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The Gary DeMar Podcast
Gary DeMar
Author, Theologian, Exegete, and Comic Book collector, Gary DeMar does what he does best: Talk about everything and anything, relating it to how the world actually works. Welcome to the Gary DeMar Podcast!
The Holy Mountain
The Garden of Eden was located on a mountain. Moses received and gave the law on a mountain. Jesus, the new Moses, gave His law from a mountain. Mountains and minerals are very important in the Bible. David Chilton discusses both of these in Chapter 4 of Paradise Restored. Also, listen and subscribe to Gary's other podcast, The Gary DeMar Blogcast:
Mar 5
21 min
A Multi-Generational Debt
Congress is getting ready to pass a $1.9T (that’s trillion!) pandemic stimulus bill. The amount of waste and debt wrapped up in this bill is unprecedented, even compared to previous government spending bills of waste and debt. What is really at stake here? Will these disastrous economic policies really have any bearing on you and your family? Yes they will, but not in the way we're being told. Also, listen and subscribe to Gary's other podcast, The Gary DeMar Blogcast:
Mar 3
22 min
Jesus is Divisive
A common assertion lately is that pastors should not be involving themselves or preaching on politics or current events. “Don’t cause division,” the sentiment goes, “just preach Jesus and love.” But Jesus Himself was both divisive and political. The Gospel brings division by its very nature. Jesus came as the fulfillment of everything written in the Old Testament and shook the paradigm of the leaders in both the religious and the political establishments of first-century Israel. Also check out Gary's other podcast (produced in partnership with Canon Press): The Gary DeMar Blogcast.
Mar 1
23 min
Salvation is for the World
In Chapter 3 of Paradise Restored, David Chilton writes: “Salvation restores man to his original calling and purpose, and guarantees that man’s original mandate—to exercise dominion under God over the whole earth—will be fulfilled.” Conversion is the first step in the process, not the process itself. Biblical salvation is for the whole man and the whole earth through the process of discipleship; it’s not just about making converts.
Feb 26
14 min
What Holds it All Together?
Reality and "truth" are being fragmented by modern political and social efforts and promulgated through the internet and social media. Non-Christian beliefs don’t and can’t offer anything in terms of a comprehensive worldview. Dr. Gary North joins Gary DeMar on today's episode with a discussion about today's fragmented world.
Feb 24
23 min
Are Christians Losers?
What is cultural Christianity and is it a good thing or a bad thing? Is its influence decreasing in modern American society? Should concerned Christians be concerned with culture anyway? Gary discusses an article that appeared recently on the Gospel Coalition website with the provocative title: All Christians are 'Losers.'
Feb 22
19 min
Reading the Bible on its Own Terms
Interpreting the Bible properly requires a familiarity with the entire canon of Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments. Nowhere does biblical interpretation get more fantastic (and weird) than in the area of Bible prophecy. In this episode, Gary continues talking about David Chilton’s book, Paradise Restored, and how it points us in the right direction of interpreting the Bible on its own terms.
Feb 19
26 min
The Gospel According to (Cool Hand) Luke
One of the problems with today’s movies and films is the lack of creativity. Modern filmmakers don’t have to worry much about constraints on their content, but real creativity needs these constraints. Cool Hand Luke is more than half a century old but it is a great example of excellent storytelling. While it is not a Christian movie in any sense, it uses a lot of Christian symbology to tell its tale. Christians need to re-learn how to interpret art through a Christian worldview. Cool Hand Luke is a good place to begin.
Feb 17
27 min
All Christians are Preterists
What’s the difference between eschatology and Bible prophecy? Does it make a difference what view you take in relation to future things? Gary talks about his experience sitting down with a seminary class and discussing various views on biblical prophetic interpretation.
Feb 15
26 min
Speech is not Free
There’s a lot of talk about "free speech" these days. But is it really? Speech is not free in the sense of being without cost; it’s free (at least theoretically) in the sense of being without restraint. But those who cry the loudest for "free speech" when they think their’s is being restrained, are also the biggest restrictors of speech when given the opportunity.
Feb 12
18 min
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