The BizChix Podcast:  Female Entrepreneurs | Women Small Business | Biz Chix
The BizChix Podcast: Female Entrepreneurs | Women Small Business | Biz Chix
Natalie Eckdahl, MBA
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So impactful!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for 3-4 years now and can honestly say it’s made a very big difference in my business. Natalie’s clear, encouraging, and direct communication inspires me to grow and shows me the path forward. I’ve been in the Six Figures Lab, read her book “Reset Your Mindset” and benefitted from participating in her CEO day. I’ll forever be thankful I found this podcast!
Horsegirl 🐴
MY FAVE business podcast- Learn to grow your business, your confidence, and your bottom line!
I LOVE this podcast and am giddy like a kid on Christmas morning every time a new episode comes out. Is that because of the great business advice, the fun dynamic between Natalie and Elizabeth, or Natalie's own wit and personality? Probably all of the above. But most importantly, this podcast has given me such a rich business education in the past year of listening to episode after episode, as well as the confidence to implement what I am learning. I now hear Natalie's voice in my head when I am making business decisions, asking if my customer cares about the activity I am doing and telling me to raise my prices, establish a retainer, and do money-making activities rather than getting sidetracked on social media. I'm so grateful and excited to keep learning and growing!
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Binge worthy!!!
Can’t say enough about this podcast!!! I learn something USEFUL and ACTIONABLE from every single episode. Almost feel guilty to get all of this great advice for free. You won’t regret following it.
PQ Coach Cal
Business brilliance for service entrepreneurs
As a service based business owner, I can’t sing the praises of the BizChix podcast loud enough. The show is an absolute game changer, delivering a gold mine of practical tips, real world hotseat coaching sessions, and a contagious dose of encouragement.
Real-Life MBA
I have been enjoying Natalie's BizChix podcast since 2018, and it has been incredibly rewarding - like earning a real-life MBA! Each episode is packed with clear, practical advice that you can immediately put into action. Natalie's warm and personal approach makes it seem as though she's speaking directly to you. Beyond just business advice, she also tackles mindset obstacles specifically faced by female entrepreneurs, which particularly resonated for me. What sets this podcast apart is the information that’s based on time-proven strategies, rather than quick profits or fads. Natalie's transparency and honesty are a breath of fresh air. She is open about her target audience and graciously shares her own business journey, which is incredibly inspiring. I wholeheartedly recommend BizChix for women entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey. It's an invaluable resource, and I'm deeply grateful for Natalie's guidance!
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Diane AB
Natalie covers great topics that are relatable for business owners. If you want true value, then BizChix Podcast is a must listen.
All rounder
This podcast is so well rounded! Mindset, leadership, business strategies, all easily digestible and implementable. Even though I’m in a later stage of business, this podcast is still super valuable! Just listened to the episode about overdue invoices and this is an issue that occurs at every stage of business and loved the advice given. As a fellow podcast host, the quality of conversations here are top notch🔥 @empowerwithem
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Great style & so much biz experience shared!!
I’m new to the Biz Chix podcast, listening now for about 5 months! I love Natalie’s style and the podcasts ‘feel,’ and can’t wait for the new podcast each week! I’ve learned so much from her past episodes and the Enduring Business private podcast. There are so many nuggets of wisdom in each episode!
Game Changing
I have been listening to the Biz Chix podcast since 2019. I look forward to Natalie’s unique business insight every time I get in my car and take a drive. I appreciate all that she is doing for this amazing community of women and I am so grateful for the content that she continues to produce. It helps women like myself learn new things about business every single day. Thank you for empowering so many women!
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THE Podcast for women-owned service-based businesses!
