The Catholic Feminist
The Catholic Feminist
Claire Swinarski
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Guests were awesome. Host less so.
Well-intentioned with excellent guests. It would be more fruitful to have a host who I can look up to as a feminist- in all honesty, she is a stay-at-home home who occasionally works. She benefits from the patriarchal system. We need more representation from single women, working women, women who carry unique crosses in the Church. I see that in a lot of the guests, which is why I keep listening, but Claire herself is not a feminist and it sometimes hurts the show to hear her go on about her “struggles”. Women in the Catholic world are beautiful, loving, strong, gritty- this Disney princess approach is not comforting or useful.
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True feminism
Thank you for being a witness to true feminism!
Important topics missed in church
I absolutely love this podcast. I live in the south and Catholics here tend to be afraid of the word feminism or hard topics like race or poverty. I’m so happy to have found a community that is catholic but also talks about less traditionally “conservative” catholic issues. We need to focus more on the Lamb not the elephant or donkey
corey wayne 420
I find myself excited
To listen every week. I even go back and listen to older episodes. It has given me information, resources, community groups... the list goes on. It’s such a joy to tune in :)
I’m really trying to like this podcast
Catholic and feminist are two titles I proudly wear so I am really trying with this podcast but thus far I have not enjoyed it. It comes off a little privileged and pretentious but I am going to continue listening and am definitely going to update this if my opinion changes but for now, this podcast is pretty meh.
Thank you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this podcast. For a very long time, I felt like I was all alone as a Catholic feminist. And then I stumbled upon your platform! It’s given me so much food for thought and has helped me connect with other likeminded women. I look forward to more. :)
Feminism so white
I’ve been listening to her for years but she’s dismayed me to the point where I’ve unsubscribed. Her niche audience is white middle America women who don’t have regular nine to five jobs, despite her wide range of guests. Her limited view of the world comes through in the (limited) topics she covers. There is also a very obvious blind spot to racism and the issues affecting us in America today. She’s quick to talk about how abortion is wrong but racism is “complicated.” Claire, racism is complicated, it’s also wrong.
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I really wanted to like this but…
I never review podcasts but listening to a number of episodes of this show has really got me down. I don’t hear much of Claire’s feminism coming through on this show. Instead what I’m hearing is the constant shaming that goes along with traditional Catholic ideology. Shaming women who want to try IVF, shaming women who use medical forms of birth control - shaming people essentially for making incredibly personal choices that no one of any faith background has any grounds for passing judgement on. I was (very unwillingly at times) raised Catholic but have been struggling with sticking by the Church with all that has gone on recently and I first saw this podcast as a way to potentially remind myself why I should do so and how I could do so given my strong political liberalism and commitment to intersectional feminism. Sadly, it’s just reinforced to me that I can’t.
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A Much-Needed Sane, Compassionate Voice
Claire is honest, humble, and always resists the urge to slip into hardheadedness. Her podcast has brought me back to the Church. The only suggestion I have is that she discuss the relationship between Catholicism and feminism in more depth. I think many people (who don’t take the time to listen to what Claire actually says) misunderstand what she means when she talks about feminism, and I also think many feminists also assume she is pandering and doesn’t hold truly feminist beliefs. Greater dialogue on this subject would be welcome. Thanks for all you do, Claire!
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Claire Swinarski’s brand of feminism is pretty limited to white, middle-class, stay-at-home trad Catholic women. If you know “Catholic Speaker Culture,” this is it, right here. If you’re outside of their target market, skip this in favor of something more interesting and relatable.
Informative, and insightful
I've just recently started listening to the Catholic Feminist Podcast, but even as a 17 year old it has helped me grow. Before listening to this podcast, I had a very conservative view of the church that I felt like I either had to fit into that box, or live outside of the box. Now, I understant that there are many Catholic women out there that can inspire me, ones that arent saints and devoted their lives to the poor such as Mother Teresa. Understanding this has helped me a lot not only in living my life through God, but also how to do so in this pandemic. Thank you, Claire!
