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News, Comedy, Satire, History, Qanon. We do it all. I am the Awakener, and this is my personal podcast that is based on my opinion on how the world you live in runs. It is my belief that there is a secret evil global agenda that seeks to enslave humanity, and usher in unelected, totalitarian, world government. This is based under a UN Agenda and famously called a "New World Order." This evil scheme that is being enacted by the elites has been generations in the making. Subscribe. I reveal all.
The DIA Ensured It Was DOA
The Awakener gives a mid week rant regarding spike proteins, bioweapons, the DIA having a defector from China, and how the military designed the vaccine in just days because of it. The Awakener also details how the next few months are going to be critical for understanding the entire vaccine and coronavirus story.
Jun 8
20 min
The Awakener and The Insider exchange banter on the latest news while China and Russian prepare for the great reset gone bad, which may be the great exposure.
Jun 2
28 min
The Insider Part 2
The Insider and The Awakener dive in detail into Canada's political scene. Was Doug Ford supposed to fall from grace to secure a stranglehold on Canada the next election?
May 24
37 min
Agent Whittaker On Growing A Set Part 2
Agent Whittaker and The Awakener have a good laugh about the state of society and how submissive Canadians and people are, in general.
May 13
51 min
Hunter Biden Is Still Pandora's Box
The Awakener details how Hunter Biden is still the Pandora's Box. Did Trump know the entire scheme from the start? What is the latest Coronavirus timeline? It's becoming a lot more obvious!
May 12
15 min
What Is Happening?
The Awakener sits down to remind his guests that Qanon is still real, Trump was an FBI Informant, cultivated by a portion of the FBI and Military, and the USA and Israel would have lost the war if it wasn't for the tarmac meeting going public.
May 10
30 min
The Deepest
The Awakener, Bob The Guy and New Guest want you to know that Epstein didn't kill himself.
May 6
33 min
Into The Deeper
The Awakener, Bob The Guy and New Guest continue on their journey following the White Rabbit.
May 5
43 min
Into The Deep
The Awakener, Bob The Guy and New Guest start following the White Rabbit.
May 4
40 min
Mid Week Rant
The Awakener rants about the stupidity and jokes about how everyone is becoming a conspiracy theorist. Is the population finally ready to be fed the truth?
Apr 28
15 min
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