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The Beauty Brains
Discover the beauty and cosmetic products you should use and avoid
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My Beauty Bible
I wish pictures were part of this review input because you can literally see the difference in my skin since I started learning from the Beauty Brains! Thank you both for all the wisdom, I really wish there were a search feature so we could pinpoint products or ingredients we want to go back and listen about instead of asking a repeat question! You two bring a lot of joy and listening to your special brand of banter is hilarious and refreshing.
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Body shop?
Hi ,new to podcast,but I really would like to know if the body shops brand is good for your skin as im living on an island(bermuda) and need something reliable and easy come by ... we also have osea on the island.any sugeestions?
The sugar star
One of my favorite beauty podcast
I listen to quite a few beauty podcasts but this one stands out by having a scientific perspective on products. It’s nice they aren’t sponsored and give a good neutral look on things. I have become a smarter consumer listening to this podcast. Keep up the good work!
Science at its best
Perry & Valerie work hard to dispel the marketing nonsense contributing to increasing chemical phobia in our society. What might seem like a frivolous focus on beauty is actually an important introduction to logic and scientific evaluation for many listeners that can be applied in other areas of life. Plus, this duo is adorable & fun to listen to! Highly recommended ❤️ p.s. i’ve been listening since the old days with Randy...but Valerie makes the pod so much better, lol
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Binge worthy
I binged every episode like a Netflix series. Candy for the brain I say! Fun, realistic and good to know if you’re a consumer of cosmetics, which most people are, if not everyone... maybe mountain man is not... maybe
No more lies
I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I am to have found these guys. I am a hairstylist and have been behind the chair for close to 30 years. I’ve always known that so many products were marketing schemes. I’ve made it my mission to only sell what I am passionate about and what I know to be truth. This is going to help take my business to the next level! I think I may have missed my calling as a chemist. I get so excited listening to these podcasts. Thank you guys for taking the time to educate us.
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The Only Beauty Podcast I Listen To
Perry and Valerie are wonderful! I love that they are ad-free so you know that their opinions are truly unbiased! They are also highly intelligent, great communicators and very funny. I find myself laughing out loud a few times during every podcast. I love their humor and they compliment one another during their interactions. You need to subscribe and hopefully provide support through Patreon so they can continue to be as-free!
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Expert advice , they give the real truth of beauty products , take time to answer your questions.
I can’t believe that the beauty brains answered my questions two times. My questions felt dumb but they answered without making fun of me.
Long time subscriber
Thanks for providing such great information! I appreciate you!
Perry please stop interrupting Valerie
Great, informative podcast but I wish Perry would stop interrupting Valerie with inane jokes, puns or asides. Many times it also seems like he’s trying to be wrong with his asides, like when he “confused” Kate Middleton and Sarah Ferguson and said Kate Ferguson because “he can’t keep up with all these royals”...Sarah Ferguson hasn’t been a name in the popular lexicon for years. It detracts from the flow and as a female myself, it’s irritating how often it happens, please let Valerie speak!
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So interesting!
I recommend this pod to everyone! I’ve gotten my stylist to subscribe too. You guys have saved me lots of $$$!
Love this show!!!!
As a former Beauty Marketeer, this shows brings back wonderful memories of developing new products/formulas and concept writing. Thank you for making beauty transparent to the masses :)
Natividad groupie
I love you guys!! You have saved me sooo much money! I’m a smart person but when it comes to outsized claims on beauty products I am veeeerrrry gullible! Thank you, I hope you keep podcasting for many many years to come!
Willie Nelson
Update: the show is SO MUCH BETTER with Valerie over that other guy. Perry is still a little condescending to products he doesn’t use, but Valerie often calls him out. Also, Perry seems to know nothing about cruelty free other than what PETA has told him. Real cruelty free consumers NEVER follow PETA. PETA is an exploitative corporation that kills more animals than it rescues. No real animal advocate would take their word for anything. It’s only celebrities who want followers and people wanting to make vegans and cruelty free consumers look bad who pay them any real attention. Look at Leaping Bunny standards of you want real information and not a tabloid propaganda of cruelty free culture. I like the basic content of the show, but up until a couple months ago when they finally added a female host, it seems to have been two men speaking condescendingly at the people who actually use these products. The format seems to have changed since they finally had the brains (pun intended) to bring a woman on board, because it’s difficult to sit and listen to a sausage fest explanation of cosmetics the hosts would never use.
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Love this podcast!
There is always so much to glean from this fabulous podcast. The hosts are tremendously knowledgeable and fun!
Informative and Fun
I learn a ton and their brand of geek humor is right up my alley.
Entertaining and very informative
This is a great podcast. I love listening to podcasts about skincare/makeup etc. this one is very practical with excellent information to help consumers be smart shoppers, learn a lot while being entertaining and fun to listen to!