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Maisy Dukes
Love it
Great podcast! I especially like the conversations about diversity and inclusion in the Church, as well as the diversity of the guests Claire interviews. Many other topics are covered as well, so there should be interesting material for many people. I look forward to it every week. :)
A Powerful, Insightful Podcast
I’ve been listening to the Catholic Feminist Podcast for over a year now, and I love how this podcast creates space for me to think about my faith in the context of very complex issues, like addiction, the criminal justice system, and immigration. This podcast has really inspired me to think about what I value about the Catholic Church, and it’s especially challenging me to live out a life that spreads peace, love, and justice for all. Thanks, Claire for making this podcast 💛
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Has potential but misses the mark unfortunately
At first, I was all for this podcast and thought it was great and exactly what the world needed. However, over time, it has gotten boring for me. I think Claire is a lovely and intelligent woman. But she asks every guest the same questions and almost all content is interviews which is fine to an extent. I wish she would address the criticisms of her ideology. A lot of other catholic influencers and intellectuals do not believe that feminism and Catholicism are congruent. I wish she would address those people’s points and explain her perspective a bit more rather than assuming her audience agrees with her. Also, it would be interesting to maybe have someone on the podcast that has a different perspective and they could each share why they disagree (in a civil way of course). Everyone she has on has no problem calling themselves “catholic feminists.” This isn’t true for every catholic. I’m not giving up on this podcast though, because I think it has some great information and perspectives. This is just my constructive criticism.
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REAL takes on TRUE feminism
This podcast has long been one of my favorites Claire’s perspective and her willingness to ask questions in a world that so often encourages noise has inspired me to do the same in my life. This podcast has the potential to inspire people’s lives!
Clare. Delgado
Amazing Perspective, Light Podcast
This podcast is great for it’s loving and vibrant look at the faith and the world. Listening as a first year college student, it felt like having an older sister talk about her faith. I recommended it to my friends but must stop listening to it now because she keeps covering the same material again and again. To fix this problem, I would go more specific and more in depth.
Episode 138– losing sight
I’ve listened for a long time. But the recent episode, 138 lost me as a listener and a subscriber. Up until this episode I was really impressed by this podcast, and even was recommending this podcast to family and friends. I liked that it was a Godly escape from the world and would give me great perspective on things. One of the things I enjoyed most about this podcast was how politically impartial it came off as. With all the political bashing on the news and on social media, it was really great having an escape. This episode featured a speaker who openly shared her political views and was bashing those who disagreed with her. I don’t feel that this was either professional or productive. I feel that this episode should have had some kind of heads up in the description, so that those who don’t want to participate/listen to political bashing of EITHER side can skip it. **this is not me taking a side in politics. This is coming from a listener with two degrees in political science and who’s entire family is in the Marines. I’m disgusted by the political bashing happening on news and social media site, and I choose to not participate in bashing on their side, and I refuse to promote podcasts who do. Thank you for the great episodes, up until this point.
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I love this podcast!
This show has been exactly what needed in a Catholic podcast. It speaks to my heart in a way I didn’t even know I was missing, and it has been bringing me closer to God lately. 🙂
Funny, heartwarming, and Catholic
Love listening to the episodes about NFP, theology of the body, and other similar topics. Claire has given us a new definition of feminism—that men and women are equal in dignity—that all Catholics can feel good about. Claire is funny, sweet, and sassy! Love her show.
By far one of the best catholic podcasts!
Claire is passionate, funny, and does not avoid addressing difficult topics. I love this podcast because it covers a wide array of topics that pertain to the Catholic faith. Claire makes sure to dedicate the time necessary to discussing pro life issues in a loving and firm way, which I really appreciate. Furthermore, I love this podcast because it discusses other social justice issues as well. This podcast has showed me the importance of realizing that Catholic social teaching cannot be reduced solely to abortion. Sex trafficking, immigration, and poverty are issues that are also of utmost importance, and Claire is dedicated to giving those with knowledge of these issues a voice on this platform where they can educate as many people as possible. You won’t regret listening to this podcast, and you’ll be hooked before you know it! Claire is a huge gift to the Church, and I’m thankful for her contribution to the Church. She has certainly helped me understand my faith more fully. I’m sure you’ll benefit in a similar way.
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Listening to jeannie gaffigan & she is microwaving food, her emails are dinging, is it rude to have guests without noise distractions ?? I cant listen.
Smart, courageous and inspiring!
This podcast brings into the light so many important topics that I felt my Catholic circles weren’t really digging into. Claire asks the hard questions but she does it with grace and humor; seeking the truth.
Inspiring and positive!
