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The Catapult
Jaime Green
A podcast of the best new writing, read aloud and sent straight to your ears. Find us online at and follow us on twitter at @CatapultPodcast.
Ep 53: Marian Bull & Anthony Michael Morena
Today's episode features writing about food and writing about space, objectively the two best kinds of writing. Marian Bull reads "In the Morning Kitchen," which was originally published in Lucky Peach, and Anthony Michael Morena reads from his book, The Voyager Record: A Transmission. // @CatapultPodcast
Apr 26, 2016
21 min
Ep 52: Zoe Rana Mungin & Lucas Mann
Two pieces set in New York City, with narrators trying to make sense of their present and their past—Zoe Rana Mungin reads her short story, "Never Get Married," and Lucas Mann reads from his memoir, Lord Fear, which is out in paperback now. ~review The Catapult in iTunes~ // @CatapultPodcast // The Trebuchet
Apr 11, 2016
27 min
Ep 51: Ari Baum-Hommes, Tania Nwachukwu, & Corinne Manning
Today we bring you readings from three excellent independent literary magazines: NOÖ, Synaesthesia, and Moss, with short prose from Ari Baum-Hommes, a poem from Tania Nwachukwu, and an excerpt from a short story from Corinne Manning.  ~review The Catapult in iTunes~
Mar 29, 2016
27 min
Ep 50: Lynn Steger Strong, Sasha Fletcher, & Kaitlyn Greenidge
On today's episode: a mother tries to reach her daughter, a woman tries to make sense of a stranger in town, and some extraordinarily exuberant love poems. Readings from Lynn Steger Strong (Hold Still), Sasha Fletcher (It Is Going To Be A Good Year), and Kaitlyn Greenidge (We Love You, Charlie Freeman). Also discussed: The Tournament of Books! ~review The Catapult in iTunes~ // @CatapultPodcast // The Trebuchet
Mar 14, 2016
46 min
Ep 49: Kerry Cullen, A. Igoni Barrett, & Sara Majka
Three readings on the moments when our bodies and lives surprise us and betray us, in ways common and seemingly supernatural. Kerry Cullen reads her short story, "Unidentifiable," A. Igoni Barrett reads from his novel, Blackass (on sale March 1) and Sara Majka reads an excerpt from her collection, Cities I've Never Lived In (on sale now). ~review The Catapult in iTunes~ // @CatapultPodcast // The Trebuchet
Feb 29, 2016
35 min
Ep 48: Tony Tulathimutte & Belinda McKeon
This is not a Valentine's Day episode. But it is inappropriate for workplace listening, inappropriate for children, inappropriate for tender souls—wait, it's exactly right for tender souls. (Isn't all art?) Tony Tulathimutte and Belinda McKeon read from their new novels: on desire, longing, lust, shame, loneliness, family, and, yes, love. And porn.  ~review The Catapult in iTunes~ // @CatapultPodcast // The Trebuchet
Feb 15, 2016
31 min
Ep 47: KT Billey, Anna Rosenwong, & Gregory Pardlo
Let's call this our Translation Special! Pulitzer Prize–winner Gregory Pardlo reads his essay, "On Translation," and poet/translators KT Billey and Anna Rosenwong read their translated work. ~review The Catapult in iTunes~ // @CatapultPodcast // The Trebuchet
Feb 1, 2016
37 min
Ep 46: Cara Parks & Paul Lisicky
After some discussion of reading that can change your life, two readings about life in huge moments of change: marriage, death, love. Cara Parks reads an essay and Paul Lisicky reads the opening of his new book, The Narrow Door: A Memoir of Friendship (on sale January 19). ~review The Catapult in iTunes~ // @CatapultPodcast // The Trebuchet
Jan 18, 2016
28 min
Ep 45: Helen Ellis & Michael Ian Black
The many ages of man. And girl. And mothers. And bodies. It's all terrifying and hilarious. Helen Ellis reads a story from her collection, American Housewife, out January 12, and Michael Ian Black reads the introduction to his new book of essays, Navel Gazing: True Tales of Bodies, Mostly Mine (But Also My Mom's, Which I Know Sounds Weird), which is on sale now. ~review The Catapult in iTunes~ // @CatapultPodcast // The Trebuchet
Jan 7, 2016
31 min
Ep 44: Josh Fruhlinger & Josh Gondelman
Two Joshes for the price of a free podcast today! Josh Fruhlinger reads from his novel, The Enthusiast, and Josh Gondelman reads from his humor book, You Blew It, which he co-wrote with non-Josh Joe Berkowitz. ~review The Catapult in iTunes~ // @CatapultPodcast // The Trebuchet
Dec 7, 2015
32 min
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