The Business Perspective
The Business Perspective
Sarah McAllister
Sarah McAllister is in the Financial Services & Insurance Industry. She has experienced the highs and lows of starting a business and contributes her resilience to her difficult upbringing. In each episode she will talk with different business owners who have a "business specialty" and how they became successful. By the end of each episode you will have a few tips that you can implement immediately within your business. Not a business owner? That's okay. With each guest Sarah will also discuss mindset and how to change your perspective on negative situations.
Episode 20- Toni Elhoms
Toni is an expert on medical coding, reimbursement, & revenue cycle management. Her business, ALPHA CODING specializes in helping doctors be more efficient, save money & reduce business risk. Today we discuss how Toni created a successful business, tips for how she is able to communicate the value of her services & more. Find Toni:  Website/Podcast: Facebook: @alphacodingexperts Find Sarah: Email: Website:
Jul 6, 2020
47 min
Episode 19-  Michael Agri
Michael is the owner of North Atlantic Consultants. He services business around the United States by helping them leverage new technology to drive revenue. Michael has been in business since 2009 and understands the difficultly of starting your own business and knows the best practices to become successful.
Jun 3, 2020
1 hr
Episode 18- Sarah McAllister and Kelly Moore
Hey guys, we are back and this time with a twist! On this episode I’m bringing back Kelly Moore from episode 2 to interview me! Listen in to hear about how I progressed to where I am today and how I achieved it all!
May 4, 2020
41 min
Episode 17- Krista Goodrich
Our guest Krista Goodrich is the Author of "The Boss Lady Investor" and owner of 17 businesses! We discuss how she became a millionaire, how she handles so many moving parts, what she looks for when working with others and details about her book! To find Krista: - Buy her book: - Facebook and Instagram @thebossladyinvestor To contact Sarah: - Email: - Website:  - Facebook: @SarahMcAllisterNYL - IG: Sarah_Lina
Mar 2, 2020
44 min
Episode 16- Karen Nutter
Karen is an Executive Coach and Founder of CBK Coaching. She focuses on helping people recognize their strengths & motivations to create a clear path to increased success & happiness. We discuss sales and working with different personalities as well as identifying your own. To contact Karen: Website: Facebook: @CoachingByKaren To contact Sarah: Email: Website:  Facebook: @SarahMcAllisterNYL IG: Sarah_Lina
Dec 23, 2019
37 min
Episode 15- Cindy George
Cindy George, a Daytona Beach native, is the Owner of George Home Team at Keller Williams Realty Florida Partners. Cindy attributes their 20 years of success to a systematic team approach with innovative marketing techniques that set them apart. To contact Cindy: Website: Facebook: @GeorgeHomeTeam Phone: 386-451-2762 To contact Sarah: Email: Website:  Facebook: @SarahMcAllisterNYL IG: Sarah_Lina
Dec 18, 2019
34 min
Episode 14-Michael Cancio
Michael is with Annie Mac Home Mortgage, a $4 billion a year company. He has been in real estate & lending business for 22 years. Listen to our speed round of 1st time home buyers questions. Michael mantra is "It's not a matter of IF I can get you qualified, IT'S WHEN!"  To contact Michael: -Website: -Phone: 813-253-9151 To contact Sarah: -Email: -Website:  -Facebook: @SarahMcAllisterNYL
Nov 18, 2019
47 min
Episode 13- Kimberly Clark
This is Kimberly’s Unique Story.  For more information regarding earnings under the RF Compensation plan, please refer to the Income Disclosure Statement
Oct 14, 2019
50 min
Episode 12- Shelly Kwiatkouski
Shelly has over 15,000 hours of teaching under her belt, and is the founder of Hot House Yoga in Ormond Beach, FL. Hear how it all got started!
Sep 11, 2019
28 min
Episode 11- Amanda Vallone
Amanda is the owner of Roseborough travel and specializes in Africa trips! Listen in on how she turned from wanting to pursue fashion to owning her own travel agency!
Aug 26, 2019
45 min
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