Like many women, I have entertained the idea of starting a businesses over the years, but never knew where to start, and was far too busy managing things for my employer, family, and everyone else to make time for my goals. In 2022 the planets aligned and I was finally in a place where it was the only option that made sense. I started my education consulting business with $325 and many long hours of learning from podcasts, websites, and other resources. Although I have pages of notes, resources and tips; until I found the BizChix podcast none of them felt like they really "got" what my business does. I am still very much in the startup stage, 100% DIY, a dysfunctional website, and lots of plans. After binging a few dozen episodes of BizChix and the Enduring Business Roadmap, the path is much more clear on what I will and won't be doing for the next 6-12 months. I will continue to listen, absorb, and refine my business to get to a place where I can entertain the idea of applying for the Six Figures Lab. Until then, I just wanted to thank you for focusing so specifically on this business model. I am so glad I kept searching when the other resources felt too generic.
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Generous Biz GOLD
I found this podcast by accident last week (searching for quality small biz content in podcasts) and feel like I arrived at the Ultimate buffet of insight & guidance. The blend of humanness and sagacity, principle and example, humility and expertise, things to consider and actions to take—has me recommending this to all my fellow women in biz who have the same mojo & serious goals. Thanks for your complete commitment to this work and making it work for the rest of us. You & your coaching are gold and will embolden women to do —with method and verve —what they want most with their businesses—and so hopefully, also, with their lives and wealth. I have been thinking about how to simplify and grow simultaneously, and which gifts/services are the most meaningful and impactful to share with clients. I am the primary Breadwinner for a family of 4 and the pressure are real. You have offered so much to help me. From my ears to yours— with heart, SARA
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sara goes on about things
Own Your Expertise!
I love this podcast It's so insightful for business, and I love all of the things that you say. Especially the one about "owning your expertise." Your advice advice is always practical and easy to implement.
Love this podcast
This podcast helped me tremendously when I started my Property Management business. Natalie is a friendly, inspirational voice during a lonely time when I was in the business start up grind. So many ideas that I was able to implement to help propel me forward and struggle less. Thank you Natalie!
**Brooke G**
So Good!
I look forward to the Podcast each week! So much great business information and Natalie shares in a way that is easy to understand and actionable.
Love and Appreciate this Podcast
This is a wonderfully thought provoking and action-inspiring podcast. Natalie is a talented host, who makes the content listenable and applicable to your niche, even if the topic seems like it might not be for you. I really feel like part of her team by just being a listener!
A wonderful resource for women in business!
I absolutely love the great advice Natalie and her team give on this podcast. I appreciate Natalie’s thoughtful and realistic approach to building a multi-six figure business. I also appreciate that she’s clear about who she serves and how she can help them. I also love to learn from women I aspire to be like and I HIGHLY appreciate that I don’t see Natalie dancing or lip syncing anywhere online or posting glamor shot after glamor shot. Just a smart, savvy, successful business woman helping others to do the same. Well done!
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Insightful and relevant content
I have been listening to The Biz Chix podcast since the very beginning. Natalie always had great content and she approaches each topic with such insightful comments and ideas that a business owner at any level can get so much from each episode. I completely recommend everyone listen to The Biz Chix no matter what stage of business you may be in.
Easily the best podcast for women business owners
I have learned so much valuable information from Natalie and this podcast. The guests that she brings on her show are knowledgeable and inspiring! I have gone, and taken action on so many aspects of my business from listening to these episodes. I am constantly recommending Natalie and the Biz Chix to my friends and people I have been networking with. Thank you so much for this amazing content and all your hard work Natalie and the Biz Chix team! I can’t wait until it is my time to join the six figures lab!
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Just love you Natalie!
I joined $ix Figures in the first year and so thankful for all the insight! I constantly refer people to your podcast it is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for all you do!
Excellent Resource!!
I am completely brand new to the business world and I stumbled across this podcast by accident and it is amazing! The information and resources have been so helpful. I’ve been listening to it daily.
Unhappy American
Generous and real
This show is such a breath of fresh air. Unlike business shows for women that feel scammy or unrealistic, Natalie’s show offers concrete advice for women who are trying to build businesses that will be fulfilling and lucrative.
