The Gary DeMar Podcast
The Gary DeMar Podcast
Gary DeMar
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My favorite podcast
I listen to many podcasts. The message of truth and the wonderful information and conversations here are a true blessing and a highlight of my day. Love the new format. Thank you so much for your good work and insightful conversations You are a blessing in the podcast world!
KW Strategies
Flat Earth Debate
Would you be willing to debate a "flat earther" on the Modern-Day Debate channel on YouTube?
J. Petterson
Clear Thinking
Thank you Uncle Gary for slicing through today’s haze!
The podcast I never knew I needed to know about. Absolutely great in studying up on my postmil view in order to answer my premil coworkers. Great for studying presupp apologetics too. I love uncle Gary!
F. Bryant
Highly recommend!
Gary DeMar and the work of American Vision has been instrumental for my family and I in better comprehending how a proper eschatological view can impact all that we do for the gradual expansion of our Lord’s kingdom. Can not recommend him and this podcast enough!
Excited for more!
Gary is out there slaying sacred cows. Challenge yourself. Be open and listen to the very important insights in this podcast!
Brook Magar
Love Gary Demar. That is all.
Brandy Hurley
Biblical Eschatology
This is an excellent podcast that examines eschatology through the lens of scripture and history. Gary has been a tremendous blessing to me, and has been instrumental in my departure from the dispensational pre-trib eschatology I grew up with. I'd encourage everyone who has grown up thinking that a futurist dispensational view of the end times is the only game in town to listen with an open mind and open bible in hand.
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Stimulating back and forth
A good listen that delves into DeMars history with theonomists, reconstructionists, presuppositionalism, etc.