The Devil's Music with Pleasant Gehman
The Devil's Music with Pleasant Gehman
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Love at first pod! She is who I wanted to be growing up. 🤘🏼🖤
Love it!
I life that someone captured my wild teen LA years!! Love the adventure. Will You be doing one on the early LA rave scenes ?
The stories are hilarious and Pleasant is the Hawtest!!!!!! 😘❤️🖤❤️🖤
Tinfoil Hooligan
The Devil IS in the Music!
Music, Sex and the Occult? Wowsa! A lot going on just in these two episodes! If this is the formula this will be a go to podcast for me! The hostess is cool and engaging with a devilishly sweet laugh. I looked her up and she has been quite the cultural L.A. creature for a long time. Lot's of cred!!
The TinMan#1
Funny, real, and so good
I love Pleasant so much! She is just so real and no BS. Her stories are so great and so funny. The very first episode with Belinda Carlisle was amazing. Pleasant and Belinda together are magic. I could listen to them tell their stories about the punk rock scene all day. I wanted that episode to go on forever. Cant wait to hear the next episode. Give this podcast a listen. You will love it and Pleasant 🖤🖤🖤
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Gaming unicycle style
Fascinating and hilarious!
I enjoyed the first episode so much! I can’t wait for the next one
Deep Dish Dive Into Punk/LA Herstory
Pleasant Gehman is a sparkling storyteller and interviewer with a distinctive voice (literally) and style. She mixes the perfect podcast cocktail of MUSIC! OCCULT! HOLLYWOOD HISTORY! An accomplished actress, writer (check out Confessions Of A Showgirl) musician, tarot reader and world class belly dancer, Pleasant has a long history in Tinseltown and the stories to go with them. Belinda Carlisle has never been more forthcoming and fun (she’s hilarious) in any interview, due to her 40+ year history with Pleasant. Sink into this podcast, as the stories are told you will feel like you are there.
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LA punk O.G’s ❤️
So entertaining and funny . Thanks for sharing !!!!
Plez I loved it 💜