A must listen for women entrepreneurs
I stumbled across the podcast a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. As a solopreneur and marketer, I find the content adding a lot of value to my professional life. It's like showing up to a grad class and feeling like you're part of a sisterhood at the same time. I show up and listen because this podcast makes me feel seen and not alone. The recommendations are practical and hearing everyone's experience helps validate my own journey- the ups and downs of owning a business and how to GROW. Also, it's info that I don't always feel like I can afford to learn through paid professional development courses and that is key. Thanks Biz Chix!
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Jenerate Media
Women Entrepreneurs Must Tune In
If you want to hear practical advice for your business, The BizChix Podcast has YEARS of sound, practical advice that business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs can apply immediately. From the first podcast that I listened to Natalie nearly three years ago, I was hooked. I loved her energy and ability to simplify the challenges that female founders face both personally and professionally. And it was free advice that really worked. This is why I then joined her SixFig community of BizChix and OMG!!! My experience was even better because I had the chance to dig in deeper and ask specific questions of not only Natalie, but also Elizabeth, the SixFig team amd many guests as well and the whole BizChix Community. I’ve built relationships with other women business owners who get me, and we share many of the same challenges (and similar victories). As a member, I was able to book some 1 to 1 coaching with Natalie Eckdahl and I’m still heeding her advice. She is passionate about supporting female service entrepreneurs with her vast strategic vision and encouraging nudge to always “Go, take some action”. So if you’re a female, service-based business with a goal of Six Figures profit or more , GO! Invest in YOU and your Biz. You won’t regret it!
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A must-listen for female entrepreneurs
After coming across the Biz Chic podcast while looking for podcasts episodes on relationship management to grow your business, I ended up binging on past episodes. Natalie gives so much amazing information that includes a combination of mindset and practical tips that can be applied right away to running your business. This is definitely going to be one of my must-listen-to business podcasts. Thank you, Natalie!
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Bev, Your Personal Tech Fairy
Natalie has a refreshing approach that is so inspiring! From leading by example (owning her strengths, acknowledging her hard work, sharing personal experiences, etc.), to offering live advice, it's apparent that Natalie knows her stuff. She comes across as an approachable expert that's knowledgeable, but not stiff, and motivating, but not egotistical. I've learned so much already and I can't wait to hear more!
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This is a very valuable podcast. I listen to A LOT of podcasts! This one is very valuable and now my favorite one. So many podcasts and so many people out there are mediocre at best—-this one, not the case. I very much appreciate Natalie and her team. I even sent her a DM this past weekend on LI (one of her CTA) and she actually responded.
JoAnn Holmes Interview
Absolutely loved this conversation between Natalie and JoAnn. Thank you Natalie for highlighting a diverse talent pool of small business woman. It is much appreciated!
Amazing podcast!
Amazing podcast! providing useful techniques for growing your business as an entrepreneur.
Health_ Coach
Game Changer
I landed on Natalie’s podcast in 2020. Her content is amazing and her voice keeps me engaged. I grew from being a listener to being a SFL member. I don’t regret a dime of the investment. My business is growing and I am excited about what’s next. Congratulations, Natalie, on 8 years of legacy building!
Awesome new perspectives
As a 3x CEO who’s raised over $10M in funding and scaled to over 1 million users, I’ve experienced and learned a lot about business and entrepreneurship. As I embark on building a new business - one that differs from any of the others I’ve built - I found myself looking for virtual mentors and discovered Natalie’s podcast. Her no-nonsense delivery is great, and her coaching is even better. I’ve learned so many new tactics and concepts in the last couple of months since listening to her podcast. Happy to be on this journey with BizChix, thanks Natalie!
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Practical and Encouraging
Natalie is a straight talker; she clearly defines her target market and serves them well. I particularly appreciate her encouragement that female entrepreneurs get help - as much as you can afford - because, as she says, "just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should." She's transparent about getting help in her business and in her home life and gives female entrepreneurs permission and encouragement to do the same. She is unapologetic about her crusade for women to ask for what they're worth and to continue to work on their business in a smart way so that they can leave a legacy. She's more substantial than most female business podcasts I have listened to - those focus on the get rich quick, sales funnel, course creation, or whatever the word of the day is. Natalie's podcast helps you decide which of these might be right for you and encourages women to NOT just go after whatever is shiny and new. Love her approach and listen frequently.
