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The F Plus
348: Do Not Summon Beelzebub
1 hour 12 minutes Posted Mar 3, 2021 at 12:20 pm.
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Boots Raingear  
Victor Laszlo  
John Toast  
Lou Fernandez  


Content provided by Napoleon Blownapart.

Edited by Boots Raingear.

The heavily art directed magickians over at BECOME A LIVING GOD have a number of products they'd like to sell you, and about half of those are supposed to help you get laid. There's a slut water kit, PDFs that call themselves grimoires, and there will be time for poetry.

This week, The F Plus ensourcles Ally Sheedy The Character (not Ally Sheedy The Person).

SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM PORTAXX: Hello again! After this episode I entered a frozen hell and saw the face of the Lord of the Flies himself. It looked like Ü. Terrified, I had to capture the moment before making my heroic escape.

Music used:

  1. Arthur Brown - Fire
  2. The Flaming Lips - God Walks Among Us

Chapters provided by Lemon