The Connection Connoisseur!
The Connection Connoisseur!
Brenda Billings Ridgley
The Connection Connoisseur!
Brenda Billings Ridgley
Wives, mothers, and career women—we have all fallen victim to the silent epidemic that is, literally . . . letting ourselves go. Not the makeup-free, yoga pants, weight gain routine. Little by little, we have allowed our preferences, interests, and individuality to slip away until we no longer recognize ourselves outside of our role as wives, mothers, or professionals. Who we are has become what we do. In the process, our friendships have become the casualty of a “busy life” and lack consistency and depth. We have a gaping hole inside us that longs to be filled. How do we reclaim who we really are and fill this empty space that seemed to appear from nowhere? The answer lies in our Tribe. Our best friends see us more clearly than we see ourselves and are representations and extensions of our individuality. They are our companions, cheerleaders, and counselors—always in our corner. They are the branches of our tree of life that lift and support us, so we can flourish. Our Tribe is the family with whom we choose to live our life . . . with no strings attached. Brenda Ridgley is the author of Lady and the Tribe, a blueprint for building deep connections. As you listen you'll be swept away on a journey of friendship as the author shares her own personal stories and those of other women. In the process, you'll discover how to find, nurture, and deepen friendships and create a Tribe culture that is unique to you. We can become whole again through the power of connection. When three or more gather, we are Tribe. For a new Friendship Tip each week join our Inner Circle: Subscribe Follow Brenda Ridgley: YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter
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