinking to myself, here’s another narcissistic, “want to be” entrepreneur, scam artist, selling “the secret to success, just like everybody else. Fast forward a few years, I find myself searching for “the secrets of success” and I continually come across GaryVee but, brush it off. I accidentally listened to one of his podcasts a few months ago and I caught myself hooked. Hooked to the brink of addiction. He isn’t selling “the secrets to success”. He’s selling the mindset one needs to have, in addition to sharing ideas from his personal experience, which has obviously done him right. Overall, he’s giving you the concrete mix and leaving it up to you build the foundation with it. The best part is, he does it without caring what anyone else is going to think about it or him. Everyone and anyone can benefit from something in every single episode!
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Powerful and true. Thanks for reminding us that theirs a fine line between helping and hurting.
Love it
Love the message! I like the short podcast! Right to the point Keep going bro! Helping me get my day started
Always Speaks to Me When I Need Him!
Just listened to today’s episode (6/23/21) and somehow Gary’s wisdom and experience bombs hit me just when I need them the most. As a fellow creative entrepreneur (traditional artist and designer) who is trying to turn a side hustle into a full-time gig, today’s mini-episode and advice from Gary really hit home. Just create. Do all the things. You have time. Do not limit yourself to one lane…. I cannot tell you how much I needed to hear this today and how grateful I am for the mindset adjustment. Giving up on what you’re passionate about is not an option for those of us with creative pursuits and big, colorful dreams. Came here to leave this review because Gary’s messages and guidance consistently seem to find me when I need it the most. On the dark days where I feel discouraged or depressed, he’s always there with tangible advice that can be turned into digestible action items. Thank you, Gary. You’ve brightened my outlook more than once and I am so appreciative that you share your knowledge and experience with the world. Much love!
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Prepare to have your favorite podcast RUINED
Occasionally I try to listen to another podcast, and I go back to Gary within minutes. Gary is so user-focused that there is absolutely zero of the fluff that plagues other podcasts. All killer; no filler. Been listening every day for two years and not stopping any time soon.
Guitars Ruin Lives- Josh
Always a great listen
I’ve been listening to and following Gary for years. No matter if I am listening every day or popping in randomly, there is always something to listen and learn from. Regardless of where you are at in life you will find value in every podcast.
Thank you!
Thank you for guiding me to discord Gary! Love the content, have followed you for awhile. However, I have to admit I wasn’t very active on your socials or podcast. Love seeing the raw emotion and passion you have for this Vee Friends project. It’s the reason I’m listening to this podcast and it’s the reason as a holder I’m looking forward to see where you take this!
Coach GaryVee
Gary you have inspired me through the last couple of years how to shut out the noise & love the game more then what it gives me. You being yourself & giving out your best to others is what makes you so uniquely inspiring & successful. The world would not be the same with out you! ~Jazmin
Every episode is FIRE 🔥
I’ve never been let down by not even one episode! Gary delivers knowledge, wisdom, and gratitude in every podcast. I’ve been a listener of his content for years now and share it with everyone I can! His knowledge is not just for business but also for peoples personal lives and those striving to crush any goal!
I loved the episode about the Ski Instructor
I wish you could talk more about the story you told about “Why not celebrate normal happy people like a Ski Instructor doing what they love - but not making huge money.” I am wore out with almost everyone I know in the world over valuing and respecting people with mini mansions and granite counter tops. Great story you mentioned about the Ski Instructor!🙌🏻⭐️
Actionable Content Everytime
The one thing you can bank on with every podcast release? Actionable knowledge and ultimate motivation. And even better, it comes from his transparency and authenticity. Gary Vee is above all other leaders in this space because it isn’t sugar coated, and it isn’t necessarily for us. It’s his motivation, his drive, his knowledge and passion vocalized out loud and captured for us to learn from. Keep it coming!
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You’re pushing the boundaries of wisdom
Gary, the way you are able to take “in the moment words of wisdom” and use this platform to make it feel as close to an in person experience is truly incredible. It feels like we are living in a bizarre moment in time, where the recorded medium is a strange barrier to truly understanding somebody’s presence and power. It’s like the difference of seeing Tom Cruise in movies your whole life, and then seeing him in person and realizing he’s a little guy! That in person experience really connects the pieces. I really appreciate you doing all that you can to close that barrier and it feels as though I am with you and learning from your masterful experience of life. Thank you.
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Logan Grime L-Town
Must listen
Whether Gary is talking about business, life, any topic. He always finds a way to relate to you and bring value regardless of the subject. Every episode leaves me with a new perspective and a fresh look on my “problems”. Take a listen, you won’t regret it.
Gage Nyman
Daily Routine
I listen to this podcast at the end of my work day when I’m on nights and at the start when I work day shift. Being in the military makes having a schedule or routine hard however I always gone this podcast to be a great motivator for the start of my day or a nice mind jog for the end of my day. Thanks Gary
Worth your time
I’ve been following Gary vee for several years now. I always walk away feeling like I have gained some thing. I’ve never once walked away feeling like I’ve lost time and can never get it back. This podcast is a huge blessing. He not only teaches you how to build a solid foundation for a long lasting business. But he can also see the trends of what is actually happening now. He’s relevant. And, he teaches you how to be relevant as well. That is, if you’re willing to listen to it his advice. he’s the reason I got on TikTok. And now I’m getting more attention than I’ve ever gotten in my life. A lot of people give advice on either marketing, business, or how to get views. Gary V does a combination of all of them, all while telling you the most important thing is your happiness. Not what anybody else says, especially not the gurus. His podcast is definitely worth your time. Because you will gain knowledge for your business, and walk away encouraged.
