The GaryVee Audio Experience
The GaryVee Audio Experience
Gary Vaynerchuk
Welcome to The Garyvee Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. On this podcast you'll find a mix of my #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from my WEEKLYVEE video series, interviews and fireside chats I've given, as well as new and current thoughts I record originally for this audio experience!
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Love it
Love the message! I like the short podcast! Right to the point Keep going bro! Helping me get my day started
Authentic Practical Advice
I love the practicality and humility that comes with Gary and the team’s podcast. Their ability to answer questions and SERVE the community from a very humble place is extremely powerful and practical for the community — including me, thanks for your big heart and passion Gary — you can literally hear it through the headphones. Highly recommend!
Lots of actionable information once you get past the noise
I think Gary is a very positive and practical business guy and I’ve followed him since 2011. The podcast has great information but the interviews are painful because Gary’s getting in his reps not being the center of his content. He interrupts guests a lot to interject himself. I hope he improves in that area because he has had a lot of great guests on lately.
Give it a chance
If your first thought is “man this guy interrupts too much he’s so self centered”, please please please reconsider. Garys intent is always to give value to the audience and through that he might interject, pivot and direct the interaction towards whatever he feels might resonate best in that moment, but it’s all for the greater good always. Intent is the game and if it feels like this isn’t the usual back and forth casual conversational podcast, it’s cause it’s not. It’s much much better. love u g
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Action Oriented
It's simple: Listen + Apply = Improved Outcomes. Take even a shred of the content and put it into action. You will see a difference. You may not always like the style, the words, the delivery, etc --> but you will gain an advantage by trying what's suggested in this podcast.
Always delivering
Very helpful tactical details and insightful guests, always providing tremendous value. Thanks GV! Appreciate you much <3
Love you Brother! Couldn’t have done it with out you.
Self Centered
Stop interrupting your guest and inserting brags about yourself. So rude! Let them speak.
Jos the stylist
Great Show
I really enjoyed the latest episode ‘Being a True Entrepreneur’. Love the honesty and insights!
Laurence Colletti
To the point!
Just started listening. I appreciate the transparency! No beating around the bush. I like how listening makes me feel like I’m just having a conversation with regular people. No status.
Joey Butorac
Gary is obviously a blessing. Wish super heroes were real? Well, listen to Gary enough you’ll realize his true intent. Only the real ones will be able to see it. All Glory to God❤️
The BEST period
Gary delivers one thing better than anyone else, and that’s the truth. No gimmicks, just value for his listeners over a wide variety of topics like business, mindset, and making happiness your priority. He has led by example for years and posts consistent content that any wantrepreneur or mogul can benefit from and easily put into action. He and this podcast are the BEST.
i Enjoy Gary’s Perspective....
Definitely a Fountain of Knowledge. Will keep listening.
He gives good advice
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Love it!
I so appreciate Gary’s perspective— fresh and cool! And very real!
My favorite business podcast
I listen to Gary’s podcast everyday and I really learn a lot from him about business, work ethics, and mindset. As a young millennial, I am still learning and trying to figure out the business world. And Gary has taught me a lot through this contents. Thank you Gary!
M.Y 86
I’ve Been Away
With all the options of podcast to listen to I have navigated to various podcast to listen and learn. Now I return back to Garyvee Audio Experience on a specific episode that caught my eye 👁 . 9/3/2020 An episode about turning your adversity as a guiding light to success. Couldn’t have come at a better time day after my bday I am at a standstill from hitting a brick wall of adversity. Working on bouncing back and continue to move forward. Thank you for your unfiltered truth GaryVee🙏🏽 . Free knowledge you can extract while you multitask is what this podcast provides. Listen then execute . JTChep
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Da Goolden ROOSTAH
Best podcast to grow your knowledge
i’m 16 and i listen to your podcasts daily, and expand my knowledge about business thank u so much!
So much value
As with everything Gary Vee does, this podcast provides so much value and actionable advice.
One of the greatest mentors
GaryVee has given me a push in the right direction to getting in a better head space so that I can move forward after taking a step back. From my approach on how I view shortcomings to sports cards. Thanks dude🤘🏼
Karl Wyatt
Hey Gary V, I am commenting to get your thoughts on the future of NeroLink. Not the first model where it helps brain function, mental disorders, and your nerv functions. The model where it connects your brain to the the computer and Internet. Where the input of data will be instant from brain to computer. Instead of brain to finger to screen to computer. The VR that you say is not here yet. The shift that I think is going to be as big as the Internet. The final era of organic humans, to cyborgs. Just curious on your thoughts of the upcoming technology that might not even be available in your lifetime. But will definitely be prevalent in gen Z and millennials. Thanks.
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Daniel Fandler
Love the content but can we fix Gary’s audio??
I’ve been listening to his content for a while now a and have always found value through the content and topics. The large amount of versatility and direction on this podcast gives me options daily because i’m not always into marketing & self awareness. One thing I thought about is that why do I always feel like Gary’s talking on the phone or a screen without a mic ? Sure it’s not needed but he speaks knowledge and having that close feel is definitely a great experience. Let alone the episode i’m listening to, his guest has a mic but not him ? Thanks for everything !
