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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.
The Bongino Brief - Jul 24, 2021
The hallmarks of a not-free country.
Jul 24
13 min
Stunning Video From The Past Predicted Where We Are Now (Ep 1569)
This shocking video from the past predicted precisely where we are now. In this episode, I discuss the video and I address explosive new evidence about the Delta Variant.  News Picks: Thanks for your support! The same Democrats telling you CRT isn’t being taught in schools, are sending out PowerPoints about how to teach CRT in schools. The same Democrats telling you they’re not trying to defund the police, are defunding the police. Data from India continues to blow up mainstream media narratives about coronavirus. Our “justice” department is entirely broken. Mark Levin’s new book explodes onto the charts. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
Jul 23
59 min
Another Big Tech Nightmare Exposed (Ep 1568)
Are you being tracked by big tech? In this episode, I discuss a troubling story showing how easy it is to track you using your phone. Also, I debunk a series of lies from Joe Biden’s town hall last night.  News Picks: Liberal bigots want to bring back segregation. Covid-Zero policies have been an atrocious failure. The NBA Finals did better without Lebron James. The scale of China’s prison camps is grotesque.  Are your apps tracking you? We must reign in our big tech censors.  CNN’s resident coffee boy is big mad about my new Fox Nation show. How much do the rich actually pay in taxes? The Pegasus story gets uglier. The JEC Senate report discussed in the show. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
Jul 22
58 min
The Free World Isn’t Free Anymore (Ep 1567)
Is the free world still free? This is a serious question given where we are. In this episode, I discuss the growing body of evidence that the free world is collapsing into totalitarian chaos.  News Picks: Did this science journal pull a story on masks because it didn’t toe the Democrat line on masks? Did the FBI have a role in the plot against Whitmer? More on the FBI entrapment story. The US Women’s Soccer Team gets wrecked after kneeling for our National Anthem. Did Joe Biden use private email services too? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
Jul 21
59 min
Why Are They Hiding The Pegasus Scandal? (Ep 1566)
Why are they hiding the massive Pegasus spying scandal? In this episode, I follow the money. I also address the REAL data behind the covid risk to kids.  News Picks: What is Pegasus? Follow the money.  The Matt Ridley blog post about the infectious nature of the coronavirus variants, which I discussed in the show today.  Twitter communists suspend Marjorie Taylor Greene.  Democrats want your young kids wearing face diapers. Biden is desperately backtracking on his Facebook threats.  Media joker admits they’re full time liberal activists. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
Jul 20
1 hr
What is Pegasus? (Ep 1565)
What is Pegasus? This is the biggest story of the day. In this episode, I discuss the troubling revelations about this new surveillance tool.  News Picks: What is Pegasus? Governments are increasingly pressuring social media companies to pull down content. The coming coup article discussed in the show. The media has lost all of their credibility. And they did it to themselves. Democrats don’t support science as they continue to support face diapers for your kids.  Brian Stelter gets REKT on his own show! France goes full totalitarian in their panicked effort to promote Covid hysteria.  Is your child speaking like Peppa Pig? Don’t miss my new Fox Nation special. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
Jul 19
59 min
The Bongino Brief - Jul 17, 2021
Why is it so hard to call out communism?
Jul 17
8 min
A Dangerous New Attack On Your Liberties (Ep 1564)
The Biden White House makes their most outrageous move yet against your civil liberties. In this episode, I discuss the dangerous new territory we’re in. I also address the Soros connection to the ongoing covid fear campaign.  News Picks: The JAMA study about the dangers of masks on your children. The Arizona audits reportedly found potentially thousands of duplicate ballots.  The Biden administration is working with Facebook to engage in censorship. Hapless LA officials reinstate a mask mandate because they’re losers.  A rebellion is brewing in Australia over their draconian lockdowns.  More evidence that Wikipedia is a farce. The “woke” Major League Baseball all-star game crashes and burns.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
Jul 16
1 hr 1 min
Why Won’t The Democrats Call Out Evil When They See It? (Ep 1563)
Are Democrats communists? It certainly looks that way. In this episode, I discuss the disgusting inability of the Democrats to speak out against communism in light of the Cuba crisis. I also address the Biden administration’s troubling attacks on your civil liberties.  News Picks: Here’s the real truth about Cuba.  Even the left-leaning AJC admits there were significant issues in Georgia in the 2020 election. The Biden administration wants to police your texts, and their denials ring hollow. The frauds at Reuters are widely mocked for being hypocrites.  Ron DeSantis strikes again! Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
Jul 15
58 min
Horrifying Video Emerges From Cuba (Ep 1562)
Disturbing video emerges out of Cuba which you all need to see. In this episode, I discuss the freedom fight in Cuba, along with the latest absurdity from Fauci meant to frighten you.  News Picks: Here’s what’s really in the Texas voting bill.  Inflation is exploding. Trouble ahead? Our debt is exploding, we’re going bankrupt.  GOP Congressman introduces a resolution to support the freedom fighters in Cuba, and zero Democrats sign on.  Fifteen “celebrities” who have promoted Cuba.  Inside Fakebook’s data wars.  The White House knows that inflation is about to explode, how will they respond? Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.
Jul 14
1 hr
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