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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.
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Great job
Great job Dan Bongino. Love your appearances on fox too
Thanks Dan
Dan has been so right on so many issues... I have fact checked him on many issues that I give... Trust and verify and follow Dan.... You won’t be sorry...... Keep up the Great Work Dan!!!
Dan’s the man!
Loved your conversation w/Ben!
fan in nv
Dan is the BEST!!
The best thing about Dans show, and what really attracted me to his podcast, is the fact the he “shows you the receipts” for everything he says. A TRUE PATRIOT!! Check out for REAL new headlines and stories! AND go download Parler in the App Store and sign up for TRUE freedom of speech on a social media platform! You’re the best Dan!! Keep doing what you do! Be well and God bless!!
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Fan From the Sunday Special!
Heard Dan on Ben Shapiro’s Sunday Special and really enjoyed his informative thoughts! Happy to say his show exceeded expectations after tuning in for the first time!
I like Dan Good Guy and Joe too .. good
Thanks Gill
alvie 10
The show
I love all his shows,
mike wolsch
Great show
Dan gives solid, honest news! Go to his excellent news site for headlines and the real news.
The Spygate Special
Once again a dynamite show!
Best of the best
This man is a true patriot and my hero. Thanks Dan for your fight and heart. God bless you
Nothing special
I rarely listen to right wing grifters but I have this one a try. Describing what gaslighting was and how Dems gaslight people, he explained how trump gaslights, Fox News and people like him carry out the gaslight. It’s a great business model. Your eyes and ears make these people rich. This is a great safe space for people who constantly complain about the mainstream media for not reporting on the gaslighting of the right. Enjoy!
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Dan is phenomenal!!
Dan Bongino’s podcast is phenomenal he reports the truth and always provides the sources. His previous line of work gives him great insight into our government and what they are doing to try and seize more power and fundamentally destroy America!
DB is informative, insightful, and he has the “receipts” to back up the info. I’ve learned so much about our (shady) government from DB, I think I’ve earned an honorary degree in political science. I listen every. single. day.
This show is everything you want
This show gives you everything you wanted and everything you didn’t know you needed. Dan and the crew are awesome.
Neecie Poot
If You Really Want to Know
Delivering valuable information and insight in a concise manner, Dan shines a much needed light on the hidden shadows interacting within and between our government, media and industry.
3D Mind in a 2D World
Thanks Dan
You’re shows are always informative and have great factual information. Thanks for keeping us patriots updated
The deplorable
Dan 2024!?! Awesome show . You are a true patriot!
Bongino Rock!
Take no prisoner truth bombs.
Your my number 1 pod cast
Fake news
Do you people really think Trump cares about any of you? You should all be ashamed of yourselves. What a disgusting disgraceful pig. Would you allow your children to speak the way he does? Don’t be on the wrong side of history. Don’t be a sheep. Country over party, remember. Trump is dividing this country and is making money every second of the way. Don’t be fools!
This psycho ran for congress and failed multiple times now just screams at ppl. He's a grifter just like all the rest. Doing this just to make $$. 0/5
Tricky Allen
Proud to be a conservative
The facts, intricacies, passion and wits Dan and his team have make me more proud everyday to be a conservative political junkie. Thank you. I AM going to want to hear from Paula someday though :)
Dan Bongino knows how to pinpoint what is truth and what is not. He does meticulous research and shares it in a way that is easy to understand. He is a true patriot and I can tell he loves this country!
Archer 000
Dan Bongino is credible and informative. I enjoy his podcasts and know I get info in a timely manner so I can be ahead in politics. Thank you Dan. You are a true Patriot.
You da man Dan!
Dan is not African. He is American. His heritage is Italian though.
Informed Trucker
Real news
This podcast is essential listening. Thanks to Dan, Paula & Joe for truth.
Awesome podcast
I love this podcast. Keep up the great work
Great podcast
It’s a GREAT daily podcast . No punches pulled, very direct, and informative, and you can tell he’s a good, patriotic man. I just want to know how he manages to talk that fast😂. I mean, I know he has a lot to cover but SHEESH! Since he’s no longer in the Secret Service, maybe his next career choice could be as an auctioneer! He could scope the crowd while he was auctioning off various items. I’d feel safe in that crowd.