Great skincare education and entertainment
I love how this duo provides scientific info on skincare and beauty products without being “know it alls” and making it fun. They also say when they know the facts vs when they are using what they know to make assumptions
Best information
I love to hear this duo of scientists discussing cosmetics! Perry and Valerie have years of experience in the cosmetics industry and it shows. Valerie is a product junkie and tries lots of things too! I always look forward to listening to new episodes to hear about why claims may be misleading and what really works in skincare and makeup!
Scientific, unbiased information!
One of the best podcasts in the beauty realm, hands down! Anyone interested in makeup, skincare or hair care will appreciate this unique and special podcast, especially in this day and age of fluff products and advice. The hosts are tell it like it is and I have saved time and money listening the two hash out everything from topical vitamin c to lash lifts to supplements. There are no ads, so please make a donation to help keep it ad free. Thank you, Beauty Brains for your service!!!
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Educate yourself!
Lots of great information in an easy-to-listen-to format! Don’t fall for hype and let the cosmetics industry (including those “organic,” and “clean” companies) scam you out of your hard-earned money! Educate yourself about the truth in the products they sell and learn what actually works from real cosmetic chemists who work in the industry.
Long Time Fan
I’ve been a long time listener of The Beauty Brains show since 2014 or 2015. I loved the show with Perry and Randy, and was so sad when they took an indefinite break. But I came back to the show to find the new duo, Perry and Valerie. OMG I absolutely LOVE the podcast with Perry and Valerie (no offense Randy). Her voice is very soothing and she adds so much to show with her beauty industry practical knowledge and witty comebacks - I would want to be her friend lol. Perry has always been great on his own though and is a well of knowledge. I use to watch his YouTube videos and I still participate in his web seminars that he does every so often. All in all, if you love beauty products and want to really know about the products you are using, listen to The Beauty Brains. This podcast is awesome for sure.
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I love this podcast!
Perry and Valorie are amazing at turning science into fun and humorous facts about the beauty industry. I love how they tackle interesting beauty questions, all while fighting misinformation and helping me become a more informed consumer. Their podcast is a most welcome cure for the green/clean beauty nonsense we see today. Thank you both for your funny and informative show!
Podcast on “tricks”
Great unbiased info. Thanks!
Engaging podcast for average consumers
Stumbled across this podcast, as a recommendation for engaging podcasts. I love the scientific perspective on beauty products. Definitely helps to educate the average consumer to make wise purchases.
A. Raye
Great content
I LOVE the content of this podcast. However, the chemistry (no pun intended) between the hosts isn’t quite there. Perry is fun and engaging, but Valerie sounds like she is reading from a script, doesn’t engage in fun banter and just seems super serious. Seriously hate to throw that out there because she is super knowledgeable!!! Just hoping maybe it’s nervousness??
Great material, poor production
I’m a long time listener (10+ years). I’ve always valued the information that comes out as it fuels my left brain skepticism. However, it’s not the best podcast to listen to for a prolonged period because it can be very monotonous. Unfortunately I guess the hosts don’t see an issue with this as the delivery hasn’t changed since I first started listening. I’ll stay subscribed, but don’t need to be notified upon new episode releases; I’ll listen to episodes when I need to find certain information.
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Listened to the latest episode on eye lash lifts and was so turned off by it. Why lament how you don’t understand how people could do something like this when you work as a cosmetic chemist. Surely you know that people go to extreme lengths in the name of beauty. Also, saying that all formulas are the same and it’s just marketing we’re buying in to is pretty misleading. That totally neglects the percentages of ingredients and quality. Pretty absurd.
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Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether you’re already deep into your journey of beauty and wellness, or just getting started organizing your lifestyle around authentic self-expression - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Perry and Valerie do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of navigating the beauty products landscape - as leaders who actually have first-hand experience in the industry. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Great Information!
I love this show. The hosts Valerie and Perry are interesting and clearly knowledgeable, and I like their dynamic together. They have really opened up my eyes to how to think about cosmetology in an informer way and see through the marketing. I can’t wait for each new episode to come out!
Good Content, Miserable Content Delivery
I had to unsubscribe. Perry is really unpleasant to listen to...I don’t care to hear his rants or the awkward small talk.
banana slug1
Informative and entertaining
Thanks for all the knowledge you share, Valerie and Perry!
Great podcast
Perry is great. Please add more ukelele!
This podcast has gotten so great since Valery joined. It also saves you money when you realize it’s impossible for cosmetic products cannot be as life-changing as they claim. Highly recommend.
I have learned so much
I love this podcast. I have learned so much about products. I like that the information is unbiased and scientific. Trying to navigate the marketing gobbledygook from ads can be hard. I feel I learn something every time I listen.
