The GaryVee Audio Experience
The GaryVee Audio Experience
Gary Vaynerchuk
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Very enlightening, powerful content
The content mentioned in this podcast is simply phenomenal. It has helped me become even more motivated to start my business and not be afraid to fail. Thank you Gary Vee for the amazing content!
I Can’t Tolerate Your Language
It’s unfortunate I have to unfollow you because your language is so ridiculously vulgar. I imagine you have great content, but it’s clearly not targeted to anyone who is struck hard by the F-bomb all over the place—so unnecessary.
You keep me motivated
You taught me to be bold like trying to get my new invention “FXBellz fitness equipment” at to get mentioned on The Gary V show. Love you Mark Larm
Comander Mark
Honest and inspiring
I always enjoy Gary’s talks. His raw, sometimes gut punch, honest advice is inspiring. I believe this is what many need in our lives. A daily Reality check. Gary offers that insight that is real and practical. In my 62 years I’m still learning, a lot. I’m a reborn sponge. I’m proud to be still learning from Gary. Yes, I’ve purchased my first NFT.
Hey it’s MissT
Man Gary, I been listening to you since 2014 and launching my podcast on anchor 4 years ago has been an amazing experience! DailyT With MissT is everything to me now! Love ya Unc!
Tahirah Williams
Always listening
Gary taught be hard work actually can pay off. Started working harder than I’ve ever been and it put me in a position to mint 6 VeeFriends. They’ve since 20xed in value and I’m very happy about that and still holding the bag becuase I see the long term vision. Thanks for teaching me that with hard work and vision you can get ahead in life.
I like trains
I like trains
Gary V is the man.
I’ve been a big fan of Gary V for a few years now. Probably the best advice I got is that you’re still young. I’m 24 have had a few businesses that have not worked out. The most important thing that I learned Is that as long as you keep learning from your mistakes and moving forward then it will work.
Peter College student
This Podcast Will Make Your Heart Smile
Each episode I listen to feels as if I’m in an exclusive conversion that uncovers the best “well kept secrets” on business, marketing, and how to create a happier life for yourself. Thank you Gary for the endless amount of value that’s put into The GaryVee Audio Experience.
I believed in veefriends and regret not believing in myself at the time. Thanks for always being you!
high source
Changed my life
Besides hearing your podcast every day which is the best btw! I just wanna say Ever since I read your book crushing it I started making comedy videos again since I stopped during the vine days. Ever since then I’m making a lot of people laugh and I also started collecting nft collectibles and started making moves financially. But most importantly I’ve never been so happy like this. I love you bro
Much received much given …
Thank you for keeping my mind out of the narrow zone ! Listening to your podcast always challenge me to be more of my authentic self. As I listen I catch myself smiling and shaking my head because how amazing you are . Thanks for your humility . Jasmine Springwater.
Gary Showed Me How
Thanks to Gary Vee I put a couple grand in my pocket and continue to find inspiration through his podcast. Thanks Gary!
Utmost respect to you Gary. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️
Gary, I absolutely appreciate your courage. You remind me of my younger self when I started my mortgage company at 23, and the type of mortgage product I was preaching about. On the surface it seems scary, as if you’re setting people up to fail. However looking below the surface, you’re providing something that supports and sustains both the Digital, NFT, Bitcoin market. Along with the worlds traditional currency. If “people” as individuals aren’t able to build wealth for themselves and their families. How are they able to contribute back to society. Essentially supporting corporate America, including the international market itself. I grew up a certain way. With a different walk, talk, look, etc. At a certain point I started feeling embarrassed. Hearing you speaking my “language” allowed me to become comfortable in my skin again. P. S. I can’t wait to breakdown the concept I was preaching to people, prior to the real estate/ mortgage meltdown in 2008/09. P. S. S. Don’t misunderstand the 4/5 stars I gave you. To me, I believe perfection is not only unattainable. However it’s stale, boring, essentially your story is over. You are put back up on the shelf and forgotten about. Imperfection on the other hand. Is forever evolving, interesting, with character. Most importantly it provides us with an opportunity to continue and improve, on ourselves. With utmost respect, humbleness, and so much humility- it’s respectful. Fraternally, - Ronnie Yantani
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Love Gary And who he is through and through. He provides so much value to Everyone around him! I always listen to Gary when I need an energy boost or to hear about how to add value to other people on my own life! Blessed to be apart of his community.
