The GaryVee Audio Experience
The GaryVee Audio Experience
Gary Vaynerchuk
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Gary Vee is The G,O.A,T.
I always find motivation when GV speaks!!
The Pond Digger
Contradicts his own message with potty mouth
Gary V has a lot of good things to say, along the lines of taking personal responsibility, being humble, being magnanimous, being nice, being polite, but he himself can’t speak a paragraph without some vulgar four-letter word(s). Now I can cuss with the best of them, and do, with my buddies at the bar; but I don’t speak that way at work, in public speaking, to my family, or in mixed company, because it’s just rude, it’s unprofessional, and it’s offensive; —and that’s just not the way to be. Gary Vee needs to take some of his own be-nice, be humble, consider others, advice. In the meantime, 98% of Gary’s goodness is just the standard self-help formula, so if you want the positive message and good advice, without the poison, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding it.
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Stop Interrupting People
Of course the content is relevant and accurate, but the most infuriating thing about all Gary V content is that he interrupts every person he talks with. I don’t know if Gary has ever let anyone finish talking once in his life.
incredible, been listening for years now, listen every day when I go for a run. If you’re into business, tech, marketing, or entrepreneurship this is a must! I feel like I know Gary and I’ve never met him. Has been a very good influence in my life.
Great information and motivation
Wish there was a way to rate each podcast not just the channel
Gary Vee Show has helped me truly!
This podcast is like listening in on a the cool kid table and actually getting good advice from it! that may be bad analogy but this is awesome, love yall!
Amazing podcast!!
The GaryVee podcast is indescribable! It is amazing, full of helpful information and actionable tips/strategies.
GaryVee made me do it
I followed Gary’s advice and was able to grow my business to 7 figures in year one. Be sure to do what he is advising!
The Best Podcast Ever!
One of the best podcasts that changed my life. Made it to 7 figures and inspired by Gary!
Only Gary would provide this type of daily value & connection for free, this is invaluable. An absolute daily must for me, my daily dose of positivity & motivation from my virtual friend & mentor. Never thought I’d look forward to a non-football podcast over my beloved Notre Dame Fball podcasts, but it’s not even close. By far, the podcast I look forward to the most!
Finally! but its tooo late!
Love Gary! I listen to him daily because he reminds me to be on top of my social media game. When I hear him it reminds me to be in the right mindset!
I listen everyday woodworking
This podcast keeps me grounded in not only my business but my everyday life. I have such a better perspective on everyday obstacles and can better help people because of that. ❤️
Lawless Lumberworks
I don’t get it.
Gary has truly inspired me on my entrepreneurial adventures! Love listening to this podcast has the perfect twist of inspiration and humor! Keep doing what you do gary we love you!
Great advice
Love Gary and content, advice, tenacity,etc…. Great! Many of the things are actually Bible/Jesus Teaching and that’s AWESOME! Would just cut at least a little the bad words? My best wishes and thanks for everything!
Gary never fails to inspire me with his words. I love how he is so passionate about everything he talks about which gets the listeners motivated and inspired. After this podcast, I was absolutely hooked to learn more about Gary and what makes him so passionate about wanting to come out and share his stories. I really enjoyed this program and listening through audio!
Diana Salha
Gary nails it again
Love how people want to ask you what they think they need to know and you turn them inside out and get to the heart of the issue. Mark Larm Fxbellz
Comander Mark
Meat and potatoes
There’s always a message worth hearing in every episode and I appreciate his candor. If you struggle with the language and extreme style - listen between the language or around the style you’re hung up with so you can benefit from the meat and potatoes that he generously, consistently shares.
Joe Soto
I really enjoy your show, after listening to a few episodes I was totally hooked, it has great direction, it deals with very instructive and interesting topics. I really love this program!
Hands down one of the worst pieces of audio I’ve ever hit play on, endless rambling with absolutely zero substance on the matter. I’m upset I will never get the minutes of my life in which I spent listening to this garbage. Do yourself a favor, and don’t even press play.
