The BizChix Podcast:  Female Entrepreneurs | Women Small Business | Biz Chix
The BizChix Podcast: Female Entrepreneurs | Women Small Business | Biz Chix
Natalie Eckdahl, MBA
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Wonderful resource for Women in Business
I have been listening to the podcast for over a year now. I like that this podcast is focused on women who have serviced based businesses. It covers both business to consumer and business to business. As I started to listen to the podcast I learned that a lot of my challenges are tied to mindset issues that other women in business also face. Quite often I see myself sitting down after I listened to one of the episodes, because the advice provided is something that I can implement in my own business. I strongly recommend this podcast for other women who are business owners and want to take their business to the next level.
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Lidiane Mocko
Great Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs
Natalie has a great podcast voice and demeanor. This podcast is packed with actionable tips. I especially enjoy her coaching sessions.
The BEST Small Biz Podcast!
Biz Chix is by far the best small business podcast available. I can’t believe it took me this long to find it! Natalie and her guests discuss all of the important information that I have been looking for. I finally found my people! Thank you Natalie for such amazing content!
Amazing Content!
Absolutely amazing! This show is very insightful and has phenomenal guests!
Sarah Friess
A Gem!
I have listened to this podcast for a few years. Luckily I found it as I was starting my business. I find a gem (or several) in every single podcast! I’ve made many changes to my biz based on what I’ve learned. This podcast is a must for every entrepreneur out there!
Lisa~Platinum HR
I just found your podcast and I’m over here swooning in the content. I listened to your productivity episode on the 80/20 rule and it’s very applicable. Keep the good stuff coming!
Buffalo cellar
Wow! So many aha moments listening
I just discovered this podcast and I’m already obsessed! So many ideas already rushing in in areas I was blocked before and felt stuck in getting my business off the ground. So grateful for this podcast! Can’t wait to listen to more!
Overflowing w/ sustainable tips
I love how Natalie speaks to and about the whole person (beind the business) whether she is interviewing or doing a solo show. She is highly relatable and always encouraging building a strong support system around you as opposed to the individualistic, hustle and grind, entreprenual approach that other shows offer. So thankful for this show and its sustainable tips in the game of running your own business.
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Meggie Lee Calvin
Longtime listener, first time caller 😄
I started listening soon after I became a coach 7 years ago. I was great to hear another perspective of how business could be done, and the stories of others succeeding. Now I’m starting a business over and I still have Natalie in my head always asking can I niece down further and would people want to pay for it! 🤣
Absolute favorite podcast
Natalie’s podcasts are fantastic. I find hidden gems of wisdom in each and every one. For example, today: “Every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else.” So simple, so revelatory. For this people pleaser, giving me permission, encouragement, and even a script to say no is so powerful and freeing.
Love This Podcast!
Natalie does such a good job covering a variety of topics. She has great guests on that offer such good perspective and advice! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get inspired!
Great resource
I was just listening to your episode 460 - How We Hired an Executive Assistant. Great content and resources.
Thank you!
I benefit so much from listening to this podcast! I feel like Natalie is coaching me. This last episode on 80-20 rule hit the spot. Thank you for creating this content; it’s high quality and the right amount of time.
This proclaimed business entrepreneur/coach is a fraud. She steals her content from other business coaches, and then claims it as her own. I don’t know how anyone in the female empowerment/business coaching world could sink so low as to steal another woman’s content (and the center of her established brand!)- it is so disappointing and shameful. Please don’t trust a woman who cheats and steals.
Soooooo Helpful!!
Just found this podcast and I love going back and listening and learning. I’ve already incorporated tips and guess what.. THEY WORK!!!! Congrats on 7 years of podcasting to help entrepreneurs. I’m listening!!!
Corie Ramirez
Starting my new business
I am preparing to start my mobile notary and signing agent business. This podcast is freaking amazing and making me rethink my finance goals! I am looking forward to catching up on all the 2020 episodes!
JKC Mobile Notary
Fantastic Content
Love how tangible and tactical this biz advice is.
Beyond the generic
Natalie’s style is so honest and she answers the real questions that I have as a new entrepreneur. I truly get the message that she is rooting for me!
Reinvigorated for biz!
Amidst COVID and an overwhelming “post” COVID rush, I was beginning to feel bogged down by my business. After listening to a few podcasts, I feel excited about my business again! I can’t wait to keep listening and learning!
Learned So Much!!
I have learned so much from the podcast that I have been able to apply to my career!! Thank you, Natalie!!
Keep up the awesome work, Natalie!!