Real information
I like listening to Gary and his views. He seems authentic and believe what he says. No angles here. Just wants to help others succeed.
Gary Vee is the best.
Howie Frezno
My Euphoria Moments!
I could write about how much value this podcast has given me on my morning commutes to work each day and how much clarity Gary has brought because it’s all true, but the biggest takeaway has to be the euphoria I get as a person when I’m demotivated or just not feeling myself and Gary speaks on kindness, perspective, empathy, compassion, etc. It truly brings me out of that funk and back to when you were a child and the most simple thing made you happy, is the feeling I get when I’m listening. Thank you for your knowledge, bravado, hard truth, but most importantly your voice. Right or wrong Gary changes lives! Much love ❤️
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Somehow always what I need to hear
Gary is consistent; his content is always applicable; and his delivery is 100% unique and unrepeatable. I started listening to absorb his experience for my business and somehow each episode is exactly what I need to hear. Appreciate you Gary and your whole team brother.
Turns Out Gary Is A Visionary
25 years from today, people will acknowledge that Gary V is the Walt Disney/Steve Jobs/Jeff Bezos of community brand equity creation. I was in the commercial radio broadcasting biz for 30 years, jumped into digital marketing in 1996, and have been watching Gary’s career arc since Wine Library became a thing. At first I thought Gary was an infomercial pitchman, (no dis - I have mad respect for Billy Mays and Ron Popeil) but as I have followed the long tail on his career, I see the truth. He has done nothing but build goodwill, as he tirelessly gave away for LESS THAN FREE (meaning it COST HIM in the short run) the knowledge, wisdom, and experience he has amassed. He constantly ignored the many oportunities to do “quick cash grabs” from his community. And as his personal brand equity soars today, he’s only just now entering what I believe will be his “Golden Era” - in the blockchain/digital currency space. He’s finanlly found a way to PAY HIS AUDIENCE for listening to him and learning from him. I’m excited to see where this is all going, as he builds out his NFT’s and drags us all into the future - and the tokenization of culture.
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Ray Edwards
A must listen to
If you’re in the marketing space this is a must listen to. So much valuable information in each episode
Typical value
Gary is the man. Typical value provided here. He’s been killing jt
Let your guests speak
Hey Man, Shut up more often. We know your life story, you yell it at us on every fourth podcast. If you’re bringing someone on just to interrupt them, what is the point? Have a great day
Authentic and valuable
I have been listening to GaryVee a handful of years now and I get value with everything he says and truly appreciate his no bull- delivery.
Amazing and life changing
Been listening to Gary for only three years but the variety of styles of podcasts is amazing. His books changed my business and life in such a huge way. Thank you Gary and Team Gary.
Brendan - EVOQ.BIKE
Find what you’re good at & DOUBLE down on it
Hey Gary, great podcast today. Listening on the way home from work today I realized the ideas you’ve instilled in me over the years are the very reason I didn’t listen to my parents and stay on the college grind for a career that I did not want. I haven’t “made it” yet but you’ve given me the tools that have given me a chance to chase after the thing that I love the most, photography. I’ll forever be grateful for that. You taught me to choose happiness.
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Great content; Bad language
The profanity was borderline distracting.
Content is relevant for Moms trying to start a side hustle to the Billionaire investor
What I absolutely love about Gary’s podcast is that whatever he says is relevant to the masses. Even for someone like me, a mom trying to get a business started off the ground with nothing, he keeps me going and believing it can be done but also gives me real strategies on how to do it.
Very knowledgeable. Great podcast for any entrepreneur to get FREE game. Grateful. 💪🏾💯
Amazing podcast Gary tells the truth that you need to hear and doesn’t hold anything back! Truly a life changing podcast well worth your time.
Nft Restaurant
I GUARANTEE YOU THAT HE CREATED THE EVERYTHING BAGEL!! #BagelGate @garyvee @12andahalfbook @veefriends anyways Loved the episode It makes me happy to see you put love in everything you do.
Always reignites my hunger and hustle
Any time I’m feeling weird or sluggish I listen to the latest episode of the Gary Vee Audio experience. It always snaps me back to reality with his honest and blunt advice. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks, Gary!
Why Gary Vee Audio?
Come on! How can you not love it? Yes, I’m a follower and student of Gary Vee. All platforms and ALL opportunities to listen to his stream of influence. His podcast rocks and brings together all his thoughts and observations together in one capsule. It’s a daily for me and pushed my interest in audio. Can’t wait for the book to come out in November. Thank you Gary Vee T Tapscott
J i g s i s
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
Love this podcast!!!!