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“Why I’m Bullish on E-Sports”
I don’t usually write reviews, but I’ve chosen to today because Gary’s recent episode is likely going to be the reason I end up in an E-Sports career. I’ve been unemployed for months after graduating college, and have lacked direction and guidance, partly because I moved from CA to OH away from all my family and peers at the beginning of the pandemic. Gary is an inspirational leader to people like me, a 22-yr old mixed race guy, who believes we can truly make a positive change in this world if we believe in Happiness above all else. If I’m lucky enough to achieve some success in life and business, I will thank Gary for helping me see through the fog that these past number of months have created. If my story sounds like yours, I highly recommend this podcast. -@Chupwn
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kindness is not easy
good episode with Guy raz👏🏼 You are correct education is key for everyone! how do you feel about the trafficking of children or teens? is it safe out there....🤔
Much Love
Love the podcast, love you Gary keep going!👍
Hunter Vickers
Unbelievably Obnoxious
Okay are you kidding. Gary is rude and uncontrollably self centered I can not stand listening to him insert his own brags into interviews with the people I am actually here to learn about and listen to. Would never recommend.
Real Resilience Ep
I looooved the last Real Resilience ep! From Gary’s inspirational stories of how he made it to the geo political review and, most importantly, his realistic outlook of the World we are living in today and how to stay optimistic amidst it all. We all lack this, so to say, realistic positivity right now, where we can’t see that the bad times are always followed by the good ones. And I think that proves what I love about Gary so much - he is a natural entrepreneur, being able to see the global picture before anything else, know that you WILL have your share of crap before you succeed and not letting it stop you to always move forward .Thanks, Gary!
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Blue chip Podcast
Add this to the S&P 500 before Tesla
This man is amazing
I am a kid that has some friends and I also have a huge goal. Hearing what Gary did and how much of an encouragement he is gets me through my day. If u have any problems all u have to do is listen to this man. I do it berries bed and when I wake up. And let me tell u I feel amazing at both times. I highly recommend this to anyone. Just remember the swearing
Following since 2013
Gary Vee is the my man!!!!! @Angelica Gossett
angelica gossett
My Leader.
Big G is my Leader in life .
The Immediate application
There is so much value in what Gary says, because he is speaking in the now what to do NOW. I have started a clothing brand and it is so nice getting advice on what my next move should be thank you Gary!
Carlos Silva @khuspclothing
Gary Vee Is My B-School!!!!
Listening to Gary Vee has been pivotal in giving me the motivation and knowledge to grow my business flipping home goods on social. I went from 1-2k to over 5K in sales last month and I’m having so much fun! I’m so glad I didn’t spend all that money and time to go to b-school because listening to this podcast and learning from experience has been everything!! Thanks Gary!!!!!
Fa P.
Thank you
Appreciate you view in life and positive attitude each day
Connor Sexson
The best
Gary proves himself time and time again as a mentor in all aspects of personal success for the future generations
geaux therapy
Very worth while and helpful
All I can say is listen to a few episodes then decide whether you want to keep watching. If your choice is no, you’re giving up a big opportunity to learn free knowledge from a master entrepreneur and if your answer is yes, your mind will be expanded by listening and studying what Gary says. This podcast has really helped/changed me and my entrepreneurial mindset. Thank you Gary
Best way to start the day
I have enjoyed listening to this podcast everyday for the last year. It’s such a great way to stay motivated and hungry while keeping perspective on what is important in life. Thank you for doing what you do!
Everything You Need
Gary Vee continuously provides moments of inspiration that only he can. Through honest candor Gary makes you question your moves and motives in the most powerful way...usually with a verbal swift kick in the ass! Whether it’s about business or self-improvement or parental relationships, everyone has something to gain by listening to Gary.
Awesome !!
Love your motivation!!
Keep keeping it 100%
You know another platform and buying and selling and flipping is video game cartridges. A new video game rating company is “Wata”? It is going to be as hard as Pokémon and sports cards!
Listening while I find clients...
Listening to The GaryVee Audio Experience while I grind away at finding new clients... it puts me in a totally different frame of mind! I feel like it helps me not focus on the money but on the experience and relationships I want.
Leasha LaBruzzi
Loved this interview w/ the GOAT ARod
Awesome interview!
Start Walking
Excellent advice
The best!
If you want to be happier and more motivated, listen to this. Gary is super real and has tons of wisdom to give. Love this podcast.
Thank you Gary ! Your energy is contagious, and thank you for being there for us ! Thank you again ! Much Love
Quality 007
Gary has helped me change perspective on how I live my life. It is all for the better!
The Coush
Consistant and Mind Changing
Gary is consistant in his message which helps in driving home the message. There are some podcast episodes that I listen to over and over again to help me pick up on all the gems. Thank you Gary.
David Housewright
Amazing and so real ❤️
Thank you Gary ❤️
Jess de Mamita Emprendedora
Gary triggers your brain constantly. He’s got me always questioning my results, reasons, motivation, the whys and most importantly how do I bring value to my world. love his lessons & relatability. i’m a better Leader, business man, entrepreneur and a Better Dad! Thats huge! share with people you care about Thanks Gary
Panini Pete
All day Every day!
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