The Catapult
The Catapult
Jaime Green
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This podcast cannot launch a 90kg projectile 300m and is an inferior siege weapon!
Literary Luxury
Like words of chocolate melting on the tongue of my brain. Love the diversity of the writing presented and the podcast's production quality. Thank you, Catapult!
From the Piney Woods of Texas
Culture fix
I don’t get out to many lit readings in NYC, but thanks to the Catapult, I don’t need to. Love it so much.
What We Should All Be Listening To
As a kid, I sat on various rugs as adults leaned over with wide eyes, holding up a book, reading to me and classmates, friends, the neighborhood little ones. Here no rug is needed, unless you want one, and you can be all grown up while listening to the freshest fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from today's literary circles. A gem of a podcast.
Christina M Rau
readings while roasting
Love the sense of getting to attend live lit readings in my own day-to-day, like when dishwashing or roasting veggies. A great bridge and platform to get to know present day writers, an entertaining and motivating experience. Nicely curated content with thoughtful and delightful reflections from Jaime throughout.
K. Glen
Word Beautiful
Put yourself in The Catapult’s hands every week. It is aways a fantastic opportunity to discover great writers and hear them read their own work.
Excellent and engaging
A great way to find short introductions to some wonderful writers. Strongly recommend this one!
thoroughly enjoy
Loving little bite-sized snippets of great titles and really enjoy Jamie’s hosting! Keep up the good work.
one of my favorite lit podcasts
I already loved half the writers featured on The Catapult, but rarely heard from them. I'm grateful to be introduced to the other half. The Catapult has quickly become one of my trusted sources for deciding what to read next. In short: If you think this might be a podcast for you, it is.
A must-listen
Like getting new writer recommendations from a trusted friend.
Dreamy stories to listen to while I'm doing boring work or going for walks. Plus the intros are fun, too. Thanks, Catapult!
Great stuff
Chiming in from Timber Journal out of Boulder, CO. Love listening to The Catapult during commutes and lazy Saturdays -- great stories from emerging and established writers!
Timber Journal
Good podcast Great vibe
This podcast is like having an awesome friend with some great discoveries and favorites to share. This is the type of podcast I imagine Carrie Brownstein listens to.
Love this show!
This show is a fantastic resource for readers and writers alike. Always great talent and a wonderful job by the host.
Eric Wilder
Wonderful new podcast
The Catapult is such a great way to be introduced to new work! Sometimes I find new and awesome writing either daunting to pick through or difficult to find. But this podcast has been a swell way to be exposed to great things. Lead on, Jaime!
Very entertaining!
The Catupult is great entertainment if you love listening to stories and being guided on a magical journey! It's fresh, creative, and full of imagination. Fun and deliciously decadent! A must listen!
Linda P. Jones
Great show!
The Catapult is a fantastic collection of all things literary. The show never ceases to enthrall me and the selected writers are great. Keep up the good work!
great writers, great readings, great host!
Deeply fond of this podcast and the writers it has introduced me to. It's a great sampler of contemporary creative writing, curated by a smart, engaging host who offers enthusiastic insight into each reader's work. Love it!
My new favorite!
I count down days to a new episode. Such a great mix of essays, stories, poems, and witty hosting. Makes boring tasks like cleaning and folding laundry fly by and gives me great new writers to check out. Big fan!
<3 <3 <3
Talented writers, hand-picked by a talented host, share their writing: What’s not to like? Great way to expose yourself to a variety of work in well-packaged bite-sized pieces. And Jaime is delightful!
Jaime Green launches awesomeness
Great podcast--compelling readers, engaging host, and I always hear something I never heard before.
Literature nerd heaven
Definitely looking forward to new episodes
Scooter McNuts