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Guess who’s back
I absolutely love this show every body needs to hear this one agent Whittaker was awesome I feel like he said it in a nut shell this tyrannical system needs to be shut down #Lockupthewolves
nba, nfl
nba, nfl players waking up? what? one in each league is 'waking up'? aaron and kyrie
Qonspiracy upon fascist qonspiracy
Canadians are qrazy too it seems. LOL. QAnon quackery. Don’t waste your time.
This Texan ❤️’s this podcast!!!!!
This is an awesome podcast. The Awakener, Insider, and Agent Whittaker are all great at uncovering the hidden agendas and explaining things to bring about the Great Awakening. Thank you guys and keep up the great work.
It’s amazing this isn’t satire.
From the cheesy heavy metal intro to the actual content, which is the same rehashed garbage, Obama, Hillary’s emails, etc. it is both funny and scary to think that people are dumb enough to believe this stuff.
Good For Laughs
I would say listening to this was a waste of time but I got a lot of good laughs off of these fools.
Funny to listen to because pathetic people but feel bad for them because I don’t think trying to be funny.
pnc is good
My friend was at Vegas shooting and it was a helicopter, he has the footage. I think it was Bill Gates and the saudis try to take our gun rights. It was 100% a helicopter N306HX Saudi experimental helicopter with computer controlled guns that are belt fed.
Like Minds
It’s great learning about how Canada works and your insight on how American politics really work.
Very interesting
At least you guys use your own brains and don’t just listen to the media. Fun listening. Eugene Oregon very Liberal 🤦🏻city
Love it
Love your pod, I may not always agree but that’s the beauty of it-a different point of view and often I learn something new! Glad you’re continuing with it.
I am obsessed with this podcast! Hands down my favorite qontent.
It’s right there in the description. Like every Q pod, “in my opinion “ “what I think” “seems to me.” Facts? None.
Right On you Canadian Effers!
The Awakener, Agent Whittaker and their associates are not only highly highly entertaining but also have and interesting (and correct) perspective on what is really going on with our world. Don let their joking around fool you either. These guys are highly intelligent and acutely aware of the intricacies of the global phenomenon impacting us all. FYI... not for kids under like 15.
Bootlickers in Canada? Yup.
It makes me feel better as an American to know that Trumptards aren’t solely a feature of the lower 48. It turns out there are racist, fascist, idiotic, conspiracist wackjobs in Canada too! This is an absolute dumpster fire of a “podcast” hosted by the dumbest, craziest, scumsucking trumpguzzlers in Canada. Enjoy!
You literally don’t know when to quit
Get real lives people!
Informative & wildly entertaining!
Love this Podcast! This group got me hooked on listening to podcasts regularly. I Started listening in February, but I went back farther to August 2019 to get current on political events (because I didn’t pay close attention before) They’ve inspired me to stay current & to question what’s really going on. Truly helped my journey on becoming AWAKE! Their knowledge & predictions are very accurate. Not suitable for young’ins, but I wouldn’t want them to change their style, love their brazen harsh truth. We need more of that in this world👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Wildly entertaining, & their enthusiasm & passion keep me asking for more. I’m livid that they’re a victim of censorship. Keep up the good Work! 🙌🏻 Bravo H. Brecht escondido CA🇺🇸
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Apple podcast follower
Hang in there ! We are listening !
Cult Comedy!
Darth Cthulhu
Mrs. Hojo
I absolutely love your thoughts on posts❤️ Americans love you guys!!!! Truth hurts libral ignorance 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Love you guys!
I love all your podcasts and listen regularly. I also follow the website. I am surprised you guys are still on YouTube. A couple others I follow were deleted yesterday. I appreciate your perspective and updates! I also went down an Australia rabbit hole because of what someone commented on here. Man it’s gotten crazy there! I think they are the beta test for the rest of the world. They have no guns and are more vulnerable than us so they can see how people react to restrictions. This is a terrifying time! Love you guys though!
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Great info
Thanks for all your awakening information. We need all the TRUTHS to be known. Please keep up the good fight.
AWAKENER!!!!!!!!! It super good, love this show. Just wish you guys put more shows out. Can’t get enough
Straight trash.
Truth will set u free
It’s all there for you everyone. He maps it out
I’m an American...been saying all this for months!!! Love you!! Thank you!!
Great stuff!
I have enjoyed your podcast since the very beginning. Not even sure how I found you but glad I did. Agent Whitaker is fantastic and I know how much he loves Justin Trudeau your beloved Prime Minister. LOL There are many programs discussing the Q movement but you make it fun as well as informative. Keep exposing the dark. Pray for our nations and President Trump. I know you do.
The best calc!
Nice job!
You guys and that spicy languaged 99 are the real deal ! Top notch info and commentary. You can become a yank anytime!
Where have you been!!
No new posts this past week! Miss hearing from you!
Drivel marinated in nonsense.
The Bovee
Outstanding Q analysts
Thorough explanation of drops, especially early Q. Just wish podcasts were longer.
Love the Awakener
The info you provide on your website and in your podcasts is incredible! Thank you for your insight!
Hewko Family
Love you guys ! Just stumbled across you guys, although I wish your show was much longer 😭
Love you guys and the information you provide. Whittaker needs to show up sober to retain credibility however. Cone on dude.
I am so thankful for y’all. My in-laws are Canadians and they HATE Trump. I stay out of the conversation for my husbands sake and they are family that I love. I have an open mind about almost everything so it’s hard for me to understand why they feel that way when we never bring up Canadian Government. I apperciate your conversations. Please keep them up! God Bless
And Into the hole I fell...
Thank you.
Straight to the point
This podcast was hard to find(probably with good reason). Only small percentage know what’s going on. I depend on humans talking about this to feel sane😂. Instead of twitter, insta, and Facebook threads alone.
Thank you!
Great show! So much hope! Thank you! Biblical to me.
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