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The Awakener
News, Comedy, Satire, History, Qanon. We do it all. I am the Awakener, and this is my personal podcast that is based on my opinion on how the world you live in runs. It is my belief that there is a secret evil global agenda that seeks to enslave humanity, and usher in unelected, totalitarian, world government. This is based under a UN Agenda and famously called a "New World Order." This evil scheme that is being enacted by the elites has been generations in the making. Subscribe. I reveal all.
Let's go Nuclear!
The Awakener details the trap, the counter psyop, the war, and the art of war itself - which means you can lie to your enemy to deceive them.
Aug 30
32 min
Trudeau Is Messed Up!
The Awakener and The Insider talk about the latest developments surrounding the political scene in Canada and the US
Aug 25
31 min
Agent Whittaker on Growing A Set Part 3
The Awakener and Agent Whittaker touch base and catch up on the latest world events.
Aug 17
32 min
Red October
The Awakener and The Insider get together for a laugh and the latest discussion of US and Canadian Politics.
Aug 4
24 min
The Awakener details his personal thoughts and feelings of frustration with the masses who still cannot see the battle that is unfolding.
Aug 4
15 min
A Call With Bob The Guy
The Awakener and Bob The Guy catch up on the day to day breaking news from the US and Canada.
Jul 26
32 min
The Bigger Infection Spreads
The Awakener and The Insider discuss how the red pilling has begun in the United States, how it spreads and how it is going to affect the world.
Jul 20
28 min
Eye Of The Storm
The Awakener and The Insider discuss how they they think we are in the eye of the storm and how the hurricane is about to get much worse.
Jul 8
31 min
The Next War of Independence
Agent Whittaker and The Awakener get together to talk about The Great Awakening, Masks, Vaccines, Spike Proteins, Farts, and how America is the best and why she is needed in the world.
Jul 5
38 min
Screw You, Obama
The Awakener flips out on Barack Obama and has a heart to heart talk with his listeners. The time to prepare is right now. There is not a moment to waste.
Jun 30
15 min
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