This podcast is amazing!! The content is game changing and helps me grow 1% better daily. Thank you Gary
Tabari TAW Sports
Every episode is inspiring!
Every episode title catches my eye, and makes me want to listen. Gary vee has a great way of inspiring new ideas within myself, and to get my head looking at life in a different way. Get your daily dose of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration…you won’t be disappointed!
New listener
I am a new listener to the show (couple months now) but, hearing Gary’s passion and advice give me the encouragement to keep building my business. I am the lead smith and owner of a knife making company and although we are hindered from advertising due to the nature of my products I can hear gary in the back of my mind and that is “who cares if you can’t advertise! hustle and have a positive mindset!” Thanks gary!
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Unapologetically Real
There is nothing better than someone who is so secure in who they are that they can let their walls down and be unapologetically real. Gary creates some of the best guests that allow listeners to stretch their mindset and grow in areas never before thought of. Thanks for all that you do Gary and team keep up the great work!!
Radical candor, direct feedback are strategies to provide profound value. Grounded in our own self-awareness. Great episode. If we don’t start the “Self-Awareness Institute”, this episode will serve us well.
Episode: why i am obsessed with being the underdog
I thought that this episode of the podcast really was interesting & relatable to me. As someone who switched their major from premed to business healthcare, I feel as if I’m the underdog since I’m sort of starting over with my degree. But this episode helped me see Julia Haart’s experience in business/modeling industry and how she got to be where she is today. Even though she came from nothing, as long as you work hard, you can achieve what you want. this helped me become more motivated to stop complaining and to really put forth the work even if it’s difficult/ are the underdog.
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The New 62 min episode!
If you don’t know GaryVee or listen to this podcast, this New York legend is a must listen! I Have been a fan of Gary for years, he constantly predicts trends and future culture changes. In this episode he does it again, predicting so much post COVID real life experiences from 2018. College debt, Amazon sales, flipping, crypto, and internet marketing. Thanks Gary, Keep “Crushing” it!
Richard M Bassett
Great podcast as usual - Gary mentions he does not practice meditation.... I would disagree as your mental state comes from your ability 2 listen/observe/ speak with your higher self... key components in running successful Businesses as he does.... Gary is a king at meditation- so focused that he is unaware that he’s doing so throughout the day ... keep it UP
ace acee
Sound quality varies.
Great content but sound quality can be improved.
Deeply inspiring and shifting
Today’s episode with Julia Haart hit me harder than most. Also a mother, hearing how the questions her daughter asked reignited her desire for more/different, and how the parallels with Gary’s way of being…I’m super fired up and feel like something shifted. Always love the content, today just really connected in a new way. 💖
I am amazed at how authentic Gary is, it makes me want to be a better person. To live authentically is an extremely hard path, thanks for being an inspiration!
I know it’s part of the GaryVee brand but in my opinion it is the best part of the brand. He doesn’t pander to the masses to promote himself and I love that. He gives his honest opinion and tells you if you have a terrible idea. He encourages you to not be afraid of failure and continue to push until you succeed.
Love these podcasts because there’s so much value packed in just one sentence. It’s takes listening to another perspective to change the way you view your life and success
This man never misses
Gary is always on point!
Cw Bodie
Greatness isn’t spelled without the G from Gary!
His words are so powerful and sends vibrations throughout the world. I’ve prayed to have Gary as my mentor and life coach or to co-sign my endeavors or have me on the show, and can’t wait to see it come to pas. I know he sees me, because of what he posts. He’s leaving me little breadcrumbs to help me get out of my own way, and I can’t wait to show the world all of j my t content and how true Gary is when he talks about manifesting works. Make sure you have on your notifications for him, on whatever platform, and I bet you when your stuck or don’t feel motivated he posts something that will move you to act somehow. I promise you, go and do it and you will see what im talking about. Our futures are aligning Gary, you and I know this. I can’t wait to tell the world and show how the universe prepared this and at first I wasn’t aware, but I am now. It’s gonna double both of our followings. - Justin Dinks. ✌🏾
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Life changing
I started listening to this podcast and really opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Listening to Gary is like he’s directly speaking to me and telling me to wake up and change my life I’d love to meet him one day as he’s definitely given me a new perspective on life.
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