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The Downbeat
Craig Reynolds
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Not just music
Love how Creg (yes, I know) can talk music, mental health, comedy and tattoos and keep it all so entertaining.
Really Great
This is my favorite “metal” podcast. Great conversations and a great behind the scenes look at touring musicians.
Would give 10 stars if I could. Craig is a super engaging and fun host. One of the few podcasts I can binge without getting bored of the content!
A good use of my time
I listen to this when I play COD, and it never gets old!
Best podcast
Such a funny guy! Great content and I love the top 5 at the end!
Love it
I’d love to see you do a podcast with Ahren from The Amity Affliction
This podcasts always bring a smile to my face. Great stories and a lot of laughs!
richard rear
This podcast is fun
I dig how casual the host is. Stray are sick. Will probably buy a shirt.
Best drumming pod
I love this podcast. Greg is so upfront about who he is. There’s no censoring. He usually says what he feels and I love that. He’s very knowledgeable and his guests are generally interesting.
Craig is one of the best dudes out there
He rules all around ! Insane drummer .
I love this! Keep ‘me coming Craig!
New favorite!!!
Love this podcast. It’s great to get a really relaxed and intimate perspective on many of my drumming heroes. Thank Craig, great format man!
Craig is God.
Listen to Craig. Follow Craig. He is amazing. Much love to him and everyone on this podcast.
Cabub H
Excellent podcast !!!
Craig is a great drummer, however, I believe he could make a living as a comedian if he ever gave up drumming. The downbeat offers a very interesting view into the world of touring musicians and Craig’s sense of humor takes this podcast to another level. Must listen. I’m hooked on The Downbeat !
Elio D.
Awesome Drumming Podcast
Am I out of my tree, or does Craig sound a bit like Dominic West? PS - I think Aric Improta would make for a great interview... PSS - One suggestion: Play music in the background during the interview. The noise gate on the mics is a nice touch, but I keep looking at my phone thinking the audio keeps shutting off...
Great Podcast!
My favorite drum centered podcast right now! I love that Craig gets into all the nerdy drum gear talk. This podcast is brilliant. I’d love to hear an interview with Adam Gray or the Orlando Drummer would be cool too. Cheers
Grustle God
Here are the only 3 podcasts you need: JRE, Bill Burr, the Downbeat. Craig is god. Talk to Abe Cunningham!
Senor Dudeman
Craig is the hero this world needs.
Craig/Luna for president 2020.
Awesome drum speak and dry humor
This show is great for both the talk of drums and super dry super sarcastic humor. And the guests are great. This is the podcast drummers and fans of metal have been waiting for.
The Worst Puerto Rican Ever
Love it but...
What it is to grustle
What is grustle? Well, what ISNT Grustle? Grustle is everything and nothing at the same time. So to all the grinders, the hustlers, the grustlers, listen.
As a drummer, you've gotta do yourself a favor and check these out. Its fantastic to get an insight from some of the best, and it's essentially drumming bro's just hanging out and cracking jokes while getting deep and real. 100% worth it.
The Best
Craig is one of the sickest drummers around, exceptionally hilarious and offers great insights into the world of career drumming.
Not Shinfo - thankfully
If you’re looking for a podcast that is focused around drumming and drummers in general but doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is the podcast for you. This podcast is loaded with valuable insight backed by experience that’s also quite entertaining to listen to. If you’re expecting a podcast that spends two hours talking about the physics behind suspend mounting your rack tom verses having it poke out of your kick drum like some a**hat, you’ll probably want to move on. But... if you want to hear actual touring drummers discuss drums and the business - and say c*** about a hundred times - boy do I have some good news for you.
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I just wish I could pay for this grustle knowledge
If you want to level up your next level marketing tactic levels, subscribe now
Brilliant drummer, brilliant podcaster.
Funny and Informative
Loved the first episode. Craig is the funniest man on Earth.
Scott Cryptodira
Great insight!
A great insight into drumming from a non-drumming listener
This man is a legend.
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