The Catholic Feminist
The Catholic Feminist
Claire Swinarski
136: Thriving as a Special Needs Mama ft. Vania Deeney
39 minutes Posted Feb 18, 2020 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

Parenting is hard, no matter who you’re parenting. But parenting a child with special needs is a task that some people hold up as the most heroic act of them all. Not so, says today’s guest—and she explains why. Vania Deeney is a mom, engineer, and Catholic Latina whose daughter was diagnosed with a genetic condition in her third trimester. Vania and I chat about what it was like to receive her daughter’s diagnosis, her advice for mothers of able-bodied kids to make our church more inclusive, and her devotion Our Lady of Guadalupe. We also talk about her work as an engineer and being a woman in a male-dominated field. Enjoy!

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