The Blast
The Blast
BOA Nutrition Inc.
BOA is a disruptive sports nutrition company with the very novel idea of using oxygen as a way to atomize nutrients and deliver them to you in an aerosolized blast. BOA's blast of atomized nutrients is poised to deliver solutions to a myriad of problems. On The Blast, I'll be joined by our Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Hank Durschlag. We'll talk about the science behind BOA, and the development of the various BOA products. We'll talk about the problems that we've identified, and how BOA can help solve those problems. You'll hear real-life stories of how BOA helped people be BETTER at whatever they wanted to be BETTER at. You'll hear how BOA helped people perform better, break records, and achieve their personal bests. But, this podcast is more than a discussion of the development and marketing of a sports nutrition product; it's a podcast about how the process of turning an idea into a real business works. We're proud of what we're building at BOA, and excited to share our journey and our stories with you through THE BLAST. I hope you'll join us each week and enjoy the trip.
You haven't seen anything like this
CEO & President Jon Pritchett dives into his background and the journey that led him to the helm of BOA Nutrition. Jon and Hank also discuss the exciting week they had with BOA becoming increasingly more visible in the marketplace. They'll also introduce you to the BOA board members, a carefully selected handful of experts dedicated to disrupting the market.
Nov 4, 2021
41 min
Welcome to the BLAST, the inaugural episode
We'll introduce BOA, discuss just why and how BOA is so disruptive, delve into Founder and CIO Hank Durschlag's background, and we'll talk about why failure is good, and what you can learn from those failures.
Oct 29, 2021
56 min
Welcome to THE BLAST
BOA Nutrition CEO Jon Pritchett welcomes you to BOA's new podcast, THE BLAST.
Oct 28, 2021
47 sec