The Devil's Music with Pleasant Gehman
The Devil's Music with Pleasant Gehman
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Rock ‘n’roll and the occult have gone hand-in-hand ever since it was rumored that Robert Johnson sold his soul to The Devil. Hollywood iconand rock’n’roll witch Pleasant Gehman takes you to the dark depths where music and heathen hedonism meet the occult. No-hold-barred conversations with famous (and infamous) guests include stories that seem too wild to be true...until you realize there’s no way they could be made up. From backstage and touring debauchery to tarot, synchronicityand sex magick to wild paranormal experiences, this show will bring your demons out to play. Hop into the hot rod baby, we’re on a High way To Hell. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.
The Devil's Music 18: Iris Berry
Hollywood pop culture icon Iris Berry is a writer, musician and actor- you may have seen her in the cult classic “Border Radio” directed by Allison Anders or several other iconic films like “Thrashin”, “The Runnin’ Kind” and “Rock’n’roll Highschool. Her band The Lame Flames were rowdy boundary-pushers who, aside from making great music would now be called sex positive. Iris is the co-founder and editor of Punk Hostage Press, which is currently publishing books by Jack Grisham of TSOL, Vadge Moore of The Dwarves and your hostess, Pleasant Gehman. In this episode, Iris and Pleasant reminisce about the crazy times they’ve had together in four decades of friendship as feral girls in the 1980’s LA rock’n’roll scene, bartending at illegal after hours speakeasies, forming their band The Ringling Sisters, and among many other things...wild adventures with sex toys.  Iris Berry on Instagram Iris Berry Facebook Page More from Pleasant Gehman Instagram: @princessofhollywood This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts
Jan 13
1 hr 5 min
The Devil's Music 17: Chanty & Lynx of Muses Podcast
Lynx and Chanty are a pair of feral, feminist groupies who are also rock’n’roll historians. These Canadian femme fatales are the brains and beauty behind the popular “Muses” podcast, which celebrates the women of rock’n’roll, from groupies to rock wives to female musicians past and present. In this episode, the gals chat with hostess Pleasant Gehman about losing their virginity, and manifesting backstage dreams, cemeteries and paranormal groupie stories, including having sex in haunted hotel rooms. Muses podcast is also apart of Pantheon Podcasts- More from Pleasant Gehman Instagram: @princessofhollywood This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts
Dec 23, 2020
55 min
The Devil's Music 16:  Kid Congo Powers
Kid Congo Powers is a punk rock guitar icon and singer; he’s played with The Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Divine Horseman and many more -most recently, Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds. He also has a new memoir coming out in 2021. Kid and hostess Pleasant Gehman share four and a half decades of friendship, and were also roomies at three different punk houses in Los Angeles and New York during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. In this episode they discuss everything from his time in The Cramps and The Gun Club to making the pilgrimage to see The Sex Pistols at Winterland, LA’s favorite punk band The Screamers, stealing cars together and taking acid on The Bowery while stumbling home from CBGB’s. More from Pleasant Gehman Instagram: @princessofhollywood This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts
Dec 9, 2020
1 hr 7 min
The Devil's Music 15: Roz Drezfalez
Roz Drezfalez is a drag queen, comedian, actor and writer whose been featured on Bravo, Buzzfeed and in commercials that’ve run nationwide.She’s also the brains and beauty behind the popular paranormal podcast “Ghosted!”,-listen wherever you get podcasts. In this episode, Roz and hostess Pleasant Gehman chat about paranormal investigations, Ouija Boards, spirit communication, telekinesis and celebrity ghost sightings. Twitter: @RozDrezfalez. Instagram: @rozdrezfalez Patreon: More from Pleasant Gehman Instagram: @princessofhollywood This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts
Nov 25, 2020
1 hr 24 min
The Devil's Music 14: Terry Graham
Iconic drummer Terry Graham of the seminal Los Angeles bands The Bags and The Gun Club and is also the author of the memoir “Punk Like Me”. Currently, he’s also a fashion entrepreneur with Terry Wear, creating vintage inspired western shirts and rock’n’roll fashion masks. In this episode, Terry and hostess Pleasant Gehman share insane anecdotes about everyone from Jeffry Lee Pierce to The Screamers, The Plungers, The Masque and Kim Fowley to The Bags opening for Iggy. Added Bonus: Terry’s stories from living at The Canturbury, Hollywood’s most famous punk apartment: wild parties, lesbian girl gang debauchery and corpses on the floor in the lobby. Terry’s website: Instagram: @terrydadbag Facebook; @TerryJamesGraham OR @TerryJG1 More from Pleasant Gehman Instagram: @princessofhollywood This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts!
