The D'Acquisto Series Podcast
The D'Acquisto Series Podcast
D'Acquisto Series Podcast
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The D'Acquisto Series Podcast
E.16 Coffee with Cody: October Buck Breakdown
Cody gets it done early OctoberFull Buck BreakdownVideo updatesFan Friday on LWCG social mediaWhat's next
Oct 13
1 hr 1 min
15 Coffee with Cody & September Hunting
15 Coffee with Cody & September Huntingproduct updateHeadquarters updateSeptember Hunting
Sep 3
1 hr 10 min
14 Mobile Hunting Efficiency
Cody and Andrae give a breakdown of how they hang and hunt
Aug 12
1 hr 7 min
EP13 Coffee with Cody Q&A
EP13 Coffee with Cody Q&A
Aug 3
47 min
EP12 DS.5 background story and deer talk
EP12 DS.5 background story and deer talk
Jul 2
47 min
EP11 The Bump and Dump The D'Acquisto Series Podcast
EP11 The Bump and Dump- The D'Acquisto Series Podcast
Jun 26
1 hr 30 min
EP9 Listener Questions- The Dacquisto Series Podcast
We are finally back! This episode will be airing in audio format only due to the virus situation. We apologize for the long break! To make up for it we decided to do a longer episode and get to some listener question in detail! Enjoy!
Jun 12
1 hr 49 min
EP8 Evolution Of The Saddle Platform With Brad Kuhnert - Dacquisto Series Podcast
Brad Kuhnert gives us a lesson in the evolution to the modern saddle hunting platform. Brad brings some of his early platforms he developed and shows the changes over the years. Saddle hunting and tree stand hunting can be used together in your arsenal to help consistently get on big bucks for each situation. Brad really shows that he is one of the true founders of this style of hunting.
Jun 12
50 min
EP7 ATA New Products - The Dacquisto Series Podcast
The new products from Lone Wolf Custom Gear at the 2020 ATA Show!
Jun 12
25 min
EP6 The Christmas Special- The Dacquisto Series Podcast
The Christmas Special! On this episode, the guys start with an ambush update then go to a new product announcement, Curt killing his target buck, bowhunting during firearm season, and late season strategies.... food, food, food.
Jun 12
1 hr 23 min
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