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The Catholic Feminist
Claire Swinarski
135: Overcoming Pornography to Find Uncompromising Purity ft. Kelsey Skoch
50 minutes Posted Feb 11, 2020 at 10:00 pm.
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Show notes

Pornography has been a “men’s issue” for as long as I’ve been involved in ministry. Anti-porn talks are for the men. The accountability apps are aimed at men. The speakers willing to Go There are men.

I am so, SO thankful for women like author Kelsey Skoch. Kelsey is boldly sharing her story of overcoming a pornography addiction in order to help other women find a way out. In today’s show, we talk about WHY pornography is immoral, if there’s any room for porn in a healthy sexual being’s life, and what she recommends for women currently struggling with this topic. But my favorite part of the conversation is when Kelsey helped me reframe the very idea of “purity”. That it’s NOT being a high school girl wearing a Jesus Is My Homeboy bracelet being told she’s a piece of tape that loses its stickiness after too many uses. It truly changed some of my views about the word and I hope it makes you think as well. Enjoy! (Just a note on little ones—this is one of our sensitive topics you probably want headphones for; we drop some words. Also, speaking of little ones, my three year old was losing his MIND that Dad had to play Candy Land instead of Mom so…you hear him for just a minute, ha! Thanks for understanding that #workingmom life!)

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