The B Section
The B Section
Brett Belanger
B Section host Brett Belanger dives into instruction and discussions on all aspects of music with an emphasis on jazz.
Episode 36 - How do I swing?
The concept of what makes something swing is not only subjective but also rather abstract. That being said, we as jazz musicians generally know it when we hear it! In this episode, Brett goes through some different considerations when learning how to swing.
Oct 15, 2020
16 min
Episode 35 - Tips for giving static harmony motion
Playing on just one chord for an extended period can actually be trickier than it seems. If you just play within the corresponding scale, you might run out of ideas and it can lead to a boring solo. In this episode, Brett gives you some ideas to generate more harmonic motion when playing on one chord.
Oct 8, 2020
17 min
Episode 34 - The 2 Feel
The 2 feel is an important element of swing. It sets the groundwork for the 4/4 swing that often comes later. While simple in theory, there are some things to consider when developing a good 2 feel.
Oct 1, 2020
27 min
Episode 33 - Does gear matter?
I think we can all agree that gear does matter. It is the tool or tools that help us communicate our message as artists. That being said, sometimes equipment can get in the way of developing our craft if we place too much importance on it and get wrapped up in searching for the gear to make us better.
Sep 24, 2020
22 min
Episode 32 - Should you burn your Real Book?
It’s a controversial topic! Is the Real Book a helpful tool to learn standards and be able to cut a gig by reading tunes you don’t know? Or is it a crutch that enables you to rely on your eyes and not your ears when learning or performing a tune?
Sep 17, 2020
18 min
Episode 31 - Tips for preparing music
In this episode, Brett explains his process for preparing music for a gig or recording. The process involves prioritizing practice time around what is most difficult. Listening to the material if possible is especially helpful.
Sep 10, 2020
16 min
Episode 30 - 5 MORE ways to make a clean lead sheet
Here are 5 more tips to help get your charts looking professional!
Sep 3, 2020
14 min
Episode 29 - 5 ways to make a clean lead sheet
Having clean looking charts is super helpful when arranging or composing music for other musicians. The easier it is to read, the more efficient rehearsing the music will be. If it’s a sight reading situation, the players will have the best chance at performing the chart correctly the first time. Here are 5 tips to make a clean lead sheet!
Aug 27, 2020
19 min
Episode 28 - How to be a pro besides just playing well
Being a good player is certainly one important aspect of being a professional musician and we should all strive to better our playing but that is just one piece of the puzzle. Many times, the reason someone is called for a gig has more to do with other professional traits than musical ability. The best player isn’t always the most hired!
Aug 20, 2020
23 min
Episode 27 - Which minor scale should I use?
All of them. All the minor scales. But at the right time! There are quite a few different minor scales that are essential to know and they all have a different use. Context is key!
Aug 13, 2020
18 min
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