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Loving Natalie’s Personality and Expertise
Natalie comes through on every episode I’ve listened to as a genuine, caring leader. I look forward to devouring more of this show!
Meme invader 420
Best (and friendliest) Biz Podcast for Women
Natalie is so engaging and knowledgeable I binged 5 hours of episodes when I first discovered the Biz Chix. I think I have listened to nearly every episode at this point and have consistently walked away with not only actionable tips and advice I could tailor directly to my business needs, but also felt encouraged and supported. Natalie and her guests somehow became friends and mentors who are making business friendlier and true success vastly more attainable for service-based female entrepreneurs. Hands down the best podcast available for women building a business.
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Super social monkey
The best business podcast you’ll ever find
I own a piercing & fine jewelry studio, Agave In Bloom, and help people find ethically sourced, high quality jewelry that will last a lifetime. I found Natalie’s podcast when I started my business in 2015 and today my business turns 6! I have tried on a plethora of business podcasts and have found a few that I get value out of but I have loved Natalie and Biz Chix from the beginning. She provides so much value and her advice spans many industries. I find that every episode is full of advice and things that make me think or look at something in my business in a new way. I know that Biz Chix is partly responsible for how much my business has grown in the last 6 years and I never imagined it would be what it is today. Thank you Natalie for providing content that is worth listening to. I never miss an episode and I always look forward to hearing from you and your team!
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Great even if you’re just getting started
I’m a regular listener and a hopeful future client of the 6 figures lab. I’m still in startup phase as a service provider, but I find that this podcast is still helpful as I get started - it helps me to know what I’m aiming for. For example, I’m very aware of my mindset around pricing...while I am doing some initial discounts I’m raising my offer every time. I have a long way to go, but enjoy listening to you along the way! Thanks again :)
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Incredibly helpful content!
Natalie tells it like it is! This podcast is perfect for anyone in entrepreneurship. She covers it all! Get the REAL insights and expectations for running a successful business.
Karolina Rz
Gold nuggets in every episode!
Hey Natalie! I just listened to your episode on Relationship Marketing and wanted to thank you for so many usable tips! I’ve practiced this technique in my retail product based business for year but never had a name for it. I even shared an article on my blog describing how to do it in a retail setting. It’s been hugely popular, I think because it works so well! Now that I’ve transitioned into an online service business I haven’t been able to connect as well. I really loved the tips you shared for relationship marketing in a service business and I will definitely be practicing them! Every time I listen to your podcast I learn something new! I even have a notes section on my phone called Takeaways from Biz Chix Podcast! My goal is to join Six Figures Lab soon. I’m halfway to my income goals to make it happen! Thanks for putting out such usable content!
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The Better Baker Club
So much to learn here
I have a small business that is almost two years old. I’ve been a service professional for 20 years but knowing how to do the job doesn’t always easily translate to building a service business. Natalie’s show has taught me so much in a short six months of listening. There is an incredible amount of valuable information to learn here!
Biz Chix Podcast
Natalie, where to start. So much knowledge in one space. Through your podcast you have become my virtual coach, girlfriend, and personal cheerleader. You join me in the car and sit at my desk ( via phone speaker) daily. You remind me to check in with myself and see what mindset issues are holding me back. Your on air coaching sessions … there is always a piece applicable to me or my business. Thank you so much for your passion to help women aim higher. With heartfelt gratitude- Cheyenne
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I can’t listen fast enough
Someone introduced me to Natalie’s podcast two weeks ago and I have been inhaling them - I can’t listen fast enough! She has so many really specific, actionable things to increase your revenue, profit, and sanity. I’ve already recommended her to a handful of people!
Just what I’ve been searching for!
I just gave the podcast a listen and you are exactly who I’ve been looking for! I’ve been so curious about relationship marketing and what you share is so helpful. I can’t wait to implement your tips. Thanks so much!
JennyB Designs
I’m OBSESSED with this show!
