The B Section
The B Section
Brett Belanger
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Great podcast to check out if you’re learning about jazz/how to improvise at all levels! Brett is very knowledgeable and articulate in the way he presents the information- highly recommend!
Great info here for upright players
As an aspiring upright bass player, I have found the info here VERY useful. The “bass line construction” episodes are great! Keep it up Brett!
Slater. 2
Jazzed up in Jersey
Brett presents and delivers his B Section podcast professionally! Great topics for all musicians. Highly informative and easy to understand and put into practice. 🎶
jazzed Up In Jersey
Simplicity and Approachable: thank you Brett B.
I love the simplicity. Brett brings the music knowledge to a level anyone can learn from and establishes a knowledge of bass for a guitar player to tap into and round out your own talent and improve!
Bunny thumper