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The Dan Bongino Show
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Dan the man
Amazing guy.. to the point and not afraid of wackos.. love Dan bongino.
Save America
Awesome podcast! Foundational thinking for why we should be a conservative nation, what freedom means and where current conditions are moving against a nation of free citizens. Listen, learn and bring America back to the shining beacon it was built to be for humanity.
The best!!!
My favorite political podcast
Where’s the 6th ⭐️
I only gave Dan Bongino 5 stars because 6 weren’t available. Most trusted source on conservative radio. Best in the business.
Dan the man
love dan listen every day to podcast. if his radio show was podcast i would listen to that too. podcast is now becoming like Hanity. mostly a place that he tells you when to watch his other shows. podcast is really suffering. people around him won’t tell him because they are on the money asskiss ride. it was really sad to see dan join fox news the ones who sold us out.
So glad I found Dan…. I know longer have to analyze tons of media coverage to figure out what is truth and fact. Dan works so hard to make sure we are informed! Thank you for all your hard work Dan
My daily news
My daily dose on Dan is a must. My go to when. I want to know what’s going on in politics and news. Dan backs up everything with data, facts and experience.
Balanced View
I Iove Dan’s podcasts! He always looks at both sides and balances out the view…he calls it like he sees it but waits for all the facts.
Super-Spreader of Truth
Thank you Dan 1A 2A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Criminal 89
Love Bongino!
I think there may be a reason why teachers unions want children in face masks! Consider the possibility that the children would be more compliant to brainwashing! I know that sounds off the wall!
Truth matters
Dan only speaks the truth and that’s what matters.
My only news source.
I love to hear the podcast, but sadly I can’t get his radio station unless it’s streaming. Seems strange because I literally live five minutes from his house.I also enjoy Dan giving us the local news, I didn’t realizeThey’re going to raise your taxes at Sewalls point. I love being in Jensen Beach.
Great podcast! The line between public/private self is also necessary for the sanity of individuals
Read into Deleuze, Nick Land and Reza Negarastami to learn more about what happens, specifically, when the boundaries between public/private self break down. This is what Nick Land processes as the breakdown/inversion of Kantian Transcendentalism by “the machinic” (viz. the social media, surveillance & machine learning borg) I’ve deleted my FB, Instagram and Twitter I’m not going to contribute my time/energy to this anti-conservative bias any more
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Wanted to like it
But he only beats up democrat lies and never goes after republicans. Not actually balanced.
My Go-to News Person
Definitely The Dan Bongino Show is the place to go for the latest factual news with fair, balanced and blunt commentary. His Saturday night Fox News show along with The Bongino Report for running and updated news stories during the day provide the best rounded news coverage.
The Best!
The best podcast i've ever listened to. Funny, Witty, Informative. Dan and his team really do their homework and make sure the news he shares has real facts and weight behind it. In The Bongino Report, Dan sends out a daily email where he shares many of his sources and relevant articles to the show. I came across his podcast about a year ago and now I listen and watch Dan on every outlet I can find. 10/10 Would recommend for any conservative, moderate, or even liberal who wants to hear some actual facts for a change.
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Dan Bongino is the absolute best!!! He literally is “Unfiltered” and I’m all into it.
Great Show. Rush would be proud.
I’ve been watching Dan Bongino for several years since he appeared on Hannity. His grasp of current events, fearless New York attitude and intellectual understanding make this an entertaining and educational program. His podcast is worth the time and his weekday show is even better. His mentor, Rush Limbaugh, would be proud.
I love this show. God Bless all conservative talk show hosts. Our country needs you!
Erica Lynn 7
Over 74,000 ballots on accountable as being sent in Arizona
OK… Exactly to whom were these ballots cast for??? How come that question was not asked??? I think because we all know who they were cast for! Nothing to see here nothing to see here for the US Supreme Court nothing to see here it was all on the up and up wasn’t it? Fools!
They call me, "Tim..."
To the hard men
Dan, I’ve known some hard men in my time also. With a look they could command, with a voice they could conquer. J.R. Tolkien wrote it best in his book Return of the King. “It was the face of one who has been assailed by a great fear or anguish, but has mastered it and now is quiet.” This is the gaze of men who have killed for our freedoms. They are not bad men, but, they have done things, horrible to our soft senses; to ensure and defend our God given rights. I would encourage you, Dan, that there are many freedom fighters in America right now. I have personally seen the transformative effects of your dialogue, show notes, and media cuts bring a positive effect to people in my personal circles.
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Conservative hero
He is today’s hero in the conservative movement. He is honest and always provides the receipts 😁 He is someone I listen to daily and wouldn’t have it any other way. Subscribe to his daily news letter for all the articles he references for your own reading pleasure. His website The Bongino Report is the best…he is a hero and a man I look up to. Jason
To the point!
