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Uhhhhh. Ummmmmm. Uhhhhh
For people who want to know how deep this “Internet” thing really goes.
Funny, but punches down
Too often I find the show is mostly punching down. Sometimes not. Wish I could enjoy this without feeling shame and empathy. Alas. Even the good episodes fee tainted.
Fiddle Buckets Jr.
So corny
Not my cup of tea and I hate the laughing cause they are not funny with the horse laugh
Sometimes I Wish I was Never Born
Oops, Something's Gone Wrong
Hosts are so obnoxious, couldn’t get through one ep. I’d rather shove scissors in my ears
my favorite podcast
this is my favorite podcast. i listen to older episodes when i go to sleep. i don't know how this effects my dreams, but they're probably terrifying as my subconscious decides it's better for me not to remember. thanks!
This is one of the funniest podcasts I’ve ever listened to. That carnivore diet episode had me laughing so hard.
Gladiator of Kaon
Good stuff.
Walking White Board
True legends of the internet, The F Plus is consistently wonderful.
Lance Hunter
Headphones Only
Well this isn’t one you want to get caught listening to by most people but it is incredibly entertaining. It’s the only podcast in my list of 56 subscriptions that I’ve set to keep all episodes forever and when I hit the end, I start it over. Thanks guys for the seemingly endless entertainment!
One bartenders opinion
I don’t know much about this podcast, but the hosts and their listeners are generous tippers and enthusiastic patrons. Therefor, this podcast gets a five star rating. I look forward to listening.
Alternative Milks
Pretty nice
Thanks for suffering through all these insane, bizarre internet conversations for our entertainment. My only complaint is that the host sometimes gets weirdly judgmental about the weird but harmless stuff people are into, not in a funny way, but in a preachy, boring way that doesn't fit at all with the tone of the rest of the podcast (thinking about your Monster Girl Quest episode or whatever that game's called, which was otherwise great.) I won't take off any points just because of one jerk, though. Thanks!
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More bad English, please!
As much as I enjoy the emotional agony of the readers struggling through various fetishes, my favorite shows are still the ones full of nearly incomprehensible stories/rants. Good times!
This is Kaci
The Hardest I have Ever Laughed at a Podcast
Often horrifying, sometimes unlistenable, but at its best moments it has made me laugh harder than any other podcast.
Thermos Jones
I cant stop laughing at work
I love these ridiculists so much. One of my favorite podcasts. Their journeys throught the farthest corners of the Internet are beyond hilarious! I recommend new listeners search for a topic that looks intriguing before jumping in to the crazier stuff
My favorite podcast
It’s like the good ol’ Awful Link of the Day on somethingawful but read by talented and funny people. So funny! Legit my favorite podcast.
Definetely Safe for Kids, Yep
I have been an avid listener to your cast for a long time now but just got around to leaving a review. In fact For many years I have shyed away from Itunes because I am not on my computer as much to bother evening opening the app, I had to reinstall it and find my old account information to leave a review. I primarily listen via Podcast Addict for Android. Anyway, I look forward to your cast as soon as it releases and is one of my favorites.
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Fabulously weird, always funny!
Definitely not for the squeamish, but for those of us who like our podcasts with a big, red E on them, you can’t do much better than F Plus. Music bumpers are always great, readers are intelligent and understand dark humor, and have an easy rapport. Recording quality and editing are top-notch. Best episodes to start with? F Plus Sings (151), Funding the Infowar (201) and You May Now Fistbump the Spouse (129). Really, all episodes are great, but some are what I’d call advanced level - not the place to start. :)
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Terrible Things, Read With Enthusiasm
Almost 10 years strong, the F Plus is the Internet’s premier aggregate of garbage. Topics run from useless how-to articles to incredibly specific dating sites, but my personal favorites are the truly, deeply baffling micro cultures the Internet fosters (see the most recent Politics of Bimboland) episode. There’s something here for everyone.
ruined my life, highly recommend
everytime i play an episode, my furniture starts floating and snakes begin to slither out from underneath the floorboards. it worries me and quite frankly i don’t feel safe in my own home anymore. overall i would highly recommend this podcast.
Holy calamity! Oh the insanity!
This show saves me the trouble of finding terrible things online, and also I now know what happened to SA poster Squint (your Demons’ Souls LP still holds up)
A guy what who reviews
Incredibly hilarious
I've been listening to The F Plus for years and it's always a thrill to see a new episode. The episodes are sometimes gross but they're always funny.
Guts Going Nutz
Simply the best!
I listen to over a dozen podcasts regularly, but the F Plus is the one I cherish the most. I’ve been listening to this show for years (since around episode 40) and it just keeps getting better and better. The hosts have gotten reading terrible things down to a science. If you’re a new listener, I’d recommend checking out the gross fetish episodes, or any of the Pick Up artist stuff. Episodes 184, 156, 138, 121, and 61 are all great starting points, but you really can’t go wrong. The podcast comes out very regularly too, so you don’t have to wait weeks to dig into another juicy episode. I’d give the F+ an A+.
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I reset my iTunes password so I could review this
I hate resetting my password and am too lazy to do so even to get free stuff on app promo days. So you know I am serious about this review. I have a job that can be a bummer -dog rescue- and on sad days nothing is quite as good at cheering me up like the f plus. The cast is hilariously funny and personable, it feels like listening to a group of my friends talking except my friends don't know what adult babies are. Thanks for the great podcast you all!