I‘ve been listening to the podcast every day to work for the past few weeks, getting caught up on all the episodes, and I absolutely love these conversations! Claire feels like a genuine friend and I love how down to earth all the episodes are. I’ve found them very encouraging and inspiring. Listening to them makes me feel that there is a community of Catholic women out there who care passionately about each other as well as various pertinent issues that we are faced with in this day and age as women. God bless and keep doing what you’re doing!
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Always speaks to my heart
Claire THANK YOU!!! You are a rockstar who is delivering content that is speaking to our hearts and nourishing our souls, all while we live our busy lives. God is using you to reach out and touch His people! Keep up the great work!!
Looovveee this podcast
This is one of my favorite podcasts because it’s inspirational, very informative, and encouraging. I’ve learned so much and have dramatically grown in my faith from including this show into my weekly life.
Ballin on the Daley
Thanks so much for information and encouragement
I found this podcast as a way to better understand Catholicism and hear from other Christian women about how to live a more Christ like life. I found so much more from listening and have learned so much about natural family planning. I had not known much about this method of planning a family but had a desire to learn more in preproduction to one day getting married and having children. I am now seeking out a doctor who practices NFP and feel much more equipped heading into the future. Thanks for your wonderful podcast and keep up the great work!!!
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So good
I love this podcast! Thought provoking and enriching- so so many good interviews!
Real People, Real Topics, and the Church Today
This podcast talks about contemporary issues from the perspectives of those who are directly involved and shines light on how it affects the Catholic Church. The words that I would use to describe this podcast is: fun, real, informative, hopeful, empowering women, supportive, not biased. Love this podcast!
Kayla Salley
This podcast got me back into the church!
Thank you!!!
this podcast changed my life. it turned me into a catholic feminist. all of the women who are interviewed have inspired me! thank you!!
Favorite podcast
Claire’s podcast is my hands down favorite podcast. In the Catholic world, it can be hard to find content for women that is not centered around being a married mom (which married moms are awesome-I’m married and a little impatiently waiting to be a mom), but Catholic women need to also have conversations that empower and relate to ALL Catholic women. Claire’s podcast achieves that purpose. I have learned so much from Claire’s honesty about her faith and her guest’s passions about everything from immigration to NFP. Thank you, Claire!
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Nicole Jacobsma
Modern, relevant, real conversations with Catholic women!
Recently discovered Claire’s podcast through some Catholic blogs I follow and have LOVED this show- she covers all kinds of topics relevant to the modern Catholic woman, including abortion, homosexuality, foster care, discerning your vocation, and perfectionism. If you’re looking for a way to grow in your faith as well as hear from other inspiring Catholic women (and men!) who are trying their best at living a bold life in Jesus, this is the place for you. Claire, thanks for this podcast, it is much needed in today’s world and a wonderful part of my week!!!
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Anna Elizabeth11
Beautiful blend of social justice and my faith
I often notice podcasts either lean directly on “faith” or “works”. This podcast beautifully shows our call as Catholic women to grow in virtue and holiness while serving!
Eye opening and positive
Thank you for giving voice to women, supporting women, and nurturing women’s wholesomeness within the Catholic Community of faith.
If you are Catholic and not listening to Claire every week I honestly do not understand your life. This podcast is so smart, informed, reasonable, compassionate and DEEPLY ROOTED IN CATHOLIC TEACHING! Complete inspiration to get informed and take action without being depressing. Claire does an EXCELLENT job of being uplifting and rooted in faith.
Morgan Tompkins
Heretical leftism for bitter old maids and white knights
Most ludicrous garbage ever. The scriptures mean what the scriptures say. The new testament says 4 times in 1 peter, ephesians, 2 timothy 2 women should not have authority over a man, should be quiet, not be teachers and will save themselves through childbirth. 1 peter women who are the weaker sex should submit to their husbands, ephesians 4 submit to your husband and 1 corinthians 14:34 women should be quiet in Church and submissive. Catholics do not allow birth control you are supposed to have a large family and stay home breastfeeding your babies. The whole bible is directed to men. Do not look at a woman with lust, secure a wife for yourself. Women shouldnt vote the politicians should direct themselves towards the men too. Feminism started with suffrage and in 1973 passed abortion. Feminism is an anti Christian liberal leftist movement. It is highly gross, unnatural and unattractive. This person has no warm she sounds like all grouchy unhappy liberals speaking in their npr voice with a chip on their shoulder. Could only stomach a minute but I highly doubt it has any official Church treachings. There wasnt even a female doctor of the Church until 1970. Women couldnt speak or distribute the holy Eucharist until Vatican 2. These are negative trends signs of the end times! Repent and delete all this content or you could lose your soul for going against God’s word!