Biz Chix is for EVERY biz owner who wants to up their game when it comes to mindset and actionable strategies to increase growth, visibility, and sales in their business. Natalie is equal parts business savvy and mindfully intuitive.
laser focus
Natalie Eckdahl has deep perspective on the nitty gritty of being an entrepreneurial woman. Her on air coaching sessions are especially interesting, and it’s great to witness her pivot on a dime when her coaching client brings in an element requiring another path. Natalie’s ability to quickly laser focus on viable options available to the entrepreneur is amazing. I’ve been a long time listener and there are many golden nuggets in her podcasts, present and past.
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Really helpful topics
A friend recommended this podcast and I've gone way back to older episodes as well as listening to the new ones. I've gotten some great ideas for what to do (and - importantly - what not to do). I really appreciate the information.
Such a great resource - outstanding
Thank you Natalie! You have helped me take steps I’ve been scared of in my business throughout this last year after I found your podcast. You have such great guests and speakers and some amazing resources. I joined the facebook group and I hope to join one of your paid options in the future. We’ve doubled our income this year in our business and I have used so many of your resources and suggestions!! This podcast is GOLD
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Can’t say enough about this podcast!
Natalie has been my mentor since I started listening to this podcast. Her information is sooooo relevant to today’s female entrepreneurs! I have applied (and copied) her ideas into my business with success. If you are looking for a business coach then look no further! Natalie is the REAL DEAL! Thank you for creating this podcast, community, and VIP days! My VIP day changed my business FOREVER! 🙌🏻
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Awesome Content!
Cheers on your podcast!! Looking forward to your next episodes!
Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
Huge value, every episode!
I'm a guy, but I love this podcast! The Summer Camp series is delivering so much value! Social media can be a time drain, but I’m excited to hear the rest of this series! I always get so much from each episode, and this is one of my regular listens!
Longtime Listener
I love listening to Natalie Eckdahl ’s podcast on my drive to work or on my walks around the neighborhood. She gives great insight. Being a Business owner of three business, she has helped me realize that I’m not alone. Her book RESET Your Mindset: Silence Your Inner Mean Girl has helped me push through some of my family based mindsets that were holding me back. I highly recommend her podcast and book!
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No fluff, always meaty and actionable!!!
Every time I listen to this podcast I get real actionable things to implement in jt biz right away! Plus I love how authentic Natalie is! She NEVER holds back! She wants all of us to succeed and gives out all of her “secrets”! The on-air coaching is BRILLIANT!!!!! Love it all!!!
SUCH powerful and practical advice!
The wisdom shared on this show is the PERFECT dose of actionable wisdom that leaves me empowered (not overwhelmed) to take clear steps each week to grow my business and legacy. I’m so grateful for all the work that goes into this podcast that has helped me so much!
Kelsey from Austin❤️
A weekly must-listen
If you are a business owner dedicated to getting better at what you do, make listening to this podcast a never-skip weekly routine. So much well-thought-out insight and encouragement. Natalie's podcast has also led me to other can't miss experts like Nikki Rausch. Go take some action and listen to this podcast!
Sonoma Cate
So insightful and real!
This is quickly becoming one of my absolute favs for business podcasts. I just started my own podcast as well, so I’m taking Natalie’s advice to heart. I love her honesty in the entrepreneurial experience. Thanks for letting us into your journey!
Listening to Natalie’s podcasts have helped me with goal setting, strategy and optimism all at the same time. My word for the year is Focus. I didn’t even think of having a word of the year before listening to Natalie. Am also enjoying it during the crisis and love that she has spoken to the times we are living in today.
Jaime Polk
Pink Picasso loves Biz Chix!!
Biz Chix saved us in 2019. I honestly listened to every single topic that remotely made sense while we managed a quickly scaling company. We grew so quickly we literally could only gather information while packing boxes. I am so grateful for the wisdom and honesty in this podcast. These Chix are super smart and their voices are so easy and entertaining to listen to. Thank you for carrying us from our first market to Oprah’s Favorites 10 months later! I am grateful and maybe some time our paths will cross at market!!
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Ashley Silfies
I’ve been listening to the Biz Chix podcast for over a year now and find it to be such a valuable resource for my business. Every episode has such thoughtful content and there is always a valuable nugget of information. I look forward to hearing new episodes each week and even binge listen to old shows. I’m hoping to be able to work with Natalie in the future when the time is right. Thank you Natalie and the Biz Chix community for inspiring me and helping me get my business to where I hope it’ll be.
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Ruby Jean Patisserie
My Daily Routine!