Natalie! I’ve been listening to you for years! I remember driving to my crapass 9-5 job listening to you and praying that someday I could get to a place where I could work with you! That was 2018… now, 2021 I’ve been working with you for about 5 months and not only tripled my biz… I’ve convinced my husband that I’m never returning to 9-5 life! Lol it all started with your podcast!! It’s still just as valuable as it was then! We’re so blessed to have you coach us… here and in real life now!! Woot-woot!
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So helpful!
I have listened to this podcast since 2018 when I was first starting to plan opening my own practice. I am a doctor in private practice so I am not one of Natalie’s ideal clients but I have found so many of her episodes invaluable. The same business advice truly translates across all industries. The recent relationship marketing episode stopped me in my tracks- I have really been over complicating my marketing strategy of late and she brought it back to basic principles that really work. I am now re-centering and making changes to reduce the overwhelm I feel about marketing and focus on people. Thank you so much for this podcast!!!
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Advice that works
Natalie's simple, clear, actionable advice has really helped me grow and improve my side hustle. I'm so grateful she gives so much valueable content for free. I'm not her target audience, but I still get a lot out of her and her expert guests' wisdom. For example, I got clear with my messaging about what I do and who I do it for, and shared it strategically with my personal network. I've gotten great gigs and referrals from that one tip. She helped me transition from someone who thought perhaps the early success in my side hustle was a fluke, to seeing myself as a small business owner and planning for full time self-empoyment in the future.
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Jessa Rego
Relationship Marketing
As I was listening to this podcast about relationship marketing, I could feel my shoulders drop and relax. I do not like anything about social media much less using it to market my business. I don’t spend time on it except to occasionally check for messages. I took them off of my phone except for LinkedIn. My #1 strength on the Clifton’s assessment is Relator and # 3 is communicator, so genuine relationships matter a great deal to me and I want to have real communication, not a chance encounter with a random scroll by on a screen. All that to say that my angst about “needing” to be on the platforms was alleviated today and I super appreciate you for this podcast. I can ALWAYS depend on this podcast for priceless content. I share it ALL OF THE TIME with my client base (female Christian business owners). In fact, it makes relationship marketing so much easier because your topics lend themselves to me sharing excellent content with people I meet. I remember our conversations and when an episode touches on it, I send it to them. Thank You!!!!
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Rondo's LadyBug
Exactly what I was looking for
I’ve been following the podcast for a while as my business has shifted and todays episode about relationship marketing was just what I needed! I’ve always gotten referrals and didn’t know how to add some strategy to make it more consistent. Super helpful!
So good, I missed my exit!
I’ve been listening to your podcast for a year now (and when I first found it I binged EVERY EPISODE on a road trip and missed my exit home and ended up almost in Sedona (I’m in Prescott AZ) because I was soooo engrossed in the content 😂 I look forward to both podcasts each week and being a part of the Bizchix community is on my vision board. If you’re building a service based business, this is a MUST listen.
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I love your PODCAST and have for years
I have been listening to the Biz Chix podcasts for years. The podcast helped to inspire me to leave my large law firm and start my own firm and consulting practice. I love to listen to new episodes but also to go back and listen to old ones as my business grows and changes and certain topics become more relevant. I love the community that Natalie has created so much through the podcast that I joined Six Figures Lab and have already learned so much from Natalie, her team, and the other amazing women in the group. I highly recommend you listen to the podcast AND that you take Natalie’s suggestion to heart.
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Changing My Business
I have been listening to Natalie’s podcast for several months now. She gives SO MUCH great content in this podcast - the ideas and strategies she has shared have already had a huge impact on my business, helped my confidence, and moved me forward. She is personal, knowledgable, and fun to listen to as well. My “first listen” business podcast.
Best of the Best
This podcast is my go to for building my business. There are lots of podcast out there, but natalie is genuine, she is not trying to sell an impossible business ideal. Her information is both usable and relatable. And, she alway delivers resources. I have recommended this podcast to clients, people in my network. Keep doing what you do Natalie and team!!
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