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I don’t listen often but when I do it’s always a good episode. My views have changed over the years. But Gary and his team are really good at refreshing content to bring different perspective.
Great source of Real information and topics going on!!
Thank you for the Hot topics and Daily bits of information! This podcast covers such a great spectrum of topics to get you ready for any day your facing. Facts, crypto, nft, crypto wallet, vantage points, art, sports, collectibles and bits of information you frankly NEED TO KNOW! Each day seems to have some information I didn’t know I needed. 400 Trillion to one #hardwork #patience #thankyougaryvee
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Love the positivity abs assertiveness
Love this guy! He’s so positive and straight forward. “The world is abundant!” Can’t hear him say that enough 🙌🏼
More than just motivation
This Podcast is more than motivation. It is spiritually engaging, it forces me to look at parts of myself that I’m finally ready to navigate and improve even when I don’t think I am. Gary’s leadership, transparency, and heart keep me grounded while on my mountain walks. SOOOO full of gratitude for this man!
The fuel to your morning...
This podcast is a must for any entrepreneur or marketer looking for inspiration, education and overall entertainment. Gary is genuine and practices what he preaches/ leads by example. I have been listening for 5 years so this review is long overdue. This podcast has made a huge impact on my career and overall perspective on life... accountability and happiness are strongly correlated. Once you realize this to be true, it’s a game changer!
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Kyle E Anderson
Air, Water, Food & This Podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years and honestly it is an essential tool in my life’s toolbox. Do you want to be a better parent? Listen. Starting a business? Listen. Want to grow your business? Listen. No filter, sensible, and honest dialogue that is unmatched. 👍
Ever since I started reading Gary’s books and consuming his content one thing has become clear... this guy loves what he does and knows what he’s talking about. Any college kid aspiring to build a social media presence or build a business has to listen
michael hage
Thank you GaryVee
I have been a huge fan of all things GaryVee for many years (general GaryVee content, empathy wine, and as of more recent Vaynersports and VeeFriends). I am a female trained Muay Thai fighter interested in starting conversations around the current/future state of Muay Thai/ MMA Combat sports as I believe the market for Combat sports is about to explode in the way of NFTs, Vaynersports, Various fighting leagues , trading cards , throwback gear in fashion , flip life ect. I do not fight professionally and have struggled with how to start this larger conversation on all of this , however after listening to this episode today I am inspired by the thoughtful content of the episode leaving me with the why behind and basic hows on starting this larger conversation by way of podcast. As always the GaryVee podcast delivers thoughtful, empathetic and concise information straight from the man himself! I appreciate you GaryVee!
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Hey Gary, I just started listening to your pod. But, I watched your 2 hour video on collecting cards and loved it. I appreciate your message to inspire people to do what they want to do and find their own paths. I started my own podcast and look forward to starting a YouTube collecting basketball football, and dragon ball super cards. Thanks Gary
Consumer Centric to a scary degree 🥰
I started doing daily live videos last month. Quickly the audience was asking about a podcast version so they could multitask. Today I FINALLY decided to handle it. As I’m researching, I check Gary’s podcast and BOOM - today’s episode is “why you should start a podcast before doing anything else on social” - it’s like he knew. ☺️
Jeremy C. Hohn
Gary Vee Showed Me
Gary Vee showed me!! Always Gold! Hi! I’m 63 and in Tech since 17. I Beta Tested the Internet for MCI and remember Gary well. I’ve shopped Wine Library too! Ive been listening since this Podcast started. I said “Who’s that kid! Empathy, Kindness, Love. I’m all about that and Gary Vaynerchuk. This NFT is the merging of everything in my life. Gary’s Podcast is the Greatest of All Time.
Taurus Star
Thank you Garyvee this Kenneth Johnson I am currently apart of VeeFriends. Thanks for educating the world. Blessings!
Never Fails
I’ve been listening to Gary for years and am constantly revisiting his content across all platforms. The way he combines business advice with basic humility and kindness is amazing. He’s made me feel better about so many aspects of business and life in general. Would very highly recommend!
Gary Spews Knowledge!!
I’m finally getting around to reviewing Gary’s Podcast. It is magical to listen to and provides the perfect level of insight around everything that is going on in the business world. He is profound in his message and delivers with enviable passion and conviction. You will not be disappointed EVER by listening to Gary! Just subscribe now and make him a part of your daily routine. It will leave you with a smile on your face and lots of positive thoughts in your head.
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Fire pod
Gary’s a genius when it comes to relaying a message in a receptive way. Every episode leaves me pumped about the future with his conviction and passion for relaying the positive impact that can ensue from the growth of ‘web 3.0’.
Listening to Future Jets Owner every day!
Waking up and having the luxury to listen to such a bright mind with ease make the thought of life without a job and restrictions not only possible but my duty to achieve! Thanks you for being a person that shares his wealth of knowledge for the betterment of his people! Kevin htxhooligans
I’ve listened to 500+ hours of Gary V. And he’s politely asked me to leave him a review 500+ times. Finally, I’m doing it. I’m a 50 year old lawyer who loves listening to his wisdom: Gratitude. Provide value. Love the process. Honesty. Patience. He inspires me every morning. I sometimes imagine asking him a question… but because I’ve listened carefully for so long, I already know what he would say. I listen while running on a treadmill and I always have a new idea by the end of the run. When I want to be extra entrepreneurial, I put on his shoes. Thanks, Gary.
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Charlie Harvey R
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