I found out about this Podcast about a few weeks ago, and honestly it became a huge part of my daily routine. I listen to this podcast on my way to meetings, client houses, to the gym... it’s just organic. I love all the guests and honestly I just feel connected, as if I found my tribe. Everything said in the show just pushes a button or gives me a ah ah moment. I realized am not alone and it pumps me up to keep growing. I can honestly say that this podcast is helping me grow my business by implementing many lessons, tips and advise here. Love the coaching sessions. I cannot wait to hear the next episode. It’s like Netflix for my business brain. Thank you for creating this amazing community!
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This podcast grew my business! 🙌🎉💪
I have been listening to Biz Chix podcast since I started my business in 2018, and let me tell you - this podcast saved, and grew!, my business. I have been able to avoid so many snags by having the best mindsets early on - find your niche, don’t be afraid to raise prices, be positive, take action. I am a different person in 2020 because of my business and this podcast. So grateful to Natalie! Here’s to the next $100k in profit!
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Allison D. Jordan
Want to grow your business? The BizChix podcast is the place to be!
Natalie Eckdahl is down-to-earth and genuinely interested in helping entrepreneurs. I feel like she’s speaking directly to me with each podcast. I had the pleasure of doing an on-air coaching call with Natalie and she was exactly how I imagined. Enthusiastic about my life and my business and full of great ideas. I look forward to learning more from her and the super women in this community.
Beth Haselhorst
Binge Worthy!
I accidentally stumbled upon biz chix on my drive from Florida to Chicago. My husband had to drive because I found myself wanting to take notes!! So glad I found this podcast. I couldn’t believe she was sharing so much GREAT INSIGHT for free. If you’re a business owner, doesn’t matter how big or small, you and your business will 100% benefit from Natalie. I know my company has. I never miss an episode. And she’s so great on the podcast that I had to work with her. Best. Coach. Ever. Hands down. Ok I’m fan girling now. Just give it listen and see for yourself. You’re welcome. ;)
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Must-listen for women in business
Real, authentic, relatable, practical content that you won’t hear one every other business podcast
Amazing Podcast Highly Recommend
Hi! I love your podcast. I recommend Biz Chix to everyone that crosses my path even my 14 year old triplet daughters. I am your secret cheerleader. Each episode provides value & I leave with new knowledge that improves my business or life. Keep up the amazing work. You & your team are truly inspirational.
Expert advice!
Natalie is an expert business owner and gives such great advice! I always learn something new when I listen to the podcast, and I love getting to learn about other business owners that come on the show. Definitely worth listening to if you’re a female entrepreneur and want to grow your business!
So practical and wise
This is my favorite small business podcast. I love Natalie's wisdom and how she's not afraid to suggest a different route for someone if she sees a better path. She has so much experience, which allows her to give such wise and practical advice. In a sea of "coaches" who may or may not actually know what they're doing, Natalie is one of the few people that I really trust listening to.
Fell in love with the content and became a regular listener for a few weeks as well as introduced a few of my female colleagues to this podcast. I requested to join the Facebook group as mentioned in the podcast and was denied because I am not a “business owner”. I questioned this denial as many of us in corporate America run multi-million dollar businesses as well perhaps aspire to owning our own business. My question for clarification was met with being ignored by Crunch on the staff. I am disappointed and am unsubscribing from the podcast.
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Heather in GA
Love this podcast
I learn so much!! Thank you for the valuable information :)
Service Business Guru
Natalie speaks to the service based entrepreneur in the simplest, yet most impactful of terms. Where all the other business podcasts seem to be focused on passive income or online business models, Biz Chix gives great advice for those of us that want to scale our service business(es). I look forward to her advice every week.
sorted bliss
Supportive content
Each episode is helpful for any small business owner at any stage of growth. And Natalie is so personable with everyone. Love this podcast.
Amazing podcast for entrepreneurs!
I've been listening to Natalie's BizChix podcast for 3 years and it is worth its weight in gold! I look forward to the new episodes coming out each week. Natalie offers actionable advice and lots of practical mindset tips. Plus her voice is really calm and soothing! I highly recommend this podcast if your'e an entrepreneur!
My favorite biz building podcast!
Building a biz has been stressful for me but having Natalie in my ear every week has given me confidence and tools to work through the challenges. I learn something new each and every week and she feels like my personal cheerleader on the sidelines! One of my favorite things about this podcast is how REAL it is! Natalie doesn’t sugar coat things or make you feel like she’s better than you. She provides real and honest stories about the struggles and the successes of entrepreneurship. Thank you for all that you’ve done!!
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Allison Rissel
Good stuff
Natalie is real and she does not take her success for granted. I have been listening for about 3 years and even if a specific episode doesn’t apply to my business I can always gain something from it. Lessons for life and business. Thank you Nat!
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