D‘Acquisto Series Podcast
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Cody do you have to interrupt EVERYONE
Folks tune in to here the information but Cody’s constant interruptions are so distracting I have to move on, learn some manners…..
The fella1
Direct, Actionable Information and Insight
Excellent hunting podcast! Information is presented in a direct and actionable manner with real world experience to back up the how and why. Great insights and thought provoking conversation to challenge yourself and be better with. Highly recommend!
Keep it going
Outstanding information, glad you guys revived this!!
Fly with wings
Lots of valuable information and enjoyable to listen to
Good listen
Finally some right to the point info. No life story every episode just jump right in ! Keep it up
Moon Debate!!
Is was the best moon debate I’ve ever heard. There is such a strong desire to believe the moon phase dictates deer movement and therefore hunter opportunity despite collar tracking studies. Its not worth focusing on as a hunter. Just stop already.
need vasoline for these bills
I like the banter and content. It’s different, but still informative
Bryan w 32
I enjoy narrowing down and learning about different tactics and strategies, but I’d also enjoy learning through you two telling play by play stories. I could listen to endless episodes about the “one that got away” splitting an entire episode/episodes on just Cody telling hunting stories and then just Andre telling stories. I think a lot of people would enjoy those.
how many miles have i walked?
Awesome podcast
More input please!! Keep it coming!! Love you guys!!
Long island Vin
Great listen
Always get jacked when I see a new podcast pop up from these guys, always learn something new. It’s even better not having that leg humper from working class on here anymore.
Real and Refreshing
I love listening to these guys!!!! They are real when it comes to hunting. No BS just real talk about the thing we love and it is refreshing in today’s hunting world. Thanks for sharing with us from your decades of experience boys!
Love the podcast
There are tons of killers out there and information everywhere. But to be able to listen to these coming from someone with decades of experience like Andrea has and to be able to learn tips and tactics is so beneficial to people. Appreciate the podcast
Andy Legue-Bowhunter88
That was rough
Just two guys talking over each other the whole time. Content was good but it was rough to follow. You shouldn’t have to use poor language to exaggerate a point or story. Makes you sound unintelligent.
Tyler S Abernathy
Abram Dean (TN)
The D’Acquistos have helped and inspired me to become a better hunter. Their tactics have allowed me to experiment things in the woods I never thought possible. This podcast has been excellent so far!
Awesome information
Definitely some of the best guys to listen to on deer hunting. Always honest straightforward. They call it as they see it and giving you honest opinions and what they do to make it happen.
Hard Knocks PhD In Whitetail Psychology
No gimmicks. Straight to the point, proven tactics for mastering old, mature whitetails. The team at Lone Wolf Custom Gear and the D’Aquisto family share their no nonsense approach for success in all areas of the whitetail woods. Highly recommended!
The Best in Whitetail Hunting
Vast knowledge of pursuing whitetails and year round tactics. Best products in the business as well!
Cade c
Great podcast with good deer hunting talk
Top notch guys that have years of experience. Tactics can be applied to hunters at all levels. Guys looking to evolve this is the podcast for you
B Horton Ohio