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Atrocity Tourism at its Best
I was too young for POE and still miss Something Awful’s Weekend Web, and this podcast delivers the best of both. The rotating hosts and frequent guests make humorous work of some really terrible, terrible content form the darkest depths of the internet, covering everything from weird fetishes, bad fanfics, WikiHow, garbage products, and dumb ideas. This podcast never fails to brighten up a terrible day. The only bad thing about this podcast is the next time someone at work asks “What’s sounding?” you’ll be able to answer.
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Just Good?
Really, very, nice and good. How's her personali- Good personality.
Crude, disgusting, shocking, and one of the best podcasts around.
The Podcast
The F Plus is the ideal form of the podcast. No prep required, no background knowledge needed--you get thrown into ridiculous internet nonsense that never lets up and reaches new realms of absurdity. I now have certain parts of my life irrevocably tied up in my mind with the F Plus episode I was listening to when that happened. My favorite readers are Jack Chicken Franks and Bloots Beard.
Very well done
A quality podcast, episode after episode. You can tell that the creators really enjoy it and the topics are as varied as the internet. I love the recipe episodes and the recent giantess one really cracked me up. If you enjoy humor, you’ll love the many-layered approach done here. The hosts make it sound easy and effortless, something that’s so difficult in many ways.
Everything I never wanted to know about people on the internet, presented with enough scorn to make it palatable. Sometimes they can be a little harsh (the nerd weddings, for example, seemed like a pretty benign target), and the jokes can dip into unwarranted nastiness (the transphobia from a guest ridiculist in a recent ep was pretty disappointing), but usually the disgust/horror is well-earned, and the vitriol is on-target. Best episodes are the ones that make you throw up in your mouth a little.
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The F Plus Singularity
(Warning: hackneyed writer torturing people by providing an overly complicated metaphor about the Internet being space or whatever, and that the podcast in question is some sort of singularity of self awareness that has never happened before and will never happen again, obviously the author only has a passing idea of what a singularity is, doesn't even understand how his own analogy would work, and should probably take some creative writing classes. Anyhow, for a tl:dr version, which obviously everyone wants, here's one: the f plus is great, probably the best thing to waste his time to, and that the personalities of the ridiculists makes most of the show.) it's pretty good.
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Things you never thought you wanted to know
From nerd boners to internet beggers to weird politicians to messed up religions you'll learn it all! Come for the silly voices, stay to find out why the British are so messed up sexually.
Noelle No Whale
Warning! People will stare at you!
People will look at u funny when u listen to this podcast because u will be laughing so hard! I love this podcast, I can't believe some of the stuff they find on the Internet but it's all true and they read it so funny and hv such a good time on the podcast that it makes me laugh, puts me in a good mood, and informs me of the crazier things (people) on the Internet. Good job!
Great show
This show can actually be kinda legit offensive, but 90% of the time it's pretty much the funniest show ever, so I'll just skip an episode every once in a while. The good material they have make up for it in my rating.
Samuel Bair
Best served with ranch dressing.
Whether you are an otherkin who has the soul of Mork from the show Mork and Mindy, are married to an ancient Norse god, or just want to wrap Roy Orbison up in clingfilm, this is the podcast for you!
Biggie Friess
I feel like an idiot
I’m transgender. I listened to this podcast literally for years and loved it, then they made a bunch of jokes in a recent episode that crossed a line, and I can’t pretend anymore that the podcasters aren’t the jerks in real life who point & laugh or do worse to people like me. You guys seemed like nice people — maybe add some empathy to your schtick, it’d be funnier that way.
love it
i love all you . this podcast is hilarious, please find posts about the fappening [the 4 chan iCloud hacker].
More unctuous than a waterfall
My favorite podcast. Just pick an episode that has a premise that interests you and jump in. You won't regret it.
Litterally has made me laugh so hard I pee
The only downside is they aren't weekly
I fell in love with this podcast last year and laughed my way through the back episodes. Everyone involved is great, and my only complaint is there aren't more episodes! The Roy Orbison in cling film podcast made me laugh so hard, I cried. I had to listen to it twice because I was too busy laughing. And crying.
The best
Sick of all the internet's bs? Let these readers soothe your anger as they take the madness of the internet down a peg.
Topaz Talyn
It's Funny Because It's True
I first learned about this podcast from a friend who linked me to the audio version of 'Wesley Crusher: Teenage Humping Machine'. I made the mistake of listening to it while working out and almost fell off the elliptical! From there it was on to the podcast about Sherlock fanfiction and so many of the examples reminded me of the badly written stories I had read in high school. I nearly died laughing and am sure my coworkers think I'm an unstable person who laughs maniacally to themselves at their desk. The commentary is always golden, and the material is extremely well chosen. I think I've found my new favorite podcast.
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This podcast...
It always makes me hungry for lasagna meal.
My name is secret son
Oh, MY!
They go to the deepest, darkest, craziest places on the internet and dredge up the best of the worst, just for you.
Poison Pansy
Favorite podcast
This is the funniest podcast, I hope they get more popular and read more insane crap from the Internet. It's kinda like somethingawful the podcast but more awkward.
The best
These guys are the best!!
Amazing show.
This is the most creative and funny podcast on the market. I listen to (and love) a lot of podcast and this is without a doubt my favorite. I hope other love it as much as me. Also without it I wouldn't have discovered my love of vore.
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