The GaryVee Audio Experience
The GaryVee Audio Experience
Gary Vaynerchuk
Welcome to The GaryVee Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, content creator, and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk. On this podcast you'll find a mix of the #AskGaryVee show episodes, keynote speeches on marketing and business, segments from my DAILYVEE video series, interviews and fireside chats I've given, as well as new and current thoughts I record originally for this audio experience!
The Right Mindset For Success In 2024
On todays episode of the podcast Im sharing a keynote that I gave in El Paso Texas. I talk about how to make valuable content for your audience, only talking about what I know, what do to and how to do it, underpriced attention, why we're so affected by criticism, and much more! I hope you enjoy. THINGS I TALK ABOUT: -Are you bringing Value? -Stop Caring About Other People's Opinions -why you should Only Talk About The Things You Know -"Keeping It Real Gary" --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 18
19 min
The Main Reason Why Brand is Built on Social
Today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience is a conversation I had on the Lost in Found podcast. We talk about my anticipation for AI copyrighting, creative strategy on social media, why the brand is built on social, why society is completely confused about what success looks like, becoming client-centric vs consumer-centric, why marketing is like sports, and so much more! I hope you all enjoy it! --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 17
28 min
The Difference Between: Being Kind vs Being Nice
Today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience is a interview I had with the Founder of KIND, Daniel Lubetzky. We discussed Daniel's journey when he created KIND from the ground up, thinking with AND vs OR, the difference between inventors and entrepreneurs, the difference between being nice vs being kind, negativity is louder than positivity, why grudges hurt you and not person you have a grudge on and much more. I hope you all enjoy this one. Its time to eliminate negativity from our lives and take a more optimistic approach to things! --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 16
37 min
33 Minutes of Strategic Marketing Tactics
Today's podcast is from a keynote I gave in Washington D.C at DattoCon! I talk about two main things... the marketing variable in B2B environments and where we are at in managing people. I also discuss things like why LinkedIn is on fire right now, what I say to people when they ask me, "What's the R.O.I of social media?", and why we need to bring humanity to the workplace! ENJOY! --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 15
32 min
1 Thing That Every Brand Should Be Doing in 2024
On today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience, I'm sharing with you all the February edition of Marketing For The Now. During this episode, Jim Stengel of The CMO Podcast and I talk with top marketing leaders about this year's Super Bowl ads. You won't want to miss these marketers' insights and value. I hope you enjoy it, and have a great day! Joining us on this episode: Brett O'Brien (CMO o Frito-Lay North America) Kory Marchisotto (CMO of e.l.f. beauty) Russell Wager (VP Marketing for KIA America) Gabrielle Wesley (CMO of Mars Wrigley North America) Andrea Zaretsky (CMO of Morgan Stanley) Michelle Deignan (VP of Marketing & GM of OREO) Adam Kornblum (SVP & Global Head of Digital Marketing at CeraVe.) David Corns (CMO of Open Door) Eric Edge (Managing Director, Advertising & Marketing for Alaska Air) My website:⁠⁠Check out my contemporary entertainment company: veefriends.comTweet Me! @garyveeText Me! 212-931-5731My Newsletter: --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 14
1 hr 5 min
My Advice On Content Marketing, Happiness And College
Today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience is an awesome live Q&A I gave in Las Vegas. I answer some questions about why Facebook and LinkedIn are so good right now, why I never expect employees to work as hard as me, micro losses vs macro losses, why college is not for everyone, the ROI of college, and so much more! I hope You enjoy: ) THINGS I TALK ABOUT: Facebook Organic Reach Equity For Your Employees Motivating A Sales Team Marketing Isn't Mad Men Should You Go To College? Happiness Is The Goal --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 13
23 min
How 1 Moment of Fearlessness Can Change Your Life | Podcast With Friends Ep. 9
Sometimes it's the split-second decisions that can be a massive turning point in your career. All you need to do is lean into being uncomfortable. On today's episode of Podcast With Friends, I sit down with Artlanta, Greg Yuna, and Samah Dada. Never be afraid to take a chance on yourself... Even if that means sneaking into Drake's birthday party! Enjoy! THINGS I TALK ABOUT: Personal Anecdotes and Experiences Career Journeys and Achievements Cultural and Immigrant Backgrounds Food and Cooking Art and Design Media and Public Perception Personal Development and Goals Cultural Commentary and Observations Networking and Social Dynamics Immigrant Experiences and Adaptation --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 12
55 min
Stop Listening To The Negative Voices In Your Head
Today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience is a virtual fireside chat. We talk all about how to stand firm in your convictions as a leader, how to avoid burnout, and how to keep the flow going without getting distracted. I hope you all enjoy this one! THINGS I TALK ABOUT: Overcoming Insecurity and Fear of Failure Risk-Taking in Youth Confidence and Insecurity Effort and Burnout Leadership and Convincing Others Communication Style and Authenticity Finding Meaning and Joy in Helping Others Dealing with Financial Independence and Family Expectations Personal Failures and Learning from Them Candor and Personal Growth Fame and Its Impact Personal Zen and Managing Busyness --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 11
24 min
Advice To Young People And Being A Contextual Creator
On today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience Im sharing a conversation I had with Sriram & Aarthi. We talked about what it takes to be a good online creator, the power of creating content that is contextualized, advice to young people, and why I think some of the biggest influencers today have found success in what they do. Enjoy! THINGS I TALK ABOUT: My Journey and Content Creation Contextual Content Creation Advice to Young People and Accountability Social Media and Youth Work Ethic and Opportunity Career Advice for Young Adults The Future of Influencers and Entrepreneurs --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 10
42 min
How to Deal With The Fear of Failure and Rejection As An Entrepreneur
Today's video is a Twitter spaces conversation I had on the Founder Hotline in 2022, a show to help founders talk through tough/vulnerable topics. This conversation is full of insight I think a lot of you out there will get value from. I talk about how successful entrepreneurs get past failures, why you're scared of failing but shouldn't be, what to do if you're actually burnt out, and so much more! --- Send in a voice message:
Feb 9
28 min
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