Pretty insightful podcast, great info with intelligent and truthful host. One of my top 5 podcasts ever
Show talks truth to America
This comes from a conservative perspective and they are open about that because they respect their audience.
It’s Sad Dan Avoids Certain Topics
Bongino goes to great lengths to avoid speaking about election fraud. Is it because he depends on Fox News? Possibly. I rather listen to people who are not controlled. Clear example is Biden In Philadelphia. He went there to stop audits and investigations in the 2020 presidential election. He went there to try to save his own neck. Dan Bongino changed it to “he went to fight reform bills”. Why would you do that Dan ?
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Keep telling the truth!
Let the liberals who listen to the show know the truth!
Lori from crappy NYS!
Make up artist
Dan, you don't need to wear make up. Especially if they make you do it yourself. Women don't mind the greasy look, better than smearded make up. 'al natural for Dan! Love your show btw.
Left VS Facts
The left likes to use wide terms, labels and avoid facts. Dan gives sources and examples to back his claims.
Apple Is The Worst
Apple Podcasts is the worst. Dan is the best. I encourage everyone utilizing Apple Podcasts to switch to a podcast platform that isn’t constantly manipulated by fascist party drones.
senor meme
I hate you
That’s all I have to say
Apple, enough with the Big Tech censorship!
The real truth that has been censored over the past year is now dribbling out little by little into the big press. Do you really want to be a part of destroying what’s left of the country? Obviously rhetorical. As history repeats, big tech is 1 step closer to playing the same roll as IBM and The New York Times played for Hitler. Bad Apple!
Love the show
Apple not being fair or something. Show is on all other platforms. But not here. I don’t get it. Love the content wish apple would play fair!!
Love this truth teller
Love listening
The best podcast
The Dan bongino show is definitely my favorite podcast, great information and great humor.
Smart guy He knows the scoreListen to him on podcasts and tv. Hope to see him on fox with his own daily show. I grew up in ozone park heard him mention glens I also spent many nights at glens great place to hang out. Regards Nick
Finally the truth!!!!
Dan’s got great insight. He paints a clear picture of the lefts dedire to tear our great nation apart
I hate the BONGINO BRIEFS! Regular listeners don’t need a recap; they listen to the actual show. Please arraign them, the briefs, as a separate podcast for those who don’t listen to the actual shows!
Great podcast!
Love Dan’s podcast! He has a great sense of humor and provides a lot of information we need to know. I listen to it on my phone or watch on Rumble daily.
Excellent! Common sense
Common sense from a man who has seen the world from so many sides.
Not news… all opinion
misleading titles and not news, just opinion.
Volume trouble
Liberal bad, conservative good
When you lack intelligence all you can do is rant how bad the left is while repeating yourself. It’s exhausting Dan, we know they’re evil dictators but use some creativity
In need of Christ
Dan is Savage!
Dan holds nothing back, and is neither afraid to call out ignorance, stupidity, and lies for what they are nor is he timid about boldly identifying those who are being suckered or are definitely the problem. If the “mainstream media” told the truth like Dan does, the left and leftist brainwashed thinking would cease to exist.
Common sense, in-depth from a hero patriot
Dan dives deep and comes up with information that a lot of pros miss. I’ll never forget the detail and smart analysis of the first Trump impeachment Ukraine nonsense. He was spot-on with the facts and analysis days and weeks before the rest got on board.
All the shows!! Everything you say hits home!!! Appreciate everything you all do ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Always amazing!!! Much love to you and your family!!!!
Thank you, Dan Bongino!!
I was so disappointed that WSB in Atlanta decided to air something else rather than YOUR show after Rush Limbaugh passed away. I am so thankful to be able to listen to your podcast! Keep up the good fight, Dan, Paula, Joe, and all your staff!
Nurse Natasha
Keep Fighting For Us!
You’re right, it’s intentional. They hate cops, they love criminals, release criminals, open borders. But they want our guns, so we can’t defend ourselves. And so we cannot protect ourselves, especially from them! They either want to call in the U.N. to move in OR they want to create a stronger totalitarian national police force. “We had no choice! Crime was rampant!” Yeah, it’s intentional my friend. Our forefathers saw this.
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The best!
I never miss an episode! Keep triggering the libs Dan 🎉
Dan has a great way of presenting facts and background information on them. Keep annoying them Dan great job!!!!
woke conserative
The Don and The Dan
Terrific duo! Keep going Dan!
Born Republican Right&True
The description of this podcast is a joke. This is pure conservative, Republican hate rhetoric. I listened to this garbage because I am interested in getting a fair and balanced view. This is not that.
Humid gruffness
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