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Nathaniel Pettit
The host sold out at the expense of women
I was a faithful listener of this podcast from the beginning, but now I can’t listen to it anymore. The host recently took on a sponsorship from the Franciscan University of Steubenville, a Catholic institution that has come under fire for its mishandling of rape and sexual abuse cases, and its pervasive rape culture. Claire cannot claim to be a feminist while supporting an institution that so negatively affects women. She sold out at the expense of victims, and has lost their respect and trust, as well as mine.
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This podcast challenges me & inspires me!
The topics are relevant and I am challenged to explore deeper in my life of faith. Keep up the good work on all things! Excellent format.
Liz Escoffery
Catholic Feminist
Such a great podcast! Claire- thanks for having a variety of different ladies in different careers and stages of their lives. God Bless you! Thank you! Danielle Brown was sweet!
excellent idea, some troubling assumptions
I was really excited about this podcast for a while. As someone who identifies this way, and also sometimes feels like a bad catholic and a bad feminist, and struggles with the world telling me these are inconsistent identities, I thought I was home. My problem was that with many interviewees who were married with children, I noticed a consistent assumption that the husband’s job takes precedence and the wife’s place is assumed to me more at home than his, even if she works. I have no judgement of women and their partners who decide that is best for them. The problem is in the assumption and not questioning it, or not taking the time to point out that not all families operate that way. As a woman with a pretty successful career at a young age with a husband who is there for it 100%, I found these messages troubling, upsetting, definitely not feminist, and not necessarily Catholic either. It bothered me so much I had to stop listening. Maybe I’ll come back. I wish Claire luck and support the podcast continuing and growing into some deeper reflection on what feminism means for all, not just for those with a certain lifestyle.
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The exact polar opposite of a catholic woman is a feminist.
Just found out about the podcast 5 weeks ago and I have miraculously listened to every single episode already. Every episode is so empowering and helpful in growing to become a better Catholic feminist.
This is a real window to a good soul
Claire is a delightful, honest voice in the world. She is serious and funny, thoughtful and spontaneous. For an older woman, she is a window to the world of young Catholic women and I like what I hear. I have recommended this podcast to all my friends.
Grateful for this podcast
She is real, modern, honest, but true to her values and integrity. Thankful to have found this truly catholic FEMINIST podcast. It has made me feel a lot less alone in this crazy world! Don’t connect with every single episode, but I love most of them.
who needs netflix when you can binge the catholic feminist?
After searching for a podcast to dive deeper into the Catholic faith, I discovered the Catholice Feminist and have been binging every episode from the beginning of the show on my commute to work and home. Listening to them back to back, I've really listened to Claire blossum as a Catholic, as a feminist, and as a podcast host/interviewer. These episodes have introduced me to wonderful resources and sparked ideas I had never considered. Thank you, Claire for putting so much time and effort into making this an inspiring and thought-provoking podcast. The women and men you interview are truly fantastic and I'm so happy that I'm finally caught up to listen in real-time as the episodes are released!
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How to talk about abortion
This minisode truly touched my heart, thank you.
So good!
I’ve just discovered this podcast and it has truly blessed me! As a young Christian woman, this really encourages me and my walk with Jesus. Thank you!
Engaging, inspiring, and relevant
The Catholic Feminist has become one of my favorite podcasts and I’ve found myself really looking forward to new episodes. Claire is a fantastic host who keeps the conversation moving while offering great insights of her own. I’ve enjoyed and gotten a lot out of the guests and topics and I’m so glad I became a listener!
Relatable and inspiring
I’m so glad I found this podcast. Being in my mid twenties myself, I find this podcast refreshing, relatable, and inspiring. The topics that are brought up are interesting to me and are helping me in my walk with Christ.
100% recommend
LOVE this podcast so much!!! Such a real,grounding, down to earth podcast for women in any stage in life. So nice finding an outlet for both my solid Catholic side and also my go-getter, strong, feminist side. So nice to see such a seamless blend of these two beautiful topics!
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