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Craig Reynolds
The Downbeat with Craig Reynolds. I'm basically gonna talk to a bunch of my interesting mates, usually musicians.
Only Flams (Luxury Communism)
A small solo podcast to update you with the my plans for the future.
Nov 11
15 min
Aaron Marshall - Intervals
My guest this week is Aaron Marshall, virtuoso guitarist and better known as the brains/everything behind the musical group Intervals. Aaron started Intervals in Ontario Canada as an outlet for his musical creativity in 2011 and it has since existed in many different iterations. We talk about the band's beginnings and various line ups as well as his unlikely inspirations that draw from the unlikeliest of places. We also go deep on fitness, mental and physical rehabilitation, microdosing, supplementation and way more. It was a great chat.
Nov 6
2 hr 36 min
Mat Welsh - While She Sleeps
My guest this week is Mat Welsh, guitarist/vocalist of While She Sleeps. WSS have just launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign 'Sleeps Society', aimed at bringing fans a closer experience whilst also securing finances to support the future of the band during these uncertain times. Being old friends and touring buddies we talk a fair bit about that as well. It was a r8 laugh. That's Sheffieldish for 'It was very fun'. Peace!
Oct 16
1 hr 19 min
Bryce Krawczyk - World Record Powerlifter
My guest this week is Bryce Krawczyk. Bryce is a world record holding powerlifter and coach from Calgary, Canada. Bryce is the co-owner of the popular youtube fitness channel Calgary Barbell, where he provides amazing content for the lifting community. We spoke about many things, including how I can't get my MOJO back about the gyms reopening. He actually wrote me a back-to-basics plan which you can download on the Downbeat IG. As an avid fan of heavy music and tattoos, we also talk about those a bunch and bond over his incredibly heavy top 5 bands.
Sep 27
1 hr 9 min
Matthew Heafy - Trivium
My guest this week is Matthew Heafy, singer and guitarist of the metal band Trivium and, King Of Streaming. Matt and Trivium have recently paved the way in the music industry's 'new-normal' of streaming. They recently completed the metal world's first (actual) paid live-streamed gig with 10k+ tickets sold and Matt himself has one of, if not THE biggest presence in the world of live music streaming. We talked about Trivium's plans to build a stream-ready aircraft hanger (!?) and also about his upcoming Japanese mythology inspired side project: Iburaki. Other than this I basically asked him how I can do something similar to his twitch and survive without having to sell you guys T-shirts. Enjoy!
Sep 7
1 hr 13 min
Jordan Fish - Bring Me The Horizon
My guest this week is Jordan Fish of Bring Me The Horizon. Jordan tells me in detail about how he came to join arguably the biggest heavy band in the world. We also talked about the band's unique writing process for their new single 'Parasite Eve', our lockdown FIFA tournament, and the time I barged into Bring Me's dressing room naked.
Jul 2
1 hr 38 min
Bryan Garris - Knocked Loose
My guest this week is Bryan Garris, singer of Knocked Loose. Over the last few years Knocked Loose have exploded from small DIY hardcore shows to headlining over bands much their senior. I've always admired how humble they've remained through it all, and talking to Bryan this week was no different. We talked about the band's success, his unlikely ambition to be an English teacher, and more importantly which gas stations have the best food... amongst other things
Jun 17
1 hr 30 min
The Metallica Episode with Josh Middleton
CREGGY's ANTIVIRUS presents: The Metallica Episode. I caught up with Josh Middleton from Sylosis/Architects to talk about Metallica and nothing else for an hour.
May 26
1 hr
Quarantina Turner (Me Q+A #4)
It's me. It's a Q+A. Same old.
May 9
27 min
Andy Williams - Every Time I Die
My guest this week is Andy Williams, guitarist of Every Time I Die and LITERAL pro wrestler. We talk about COVID-19's effect on his two jobs which obviously involve close contact, how he got started with wrestling in the first place, how he is staying healthy and working out but still maintaining his competition weight whilst self isolating, and much more. He's a great dude, I had a great time talking with him. Stay safe!
Apr 10
1 hr 34 min
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