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What do we think of the EWG and answers to other questions - episode 250
On this solo episode Perry covers questions about… What are our thoughts on the EWG?How does New Wash shampoo work without a detergent?Does Venn skincare work?What can you do if you're super duper oily?Is double cleansing with oil effective?How do skin...
Jan 21
36 min
Do grey covering shampoos work and other beauty questions? Episode 249
On today’s show we are going to answer questions about… How does grey color reducing shampoo work?Is it ok to spray perfume on your hair?Is your foundation turning your face orange?Can you use body wash as a replacement for hand soap?Beauty new...
Jan 10
44 min
Happy New Year!
Enjoy your new year's celebration.  We'll be back answering your questions early in the new year.Be brainy about your beauty!Perry & Valerie
Dec 31, 2020
1 min
Is vitamin C a Pro-oxidant - plus other beauty questions and news Episode 247
On today’s show we are going to answer questions about… Are you rubbing off the sunscreen when I apply the blush?Do AHAs delay the aging process?Whether or not vitamin c is a pro-oxidantHow do hair styling products create hold?Beauty new storiesOh my -...
Dec 23, 2020
59 min
Purito Sunscreen Problems and answers to other beauty questions - episode 246
On today’s show we are going to answer questions about… What is the truth about hair conditioners? Are beauty products poisoning us? Are cruelty free products still safe? Are eye creams worth the money? Is brow wax just soap?Beauty new storiesProblems...
Dec 11, 2020
52 min
Freezing Retinol, color preserving shampoos and other beauty questions answered - episode 245
On today’s show we are going to answer questions about…Silicones and protein in hair productsDo you need to use the same amount of sunscreen in the winter?Do color preserving shampoos and conditioners work?How long do retinol products last & can you...
Dec 3, 2020
59 min
Episode 244 - Beauty Supplements, MLMs and more answers about the Cosmetic Industry
Today's show is a "best of" show featuring answers to questions about...Are MLM products safer?How do you become a cosmetic industry professional?Do before and after pictures prove anything?Are microplastics in cosmetics bad?Can companies hide allergens...
Nov 25, 2020
49 min
Episode 243 - What order should you apply sunscreen? And other beauty questions
On today’s show we are going to answer questions about…Covid 19 and hair lossCan L’Amarue tell your hormones to give you healthy skinHow can you tell if there is nickel in your color cosmeticsDoes the order of application affect sunscreen ratingsCan an...
Nov 19, 2020
46 min
Beauty Question Extravaganza - AMA - episode 242
Welcome to the Beauty Brains. It's a solo episode and it's all about answering questions. Nearly 25!On today’s show we answer questions about…1. Can you trust skinfluencers?2. Is isotretinoin an effective anti-aging ingredient?3. Does urine have...
Nov 13, 2020
54 min
Is Micellar water really great and should you put lobster on yourself to get great skin? Episode 241
Welcome to the Beauty Brains. On today’s show we answer questions about…Is micellar water as great as it’s made out to be? How does John Freida’s lightening shampoo work? Is it a permanent color change?Is it ok to add lactic acid to a moisturizer?Where...
Nov 5, 2020
45 min
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