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Gringa Muy Loca
Dan Bongino
With You Fellow PatriotCarry On 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💯LALiberty
LA Liberty
That’s exactly what I get from your show. Dan thanks for being what I consider a common sense voice in all this chaos. It was very disturbing to see you and your wife harassed like after the RNC. To your wife I extend a heartfelt apology for all us true Americans. This is not democracy that was mob rule. God bless you both.
I started listening to bongino about 2 years ago. By far my favorite podcast, I never miss an episode. The spy gate information is 2nd to none, love when Joe goes crazy on the soundboard. One request for Joe, please bring back the sound bite of President Trump saying “sometimes you feel stupid”. It is my favorite.
Great show
Listen all the time wish more people who think biden would be good for the country would listen
whata up
This is an honest show from an honest Patriot. If the passion and the emotion from Dan are upsetting to you...understand that the leftist-democrats might light your neighborhood on fire next week, and that would be a worse thing. As my drill Sargent used to tell us...”stop being a candy ass and find out how to get tougher”. Try it Candy...we are in the fight for our very republic!
Twin brother finally crosses over!
I want to thank you for all the reporting and the things that you have done to bring out the truth. I’ve shared your story with my brother who is a long time Democrat, we both served in the Army, and trying to tell him what has been going on and he wouldn’t open up finally I got to where he got open minded share some information about what you have been saying, along with folks like Hannity Tucker etc. and just feeding him information to where he can make an informed decision, but now he has seen what is going on., and not OK. He’s still registered Democrat, but voting Trump! The truth! Keep up the good work!
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Amazing that Dan is a black man and holds these views
So proud of an African brother telling truth like Dan does, it’s really amazing
1 star reviews
The people with the 1 star written reviews are the Nutcases who are so mad that we “won’t change our minds” as put in a review I read. They’re like children throwing a tantrum in a wal-mart for being told no; only they’re big enough to throw bricks and murder people now. Any-who, I’m not changing my mind for people who partake or support in the burning down of businesses, looting, defunding the police and chanting Death to America. Thank you Dan Bongino for triggering these bafoons.
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Love the show!
God bless Dan and Paula and Joe
Truth and nothing less! Conservatives that make no apologies. We send prayers for you and this honest show.
Election Chaos
How can we stop it? It’s so maddening!!!
San Francisco blowout
Nancy Pelosi and her democratic cronies are the reason California is going to hell. I wish the bunch of them would go get their hair blown by jumping off the San Francisco bridge, they would be doing all off us a great favor. At least they would be doing something meaningful by feeding the fish.
You’re my new favorite person!
I was recently turned on to your podcast and I haven’t looked back since! You’re my new favorite person. Thank you for doing what you do
Really like Dan and the show. He has great information but it’s too much doom & gloom. We know things are bad & Dan’s delivery exacerbates the anxiety. I grew up In an Italian family, so I’m used to that delivery, but everyday it’s something new, over which we have no control, hemming us in on every side with no hope. Sorry but that’s not healthy. That’s ulcer-forming lol. Sheep dogs are ready for what’s coming & we need calm to perform, not hysteria. Hope they read this & get a better mix.
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The Worst
This should be called Twitter Troll
A bit emotional
Would be a great improvement to speak with less volatility in pace and intonation. Good enunciation and pronunciation. Content honest, clear, pointed and comprehensive in depth and breadth.
Robin Datta
No objectivity or facts. This is for people who don’t want to change their minds and think they already know the facts. Perfect show for guys with little dicks who want pickup trucks.
For a guy who insists his audience is so astute, he repeats and repeats and repeats as if he’s addressing toddlers or morons!
Required Listening
I listen to Dan every day. He is a true patriot who presents the facts in terms any sane person can grasp.
Hooked on Bongino
This is the first podcast I’ve ever subscribed to. I was introduced to Dan Bongino on Facebook and subscribed immediately! He is truthful, witty, and spot on with his reports! Simply the best!
So much information from a true professional.
Paranoid nutcase
Being realistic would be too much effort for this guy who substitutes angry arrogance for credible authority
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