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Terrible things, read with enthusiasm.
387: MedBed: The Bed That Treats
This episode is all about medbeds. So what is a medbed? Well, first of all it isn't a bed, so let's just get that out of the way right now. It's possibly an MLM scheme, or maybe it's a bucket, but sometimes it's a mobile phone app that takes a picture of your bed, which may or may not prevent and cure all diseases. Do you have any questions? Great, so do we. In fact, this episode is mostly us asking questions. This week, The F Plus learns the true meaning of Technotronic's Pump Up The Jam.
May 10
1 hr 22 min
386: No Gods, Yes Masters
I really don't know how the people of royalcello dot website toolbox dot com found each other, but they've found each other. And all of the posters here believe in a single inalienable right: The Right To Rule, or rather, to be ruled, sometimes by royalcello himself who gets very testy if you say anything unkind about Charles III. Look, none of the people featured in this episode know much (if anything) about The Monarchy, but they do know they like it, and at least one of them knows The Hapsburgs belong in Spain. This week, The F Plus wants Catherine The Great to sit on our face.
Apr 12
1 hr 28 min
385: Pee Fans
This episode is about pee fans such as fannywatcher, uniloo, Wet Man J, Iron Bladderman, Greedy Needy Girl, P155wet, girlwipes, Slick Gracey, Miss Piss, wet wulf, Al Fresco, and MegaPoop Tech. I'm just writing down those usernames because I found them all very funny. This week, The F Plus learns the term for a manager who is somehow also a woman.
Mar 5
1 hr 33 min
384: The Angry Apple Nerd
Self described appleist Brian Frange has some serious-assed opinions about different types of apples, and he wants to share all of them. And that's... honestly, that's entirely what this episode is about, Brian Frange's opinions about different types of apples. This week, The F Plus sees a tasty unwipe anus.
Feb 18
1 hr 31 min
383: What Is The Meaning of Song?
Song lyrics are an indelible part of our collective cultural confidence, but can often be a puzzle. For all of these popular songs, what do the lyrics actually mean? Well, we're visiting to hear a bunch of bad theories explained amongst infighting and sex bragging. This week, The F Plus is with the bear, and the bear is with the bear, and the bear is with the boat (you nimno).
Feb 5
1 hr 20 min
382: Good Reads for Bad Needs
Let's speak honestly for a moment: We're all intelligent, thoughtful, sexual beings, right? And as such, we desire intelligent, thoughtful, well-written pornography, don't we? I dunno, but anyway here's some crap. This week, The F Plus learns the meaning of banal anal.
Jan 30
1 hr 20 min
381: Let's Pollute The Planet!
Of course, there's a lot of different ways for people to internalize their own effect on the environment, but the subjects of this episode have become super horny about it. We're starting things out on clips4sale reading the description of videos where women pollute the environment, then over to F List for some perverted pollutin' profiles, and finally closing with some Lorax/Fern Gully slashfic that probably didn't need to happen. This week, The F Plus is a maybe on canonballing.
Dec 19, 2022
1 hr 27 min
380: The Gospel of Digimon
Project DigiClipse may or may not be a cult founded upon the spiritual belief in the childrens' cartoon Digimon. And it's time for us to learn more. We're starting at Facebook, but moving into several forums thru the ages to listen to brothers and sisters of the faith testify. This week, The F Plus get head from Gurlemurglemon.
Dec 18, 2022
1 hr 8 min
379: Unpopular Opinions? On Reddit!?
I know, we were surprised as well. But here we are, visiting r/UnpopularOpinion and it turns out there's some bad opinions in here. We weren't gonna watch what happens, but it says "watch next". This week, The F Plus stands still and moves the goalposts around.
Oct 28, 2022
1 hr 16 min
378: The Worst Creepypastas
Okay, so for this episode the plan was for us to read the worst-rated stories on, but we spent like half that time on some dude's insistence that his boner for the Venom symbiote is the cure for liberalism. This week, The F Plus vows to never turn left again.
Oct 22, 2022
1 hr 27 min
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