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The Awakener
News, Comedy, Satire, History, Qanon. We do it all. I am the Awakener, and this is my personal podcast that is based on my opinion on how the world you live in runs. It is my belief that there is a secret evil global agenda that seeks to enslave humanity, and usher in unelected, totalitarian, world government. This is based under a UN Agenda and famously called a "New World Order." This evil scheme that is being enacted by the elites has been generations in the making. Subscribe. I reveal all.
Hell In A Handbasket
The Insider and The Awakener get together to discuss all the latest rumblings. Visit for more!
Jun 8
33 min
Bring on the lesions!
Agent Whittaker and The Awakener get together to discuss how they are ready to wear the lesions with pride to signify the battle against flesh eating monsters.
May 30
26 min
Tick Tock
The Awakener and Stu Gotz get together to discuss the latest about Hunter Biden, his legal troubles and what else is going to happen as the Republicans are poised to take back the House and Senate.
May 21
38 min
The Awakening Gains Momentum
The Insider and The Awakener discuss all the latest news and global happenings.  Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Ukraine, Trudeau, Biden and more!  Visit!
May 11
33 min
Theories and laughs
The boys get together to have a laugh about some theories and poke jokes at the current state of the world.
Apr 20
32 min
Joe Biden's Decision
Obama in The White House. Ukraine. Decisions. The Awakener discusses.
Apr 17
7 min
King Barack
The Awakener and Stu Gotz get together to discuss Obama returning to the White House
Apr 8
30 min
The Trudeau Takeover
The Insider and Awakener sit down to discuss why Trudeau is becoming even more slimy and desperate.
Mar 26
25 min
The Reveal Inches Closer
Russia, COVID, Ukraine, Biden and War. The Reveal of the global conspiracy gets a little closer to the surface.
Mar 20
21 min
The Ukraine Connection
The Insider and Awakener go through all the Ukraine connections and explain the corruption in simple terms. Visit for more.
Mar 9
29 min
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