The beauty nerd in me can’t enough of this podcast
Love this podcast!!! I love hearing everything beauty from this scientific podcast!! Its also a bonus hearing this info coming from men when typically beauty podcasts are done by women! Keep the episodes coming boys!!
This show gets better everyday!!
Valerie and Perry do an excellent job dispelling myths and providing no-nonsense facts about cosmetics. Almost every minute of the podcast is packed with relevant information. Maybe the two of them will start a beauty company someday and we’ll be able to buy our products from them😁
Sometimes the proof is in the pudding
I’m so glad to have this show to binge on! As a practicing, successful esthetician I’ve seen amazing things happen to skin that go against scientific facts. But for the most part I’ve taken your information and formulated my own theories and that has boosted my success in the industry. I don’t use $100 face creams and outrageously priced serums, but I do believe that sometimes things just work. “Science be damned” as they say sometimes. Thank you enriching the geek in me!
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Mr angler bear
I enjoy the info but hate the small talk
I really enjoy the info. However, their small talk is beyond irritating. The male host is almost unbearable to listen to, he’s weirdly negative and has mentioned probably 500 times that they didn’t save their IG story Live. Please stop reiterating that you didn’t save the IG Live, we get it.
You two are great, very informative! The best skincare podcast!!
Finally a reliable source of information
I really like having a reliable source, and people that I can ask my beauty questions to that have research backed answers that help us make informed purchasing decisions and keep us aware of different marketing tactics. It’s a good investment for my mind and my wallet, which I really appreciate. ❤️❤️ to the Beauty Brains
Cosmetic ingredient straight talk
Blogs and YouTube are overrun with self-educated experts eager to share their opinions on cosmetic ingredients. The problem is they are mostly self educated by other bloggers and Youtubers. These two podcasters are actual working, university educated cosmetic chemists. 🙌. Finally, people who actually know what they are talking about and aren’t trying to sell you something. Love this podcast.
5 stars all the way. I’m addicted and I’m telling everyone about them! I’m a hairdresser who loves all things beauty. I also love understanding how and why! Thank you Beauty brains!
valbona z
Think Dirty App episode
As self-disclosed scientists, I would expect you to thoroughly review topics you discuss before criticizing them. During this episode, I feel you missed the whole point of the app (at least what I feel it is useful for)- to learn about the ingredients in cosmetics and skin/hair etc products, and therefore feel more educated and aware about the products you are using. The app gives you a list of the ingredients in products AND descriptions of what that ingredient is (the words are not known to the average lay person and are long and confusing). They also give you the use for this ingredient (thickener, emollient, preservative, etc), and a rating on its safety. At the bottom of the list they include various links to scientific studies and scientific groups in the US and abroad which have studied and reviewed these ingredients. It’s very informative and does have a scientific basis. Talking about it briefly and so critically without giving it a full assessment makes me question your actual knowledge on the things you are discussing and giving opinions on.
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Reality !
I recommend this show to all my friends it is informative,fun and you will learn learn learn about beauty products.
One of the best podcasts available!
I love The Beauty Brains podcast. My co-worker told me about it and it took my awhile to start listening. However, once I did, I was hooked! I was very happy that there were many episodes ahead of me to listen to. They are extremely informative, knowledgable, interesting, and fun to listen to. I listen to the podcast on my commute to work. I needed my daily dose of The Beauty Brains and am very sad that I am all caught up now. :o(. I now have to wait awhile for the next one.... inconceivable! They really opened up my eyes to the beauty world and the marketing ploys that are widely used. I thought I was a savvy beauty/personal care consumer including doing a lot of my own “research”. Now I realize that some of the sights I used to gather my information are misinformed! It is really great to be able to feel more confident now as to what is just trendy or consumer driven and what really works. A whole new world of products has opened back up for me now that I know I don’t have to avoid certain ingredients that have been misguidedly deemed “scary or bad”. Thank you so much Perry and Valerie for all of the great work you are doing!
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Very informative
This podcast does a great job of using scientific evidence to discuss beauty products.
Love this
I listened to every available episode once I discovered this podcast in September through today. I wanted to hear all of the episodes before giving my review. I have a BS and an MS in chemical engineering, so I appreciate the science. I am a Patent Examiner in Metallurgy, so I appreciate the technology. I have been interested in beauty and makeup since I can remember, so I appreciate the consumer tips. And finally, I have had keratosis pilaris my entire life, so I appreciate hearing that I am not the only one who has heard of “chicken skin.” Keep up the good work, and I will be submitting an audio question. Keep on being brainy about beauty!
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Well informed
As an esthetician working in the medical field this is a great resource to help educate me and better explain how safe skincare ingredients are, with the “green/natural” beauty complex trying to demonize everything.
Too much small talk
Love the concept of this show, but too much small talk. Please just get to the scientific facts and educate us. That’s what we tune in for!
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