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News, Comedy, Satire, History, Qanon. We do it all. I am the Awakener, and this is my personal podcast that is based on my opinion on how the world you live in runs. It is my belief that there is a secret evil global agenda that seeks to enslave humanity, and usher in unelected, totalitarian, world government. This is based under a UN Agenda and famously called a "New World Order." This evil scheme that is being enacted by the elites has been generations in the making. Subscribe. I reveal all.
The Awakener and The Insider - Biden, Canadian Corruption and Whitleblowers
The Awakener is joined by The Insider to talk politics, geo-corruption and Hunter Biden. This is part one. Go to to link to the patreon and subscribe for the rest of this show and all kinds of other bonus content
Jun 1
18 min
The Awakener Reunited with Agent Whitaker
The Awakener and Agent Whitaker meet up to chat about the nonsense of the world. They catch up on many topics that they have been dying to discuss for months. This is part one. For the entire show visit to subscribe to Patreon for all content and bonus shows.
May 17
18 min
Double Wide and Awakener - Global economy and war to bring down the world.  PART 1
Double Wide and Awakener talk about what is happening with the world economy, war as a global take-over strategy and a lot more. Visit to subscribe or visit our patreon to sign up:
Apr 27
21 min
Getting Down to Business with The Insider
The Awakener and The Insider get back together after a few weeks of the world turning out news that is raising both of their eyebrows. This is the free first half of the show. To subscribe to the show and get the whole episode and bonus content... visit
Apr 12
14 min
AWAKENER and Double Wide and the Banking Collapse Part 1
The Awakener and Double-Wide talk about how the banks that have the most power in tech and in the world of hidden money seem to be collapsing first and dragging the rest of the world's economy down the drain.  This is part one. Subscribe at to join the patreon for part two.
Mar 22
11 min
The Awakener and The Insider about the political landscape
The Awakener and The Insider talk about the latest on the political scene in Canada and the US. The politicians are turning on each other in new terrifying ways. What is happening?
Mar 16
15 min
The News Drip - what crazy times part 1
The Awakener and Double Wide pick up on their discussion about news disinformation and what is happening globally that seems to be complete news nonsense.
Mar 12
15 min
Talking China, Canada, Russia and the US with The Insider - Free Show
The Awakener and his trusty inside guy, The Insider warm up the podcast this week talking about Canada's ties with China  through the PM and the disaster that Trudeau is spearheading that will destroy our economy. They check in on the Biden saga and then there is more on the PATREON. SUBSCRIBE NOW AT
Mar 3
22 min
Low Tech Spywear from China? What is really up?
The Awakener and his producer, DoubleWide talk about what China could be up to with so much low-tech spying being done in plain sight. There is something up here. Awakener connects the dots in this episode. Get the whole show in full video by subscribing at: Visit for inside info constantly updated. Thanks for listening. 
Feb 20
17 min
BONUS SHOW DoubleWIDE and The Insider Chat
The Awakener leaves the studio to Double Wide and The Insider to chat about some of the latest news items including the amazing flying balloon show from China, Trudeau stripping us of the ability to communicate freely and much much more. Get the video version of this bonus show and other bonus content by subscribing and supporting the show at  Have a great day! Look up!
Feb 16
9 min
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