Nov 11, 2020
1 hr 14 min
The Devil's Music 13: Gabriela Herstick
Hot sorceress Gabriela Herstick is the author of “Inner Witch”, “Bewitching The Elements” & “Embody Your Magic”. She also has a column In High Times called “The High Priestess”, exploring the connection between weed and ritual, and just had a piece in Cosmopolitan. In this episode, Gaby and hostess Pleasant Gehman get all witchy discussing telekinesis, clairsentience, Samhain, Halloween and Dia De Los Muertes. The conversation turns kinky as they compare notes on Shibari (erotic rope bondage) sensory deprivation and sex magick rituals. Gabriela’s website: Instagram @gabyherstik Twitter: @gabyherstik More from Pleasant Gehman Instagram: @princessofhollywood This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts
Oct 28, 2020
1 hr
The Devil's Music 12: Karie Bible
For nearly twenty years, the delightfully dark Kari Bible has been the tour guide at America’s most famous graveyard, Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. She’s been featured on CNN, Turner Classic Movies and The Travel Channel and in numerous magazines. Karie has a film degree and is also the creator of Film Radar newsletter. In this episode, Karie and hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss the stars buried at Hollywood Forever and Closeup, the black cat who follows along on Karie’s tours. Also covered: vintage Hollywood monsters, graveyard ghosts and haunted movie theaters. Karie’s website: Instagram: @cemeterytourguide & @closeupthecemeterycat Twitter: @filmradar. Facebook: Karie Bible More from Pleasant Gehman Instagram: @princessofhollywood This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts
Oct 14, 2020
1 hr 5 min
The Devil's Music 11: Madame Pamita
The amazing Madame Pamita is a witch, tarot reader, musician, metaphysical teacher and author. Her latest work “The Book Of Candle Magic” is out now. In this episode, Madame Pamita and hostess Pleasant Gehman dish on everything from the Los Angeles music scene in the 1980’s to taking LSD in graveyards to Eastern European Slavic magick...from concerts by The Damned going very wrong. Madame Pamita also tells tales from when her surf band The Neptunas toured with The Breeders and talks about her all-female Cheap Trick cover band and gives listeners a taste of the Neptunas’ newly released album, “Mermaid A Go-Go”. Madame Pamita’s website: Instagram & Twitter: @madamepamita Facebook: Madame Pamita More from Pleasant Gehman Instagram: @princessofhollywood This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts:
Sep 30, 2020
1 hr 11 min
The Devil's Music 10: John Doe
John Doe is a living rock’n’roll legend. Along with co-founding X, the driving force of the early LA punk scene, he’s had an incredible solo career as a musician and actor. With co-author Tom De Savia and friends, his books 'Under The Big Black Sun' and 'More Fun In The New World' are definitive first-person accounts of the Los Angeles Music scene from the late 1970s- early 1980’s. In this episode, John and hostess Pleasant Gehman discuss X’s new album Alphabetland, as well as diving into wild stories from their four decades of friendship...including how crazy the early LA scene really was. They tell tales of X’s first gig-in a living room, after-hours speakeasy The Zero, The Masque, drunken trips to Tijuana, Darby Crash and Top Jimmy, the namesake of The Van Halen song. More from Pleasant Gehman Instagram: @princessofhollywood This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts
Sep 16, 2020
1 hr 18 min
The Devil's Music 09: Dana Gould
Dana Gould is an immensely talented comedian, actor, writer, and voice artist. He’s the mastermind behind the comedy horror series “Stan Against Evil” and “the Dana Gould Hour” podcast. In this episode, Dana and hostess Pleasant Gehman passionately explore a variety of topics, including-but not limited to-ventriloquism, clowns and puppets; old school punk rock and Charles Manson, plus the relationships they each had with legendary 1950’s glamour ghoul Vampira. Website: Instagram Twitter and Facebook: @danagould Patreon: More from Pleasant Gehman Instagram: @princessofhollywood This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts
Sep 2, 2020
1 hr 6 min
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