Emotional intelligence and knowing yourself
I love Gary. His understanding of the brain and why we do things is ridiculous. I get a lot of perspective listening to Gary. I take something away from almost every podcast. He teaches how to look inside because that’s where we should be looking in the first place. Patience. Perspective. Happiness. That’s where it starts. Also the info coming from Gary on what’s happening NOW in our world culturally is amazing. Big supporter. Love you Gary.
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Belen Ladd
Unlimited learning opportunities
Been listening for years and Gary has been a huge influence for me and helped me progress in my pursuits. Always love hearing his takes on a multitude of areas!
He makes me want to get better with my videos on YouTube and toys to tell people to put their mindset to a grind.
The Value You Bring is Immeasurable
Long time listener so I apologize for being a first time reviewer. I was compelled to leave a review after listening to February 16th's episode. What you did for that young man, and countless of others that were listening and will listen for many years to come, was just one more example of your selflessness and your genuine, giving heart. You changed his life in 30 minutes Gary and want nothing more than to see him win. You are a blessing and we are all better for having crossed your path. Thanks Gary, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Keep on spreading your message because your reach extends beyond your wildest dreams.
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Traci Gerckens
So much value in each episode!
This is hands down one of the best podcasts available. There is no time waisted and full of value in each episode. Thank you Gary for all that you do.
Mario Its Me
Daily Listener! Ep. w/ James Andrew Miller
Thank you @garyvee#1565 for your discussion w/ James Andrew Millers! 1. A lack of expectation. 2. Trusting my intuition. ⬆️REALLY REALLY hit home for me! This podcast feeds your mind daily insights on a plethora of topics w/ SO MANY amazing guest! To put it simple…expect this podcast to almost ruin all of your other favorite podcast because of how excited you’ll become to listen each day! 👈🏼👀 to I am SO ENTHUSIASTIC about this podcast & each morning I use this bit of information to recharge 🔋👈🏼 GARY DELIEVERS 👌🏽 Thank you. 💙
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Always Crushes It
Gary’s book Crush It changed the trajectory of my career and I’m forever grateful! Thank you for continually crushing it and putting it all out there. I appreciate you Gary!
An original LURKER
Just realized I had starting wrote the paragraph below a ling time ago but never sent it. Today’s episode of the airplane project hit my eardrums today, my birthday, and was just so good in helping me as I reflect on another year around the sun. We get hit with so much everyday as we fight, claw, keep pushing with work-life balance. Thank you for being such a blessing to me. I’m ever more focused on giving, being a blessing to others, be more helpful, and just a good human being. Thank you so much brotha, so much gratitude! Gary Vee is part of my morning routine. Consuming his content feeds my hustle, work ethic, and motivational mindset just how the Bible feeds my spiritual needs. Been listening to Gary since the early Wine Library days. I used to work at a job that I hated and found boring so part of my morning routine was to download the podcast on my computer then upload it to my iPod so I can watch during work because it helped me get through the day. First episode I saw was the vintage Louis martini tasting. Been following through all the changes and growth and is truly inspiring to me because we like a lot of the same things like wrestling, basketball, and of course wine! And now even more so, the hard work it takes to achieve what I desire. I’m not where I want to be but I’m so grateful for the guidance that so often times is a godsend and exactly what I need to hear.. often times like when I would read the Bible! Love you Gary!
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Shifting my insomnia into self educating myself and taking all the knowledge your releasing into aiming for greatness in self. Thank you!
Life changing
Gary, I don’t know how to thank you! You have taught me how to men a true giver of time and authenticity, kindness and gratitude and how it all matters in business. Most importantly, thank you for being soo real and relatable 🙏 I am soo excited about 2022 because of all your inspiration
Best Podcast Ever!!
I love Gary and his podcasts!! I’ve been listening to him for years. He’s taught me so much about life, business and making money! He’s always one step ahead and a total hustler. He’s brought me so much value and I plan on holding my Veefriend for life. Sorry it took me so long to write a review. It deserved 5 stars years ago!!
Top Dog !!
This is the true definition of being real with who you are and winning
I disagree with you on so many things when it comes to social and political topics, but I will always have so much love for you no matter what. Keep being you You have changed so many lives including mine and continue to do so daily.
