The Evolved Caveman w/ Dr. John Schinnerer
The Evolved Caveman w/ Dr. John Schinnerer
Dr. John Schinnerer -The Evolved Caveman
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Love Dr Johns wit and wisdom and humor
This a great no nonsense and fun podcast. Straight talk from real authentic people. I highly recommend you check this out if you want to expand your mind and open your heart to new and fresh ways of thinking! So glad I got to be a guest!!
LTK Fitness
The Evolved Caveman Podcast is an introspective and empowering journey into the world of men's personal development and self-discovery. John’s dedication to helping men navigate the challenges of modern life, relationships, and personal growth is evident, creating an authentic and supportive atmosphere for our discussions. What truly sets this podcast apart is its ability to provide listeners with profound insights, actionable advice, and thought-provoking conversations that empower men to embrace vulnerability, strengthen their relationships, and lead fulfilling lives. I recommend tuning into The Evolved Caveman Podcast for a soul-enriching and enlightening journey into the world of men's personal growth and emotional wellness, where the evolution of masculinity takes center stage. This podcast is a valuable resource for men seeking guidance, connection, and empowerment on their path to becoming more evolved and authentic individuals.
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Andrew Thorp King
Authentic Engaging Convo
Anytime you can have men talk about engaging in empathy and unmasking you know you have the potential for inspiring dialogue. This episode with Dr.John and Keith is just that!!!
This Podcast Will Make You a Better Man
Three cheers (and five stars) for Dr. John! While so many other podcasts for men stay within their narrow niche, the Evolved Caveman ambitiously tackles a breadth of important issues: toxic masculinity, air quality, parenting advice, dating after divorce, sex, psychology… and more! Breadth and depth is rare and hard to pull off, but Dr. John does it with easy, authentic confidence. My favorite episode? How to become resilient. Download it… it’s worth a listen, if you want to keep growing and evolving as a man.
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Pod Stewart
Amazing podcast….for women as well!
I just love this podcast (and I’d also recommend listening to Joree!). Of course it’s designed for men and I fully appreciate that. However, perhaps unintentionally or not, the content is so very helpful to me as a woman that wants to best understand the important men in my life. The episodes are intelligent, funny, insightful and actionable. Love it!
Joana Montenegro
Raw and Real
The Evolving Caveman and Dr. John go to places and depths that most dare not to tread. Dr. John takes the conversations into the places that matter and the guests do the same. There’s a vulnerability to the conversations that you don’t see many places. If you want to take a deep look at yourself and your life, this is the place to hang out.
J Nischwitz
Solid Content!
Science and practicality don’t always mix in day to day life and Dr. John’s insights are hugely helpful in accomplishing a more fulfilling life— especially as a father, husband, and business owner. Thank you Dr. John!
Defining Dad Bod
Really Enjoyed this podcast!! Very useful and important content. Wanna more great topics. Highly recommended with my family and friends. Thank you
Top notch
Love this show; the topics, speakers, and growth that come from them
Great cast
Thanks for presenting this kind of cast. Carry on.........!
Alan A. Powell4
Focus on the what’s important
It’s difficult to balance life - work, relationships, family, ambition, money and your future. Often the combination of these concerns comes at the sacrifice of the one or two things that really should matter to you most. This podcast provides a powerful reminder about what's important. I like how the podcast provides methods to help you focus on the important while handling everything else.
LOVE Dr John's show!
Great show John - so many great tips for men, couples and the ladies to know about their men! So happy to have been a guest on your show, and dive deep into Emotionally Healthy Love Relationships; and what men and women really want! Fiesty! Keep up the great work! In Light & Love, Coach Riana Milne
Great insight
I enjoy the variety of topics covered on this podcast.
A much-needed conversation
Dr. John and his diverse array of guests offer much-needed insights and topics to ponder over. The landscape has changed for men and this podcast is doing an excellent job of addressing and bringing to light some of those dynamics.
Julian Hayes II
Important Questions Answered!
John asks the questions that we all have and maybe don't even know we have, to become evolved humans. His guests are open, candid and vulnerable to the human experience and shed some very needed light on living best lives...... evolving and aware of that growth and development. Great energy behind every episode.
It’s What You’ve Been Searching For
Dr. John does an excellent job at finding the answers we need to become the better versions of ourselves as Men in this day & age. He explores a variety of subjects and is well versed in personal and professional development himself. You don’t want to miss any episodes! Check it out, it’s what you've been searching for.
Luis N T
Great listen for men of all ages
With a variety of guests this podcast brings all types great topics that help evolve men.
All men need to tune in
I love John’s ability to speak to men’s experience in a way that they feel he’s speaking directly to them. He has a clear and concise way of explaining how male socialization affects not only men’s happiness, but their success in relationships; this missing link is the key to creating long term happiness. Women also need to listen to this podcast so they can understand the dynamics men experience and ultimately better understand their partners.
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Excellent Podcast!!!
Insightful topics covered and great guests!!
Amazing insights & helpful!
Dr. John gives great insights & useful tips that are based on thorough research of all sources, not merely a thin opinion like so many today. If he says it, you can trust it.
Really love the diverse array of guests on this podcast!
Jon M. PA
Better than those Geico Cavemen Commercials
Did we begin as cavemen? Sure we did. Do we have to stay as cavemen? Of course not, it’s almost 2020! Dr. John and his guests give us men actionable steps to take not just to become better men, but better husbands, fathers, friends, teammates, coworkers and just simply better humans. He shows us how to overcome those irrational fears and insecurities we all deal with and tap into the greatness we all have. Life is about growth and evolution, and this podcast is a great guide in how to do so. Thank you for your voice, Dr. John.
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I am sad that you are still hurting...
John you know that this is your version and probably the way you want to remember it. But everyone who was close knows that this story is not true. I pray for your healing and your happiness. May you heal and repair to be there for your kids. They all need you, especially the ones you pushed away.
Don’t share your dirty laundry with the world.
Don’t share your dirty laundry with the world. Your kids and family should be entitled to privacy and if thrown under the bus should have the right to defend themselves. Funny how EVERYTHING seems to be someone else’s fault. Not blaming others will help you move on faster. That’s the advice your listeners should hear.
Dr. Diamonds's Podcast
This is a very informative podcast. Dr. Diamond discusses "male menopause" and "male irritability" in easy to understand terms. Dr. Schinnerer asks engaging questions which worked to elicit additional useful information from Dr. Diamond. The information and suggestions provided can be put to use today. If you are a male who gets angry too easily or a female who lives with this male, I highly recommend this podcast. It is worth it to listen to the whole podcast. Ed Daube, Ph.D. Author of "Beyond Anger Manaagement"
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The Emotions Doctor
Highly recommend this podcast
Love the variety of topics and a very helpful resource for all
Dr. Morgan Francis
Path to enlightenment for men (!?)
You're in good hands, gentlemen. As a psychologist and a coach, Dr. John has a wealth of tools and knowledge that will lead you to your own version of happiness and success. So much of what he says in this podcast applies to women as well as men, so I plan to keep popping my head in. :-) Fantastic.
Coach Nikki Bruno
Perfect for today’s era
John brings such an important podcast forward. Men need to be responsible and part of the today’s conversation. John’s podcast will certainly help.
Michael OB
Worth it !
Definitely worth plugging every Monday!
Great stuff
Daily dose of insightful and actionable content to keep you moving forward and developing a better you!
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