The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert
The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert
Ashlynn Mitchell
Divorce from the Kids Perspective with Amy Andrus and Kids
49 minutes Posted Aug 25, 2020 at 2:00 am.
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Show notes

Brannon is joined by Amy Andrus and three of her kids so they can share their perspective while going through their parents divorce.

Amy Andrus, Coby and Ashlynn's therapist, joins the podcast to share obstacles they faced and overcame in order to get into recovery.  

Amy is a licensed marriage and family therapist since 2000 & CSAT since 2013.  She’s taught courses at BYU & counseled many students at the Women’s Services and Resources Center, where her eyes were opened to the world of sexual addiction and trauma. 

Amy's life has been affected by sex addiction in a personal way. She knows the struggle, shame, and guilt the addict experiences. She has found it rewarding to facilitate individual change and work with the family system to ensure long-term growth and change. 

Amy's a single mom of six. Her youngest daughter has Down Syndrome, and raising her has taught her countless life lessons.

Find her on Instagram at  @askamyandrus


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