Told my mom I was right
My mon didn’t believe me that you can make money by selling stuff on eBay and on Facebook marketplace. I did it and I still do it, she doesn’t believe me still but I am doing it and I haven’t given up, I’ve had losses and have had challenges but I kept going and this podcast has helped me through it.
Thank you from! 💙
Posting this on #SmallBusinessSaturday, and I’m so thankful for Gary Vee, who lays out so much of his wisdom for free. Teachers like me in this entrepreneurial space with no business training really benefit from resources like him. Whether you're working on a side hustle or a full fledged business, his guidance is a pre-req to making your own impact. Tune in! ❤️
Can’t stop listening.
I am so inspired. He has awaken the drive in me. A mom of three that has spent the last 9 years giving to family, I am ready to now to lead my kids in a new way.
Keep it Vee
I just heard about Gary Vee last night and gave him a listen today. I wanted to scroll to the bottom and start from Ep. 1 but stopped at his August 4th episode, Quickest way to WIN in life. After listening it really got me thinking to say the least! Definitely worth the daily listen. B
Love the Variety
I recently tuned into this podcast because of NFTs. Gary is so genuine and down to earth. Love listening every day. Great podcast. Thank you Gary and your team!
Gary Bae
Love u daddy gare- bear😘😘😘😘😘😘u r a shining star
mrs gary v
An instgram Qand A
De Ze
I am so grateful for Gary , his ideas are so amazing and has helped a lot
Chairman 750
Aiding the “Different” Side of GaryVee
Episode “Where you’re Going Wrong with Your content”. If you wanted to see a Tough Love side of GaryVee, check out this episode. We often get ahead of ourselves, thinking we’re doing what we need to do and hesitating when uncomfortable ideas are suggested to us, but with someone who understands the market of consumers and wants us to take advantage of the sources that are making people “get there” regarding more exposure, Gary delivers bluntly and brutally direct that our “excuses” and “selfishness” will not open up new pathways, only prevent us from utilizing resources and content that consumers are using / looking for. For a desire for people to listen to his wisdom and get out of their “domes” of thinking, thank you GaryVee for the authentic approach and tackling us directly for our success!
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Thank you so much for your contents. Listening to your advice allows me to grow and be motivated. Love it!!!
Gary, I am just SO grateful that everyday I get to wake up and listen to a piece of audio content that daily sharpens my soft skills like patience, empathy, choking excuses, humility, and most importantly self awareness. That type of consistency has, over time, allowed me to become a more conscious and better person, shape my perspective, and to truly stomach real entrepreneurship. I LOVE coffee, but if I had to choose between coffee and this podcast, I’d give up coffee without batting an eye. Thank you to the moon and I love you bro!
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Shane Carrigan
I’ve listened here and there but started listening regularly. Appreciate the wealth of info and your drive is contagious!
Value value value
I turn to Gary V for the motivation to be patient with the process and not care what others think. I look up to this man at a massive level and love this podcast.
Thanks for insight
Looking forward to all 12 copies of your new book. Keep up telling like it is.
Long info, short listens
Thank for these, this is a great speed to absorb while you work. Almost like Gary is wandering around the “office”.
Thank you so much
I’ve never been happier thanks to Gary and all of his amazing guests on this podcast. I’ve learned SO MANY valuable life lessons and have gotten very grounded in a framework of gratitude, self awareness, patience, empathy, and all of the other great soft skills there are. Truly because of this podcast I’ve been able to achieve success. Success in regards to happiness and loving my process, while spreading my positivity to others through content around things I love. I’m so thankful I have Gary as my mentor. 🙏 After thousands of hours of consuming, I feel that my perspective is absolutely bulletproof. For that, I could never thank you enough. 💙
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Gary University
Follow Gary’s lessons! I had been listening to Gary for about 2 years when he mentioned on an episode that he wanted to sell just a leaf, so I opened an Etsy shop Somerville Gardens and started selling leaves from my garden on October 26, 2019. If I hadn’t listened to Gary, I wouldn’t have survived the pandemic. While I lost 80% of my regular streams of income from my job and freelancing when everything closed, I couldn’t keep up with orders for leaves and expanded to selling branches. Today is my two-year anniversary and I can’t thank Gary enough! Joy
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